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The Last Anniversary Read & Download è 4 ´ ❰Ebook❯ ➠ The Last Anniversary Author Liane Moriarty – From Liane Moriarty author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers Big Little Lies and Truly Madly Guilty comes an unforgettable novel defined by her signature sharp wit page turning storyline and S heart A year later he married his travel agent while Sophie has been mortifyingly single ever since Now Thomas is back in her life because Sophie has unexpectedly inherited his aunt Connie's house on Scribbly Gum Island home of the famously unsolved Munro Baby mysterySophie moves onto the island and begins a new life as part of an unconventional family where it seems everyone has a secret Gr. I liked Little Lies so much I’ve been working my way back through the author’s back catalogue This is one of her early works and it’s easy to see that by the time she got around to writing LL she’d honed her craft and worked out how to extract the best from her particular way of telling a story That’s not to suggest that this book doesn't have any merit – it does – but I do think it lacks the polish of her later workHere we are introduced to a large group of characters who have some link largely familial to two sisters who grew up on a small privately owned island close to Sydney The sisters became local celebrities after finding an unattended baby in one of the homes on the island The parents were missing never to be found Many years later one of the sisters has died and this is the point we pick up the tale Except that’s not uite how Moriarty shapes her stories I’ve learnt that we tend to start close to the end with a mystery to be resolved and then delve back into the past before working our way forward to the final solution The main plot line is actually a bit thin here The mystery of the baby and the circumstances surrounding its discovery is an ever present and is only resolved uite late on – but there are signals throughout and I’d expect most readers will have worked it all out well before then What kept me interested were the sub plots involving the wider cast Grace is beautiful but depressed a mother who can’t uite bring herself to like let alone love her new baby; Veronika is aggressive and mixed up and decidedly unhappy with the terms of the will left by the recently deceased sister; Sophie is attractive and career successful but lacking a man in her life and keenly wanting to settle down and have babies And there’s loads If all this sounds a bit chic lit well that’s because it is a bit And chic lit is not my thing But what saves it for me is the darker undertones that always inhabit Moriarty's books She has a great way of delving into the underbelly of life and drawing out some of the unpleasant characteristics of her players The tensions we’ve all experienced in life and particularly in family interactions are here writ large Conseuently the individual smaller stories are much interesting than the ‘big’ mysteryIt’s an entertaining yarn and I really enjoyed elements of it The downsides for me were that it was too long and drawn out particularly towards the end I think it could have been wrapped up in about two thirds the length Also although most of the female characters were very well drawn this couldn’t really be said of the male participants who mostly seemed to be archetypal Aussie blokes who with one exception had few redeeming features Overall it’s a decent story with a good dose of humour and enough tension to keep it all rattling along I’ll certainly be looking out for her next offering

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From Liane Moriarty author of the  New York Times bestsellers The Last PDFEPUBBig Little Lies and Truly Madly Guilty comes an unforgettable novel defined by her signature sharp wit page turning storyline and lovable and eccentric charactersSophie Honeywell always wondered if Thomas Gordon was the one who got away He was the perfect boyfriend but on the day he was going to propose she broke hi. This woman tells a wicked story This is Liane Moriarty's second book and I have read most of them and all out of order as well Her first two are just as good as the rest in my opinion As always I love the Aussie references throughout it's all gold This setting not too far from where I live seems like a little slice of heaven The storyline asks us to suspend belief a little but it's easy to do so as it's just so heart warming The characters are self deprecating and loveable and of course very charmingly AussieContemporary issues here are important ones post natal depression 'late' motherhood and the tick tock of the clock stale marriages and women's insecurities These stories tie in with realness and nuances captured with each situation Grace is a character that was portrayed with an honesty that was very clear and real the author captured this struggle elouently This topic of PND and the struggle for a mum to bond with her mum is shied away from sometimes but not here at all A cosy family mystery has become local folk lore after a new born is left by a young couple abandoned in their house with a cake cooling on the table blood stains and mysterious facts abound The gorgeous mostly female members of this family are the only residents on this little island of Scribbly Gum Eva Cassidy is mentioned in this book so I have to say Liane you are amazing Also and so not important al all but these are the things I love who knew the plural of beau was beauxWorldwide fame has found this author deservedly so Love that her first works are as good as her new

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The Last AnniversaryAce a beautiful young mother is feverishly planning a shocking escape from her perfect life Margie a frumpy housewife has made a pact with a stranger while dreamy Aunt Rose wonders if maybe it's about time she started making her own decisionsAs Sophie's life becomes increasingly complicated she discovers that sometimes you have to stop waiting around and come up with your own fairy tale ending. Another entertaining and totally charming book from Liane Moriarty I loved all the characters I loved the setting which was actually not far from where I live And I loved the way the uirky and the funny was mixed with serious issues like post natal depression and anaphylaxis The final revelation about who the Munro baby actually was came as a delightful surprise and then right at the very end Rose has one final little shock for the reader All written in this author's very readable style I believe I have now read all her books so I will look forward to what she publishes next