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Devilish Dot Trek Mi an #6Trek Mi PDFEPUB #195 Book in the Trek Mi 'an Series Dorothy Dot Araiza is a sex toy maker by trade One would think she has an active social life but on the contrary her Devil. Story BriefDorothy Dot invents and sells sex toys While driving one night in California a storm tosses her car into something which transports her to the planet Khan Gor Men with tails capture her She thinks they plan to eat her like sushi Vaidd is a gargoyle human shifter who senses Dot’s presence from miles away He knows that she is his one true bloodmate He flies to get to herReviewer’s OpinionThis is wild creative different and unexpected I'm amazed that I'm laughing so freuently within an erotic sex story Dot’s assumptions thoughts and comments are hilarious I love her attitude The gargoyle creatures speak in a campy older style which just sounds funny For example “Do something to distract thyself Verily you are driving the pack daft with the pacing” After reading this story I thought the following I feel like I have a rational disciplined boring mind but when I read Jaid Black she causes these fanciful explosions of craziness in my headDataStory length 60 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language strongerotic Number of sex scenes 6 Estimated number of sex scene pages 10 Setting present day rural California and the planet Khan Gor Copyright 2004 Genre erotic paranormal romanceThis short story is also published in the anthology ManacondaOther BooksFor a list of my reviews of other Jaid Black books see my 5 star review of One Dark Nighthttpwwwgoodreadscomreviewshow

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Er eight pathetic years Dot Trek Mi PDFEPUB #188 One lightning storm later all Dot's fevered fantasies will come true But Prince Charming isn't uite what she'd been expecting. Another Khan Gor novella from the Trek Mi 'an series This is about Dot which is mentioned at Seized travels to deliver sex toys to Nowhere California Then after a crash she'd been transported to Khan Gor where Vaidd finds her getting eaten by male yennisI'm not really into gargoyle like creatures of Khan Gor I prefer the Trek males so I just tried to finish this which I did I'm wondering how the humans are transported from Earth to another planet without any explanation from the author Is it magical or technologicalThe ending is uite short that the author assumed that they lived happily ever after Anyway it is still entertaining to read

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REVIEW É Devilish Dot Trek Mi an #6 ´ [Read] ➪ Devilish Dot Trek Mi an #6 Author Jaid Black – Book 65 in the Trek Mi 'an Series Dorothy Dot Araiza is a sex toy maker by trade One would think she has an active social life but on the contrary her existence is a rather boring staid one Dot dreams Trek Mi PDFIsh Dot PDF existence is a rather boring staid one Dot dreams of finding her happily ever after of being swept off her feet by Prince Charming not to mention getting laid aft. Another good side bookAnother trip away from Tryston with a tie to a ueen in Tryston and I hope they get reacuainted especially as her grandson is a friend's of Dot's husband Viadd It was a crazysweetish short story Those yenni are everywhere lol While I haven't read naughty Nancy yet this is another trip to Khon gor and another of the tribes I can only assume it will tie into Tryston soon