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Free download Pollyanna ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Pollyanna Author Eleanor H. Porter – This edition is pre ISBNWhen orphaned 11 year old Pollyanna comes to live with austere and wealthy Aunt Polly her philosophy of gladness brings happiness to her aunt Ess brings happiness to her aunt and other members of the communi. One of my favorite books when I was a girl

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This edition is pre ISBNWhen orphaned year old Pollyanna comes to. Pollyanna is the story of a young optimistic girl who is tragically orphaned sent to live with her grumpy Aunt and ends up changing a town’s point of view through her sunny disposition It's supposed to be inspiring In fact it’s probably the idea bud for books like The Power of Positive ThinkingPollyanna the eternal optimist plays the ‘glad game’ where she always tries to find something to be glad about no matter how challenging Also everyone who comes into contact with Pollyanna is happily inspired by her wonderful positive outlook and becomes a enlightened person because of it I was only eight years old when I read this book Conseuently I bought this message hook line and sinker I made it my mission in life to be happy and positive all the time and tried to have that perfect ‘Pollyanna disposition’ It’s now so ingrained into my psyche I probably couldn’t get rid of it if I tried People still give me ghastly looks sometimes and say “Oh my God you’re always so happy How do you do it”Let’s face it though the ‘Pollyanna disposition’ is a bunch of crap Nothing is patronizing then to have somebody tell you after your job has been downgraded and your pay cut in half “You should be glad you still have a job” That maybe true but that doesn’t take away the outrage of having been screwed by your employerBeing positive all the time is like crushing a piece inside of you Sometimes you just want to bitch grump and spew a bunch of obscenities Sometimes you’re just sad and don’t have the energy to try to find the gladness I’ll be honest I loved this book as a child but I could not read it again It’d just piss me off

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PollyannaLive with austere and wealthy Aunt Polly her philosophy of gladn. A delightful read Pollyanna likes to play the glad game This was written in 1912 and one of the interesting things is that very concept is a healing concept It's about shifting our perspective from seeing the wrong to finding something to be glad about Gratitude is uite a powerful tool and being positive can bring our lives ease We had several classes discussing helping people shift their perspective like this to help them heal From this idea comes the word being a Pollyanna a goody goody or an overly optimistic person Still there are many studies that have shown that people with an optimistic outlook on life live longer healthier livesOne of my absolute favorite books is Heidi I adore that story I love that bright sunny child I love the troupe or Archetype of the sunny child that changes the lives of everyone around them Pollyanna did touch me reading this I really enjoyed it When I am in my good place and I'm not listening to the inside negative wounds I can very much have this sunny positive outlook and people tell me that I radiate this and it boosts their mood I'm afraid since school got so rough that I don't feel like I have had that in uite some time So I do love reading this story She brightened my heart I need to find my way back here because it makes me feel balanced in this placeWhile I read this my brother got Disney plus and so I watched the movie of Pollyanna The two have similarities of course and they are also very different I have to say that I think each one the book and the movie have the strengthens and weaknesses and both do some things better than the other The movie did a better job of showing how Pollyanna affected the town than the book and the book did a better job with the Aunt Polly and their relationship and how Pollyanna melted her heart I love the accident better in the movie than the book It is glossed over which is okPollyanna is compared to a prism in this story and it's wonderful She takes the sunlight and makes it sparkle into all the beautiful colors of the rainbow I think it's a beautiful metaphor She also is the sunshine that shines into other people and reminds them of all the many colors in life that get forgotten I think the simplicity of the glad game is the best way to play It has to be the simplicity of a child I did wonder if I could write my version of HeidiPollyanna for a modern setting MaybePollyanna has some very hard knocks in life Both her parents die and she must move in with a bitter old Aunt who shoves her away in the stuffy attic The entire town is mostly filled with sourpusses and she comes in and flips the script on the whole town It's a beautiful story I also like the reverse script of this where there is a town full of happy good folks and one humbug has to change their heart Christmas CarolGrinchI also appreciate how Pollyanna can be around these horribly grumpy people and not let them get her down or put her off Again and again the adults try and scare her off and she keeps shining her light That is something I have a hard time doing When someone is out of sorts I usually try and disappear I don't keep shining light I have a lot to learn from PollyannaI cried in both the movie and the book It brought me to tears I was touched by the outpouring of love from the townspeople to Pollyanna I can't believe I haven't read this yet and I'm so glad I did read it For me and who I am this is a must read and I need it for my libraryPSI am getting an newer phone than I have and I am wanting to start a little booktube channel nothing fancy just talking books and I'm sure this will have to make an appearance Maybe the niece and nephew will come on The niece wants to make a barbie video so who knows I might procrastinate and it will never happen or it might happen I can't say I will have to get over my camera shyness