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CHARACTERS ´ The Bullpen Gospels Ä ❴Read❵ ➵ The Bullpen Gospels Author Dirk Hayhurst – Upon its release The Bullpen Gospels was a direct hit to the New York Times bestseller list With comparisons to Jim Boutons's Ball Four The Bullpen Gospels is slated to be a classic of the genre From Upon its releaN the minors Whether training tarantulas to protect his room from thieving employees in a backwater hotel or absorbing the gentle mockery of some not uite starstruck schoolchildren Hayhurst reveals a side of baseball and life rarely seen on ESPN. I purchased this book after reading several glowing reviews I hoped that Hayhurst would expose a behind the scenes look into the minor league experience with honesty and intelligence Unfortunately sad to say I was disappointed There was far too much sophomoric rowdy behavior complete with all of the expected predictable elements including downloading porn from the Internet drunken behavior and fart jokes Really guys Has anybody really not already heard about these worn out juvenile shenanigansI was interested in Hayhurst’s personal story coming from a maladjusted to put it mildly home with few alternative choices had he not chosen to pursue baseball Hayhurst seems like a decent guy and he does grow personally For the entries on his personal growth alone I gave the book three stars For the tired poop jokes zero

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Upon its release The Bullpen Gospels was a direct hit to the New York Times bestseller list With comparisons to Jim Boutons's Ball Four The Bullpen Gospels is slated to The Bullpen eBook #9734 be a classic of the genre From the humble heights of. What baseball fan hasn't dreamed of what it would be like to play in the Big Leagues or imagined themselves in their teams home colours playing in front of thousand of friends family and fans For the vast majority of us this dream was never closer than our own mind The Bullpen Gospels provides a first hand account of a prospect's journey toward this dream While at times the book is insightful it is always honest while leaving the reader smiling and laughingIf you had the opportunity to listen to Toronto Blue Jays games during the 2013 season or followed the 2008 San Diego Padres or the 2009 Toronto Blue Jays the name Dirk Hayhurst should be familiar The former pitcher turned broadcasterwriter tells tales of his experiences through his 2005 2007 minor league seasons While his story has some highs it is mostly filled with lows In his self effacing manner the reader is left laughing at the authors misfortune while rooting for his to succeed Dirk spins tales of the life of a prospect and the reader is invited into the locker room the hotels and team bus While there are a few stories of players you may know it is certainly not a tell all memoir in the vain of Jose Canseco's Juiced Dirk is respectful but honestThe reader uickly realizes that there is very little glory or money on the minor league trail In the absence of money for entertainment the boys in the locker create their own There is no lack of pranks jokes or adolescent behaviour serving as a background to the author's uest for his dream The reader is provided a glimpse into what builds a team the competition to succeed and the various ways you might run into a naked teammateWhat will the Baseball Fan EnjoyThe average Major League Baseball fan has little idea of what happens in the minor leagues The Baseball Fan will enjoy learning about what their favorite young players endured to get to the Big Show The Baseball Fan will enjoy the cameo appearance from big name players that they know In this volume there are several stories involving Trevor Hoffman and it enjoyable to see the player somewhere other than the mound Mostly the Baseball Fan will enjoy that the book involves the actual game from the perspective of a player who made it farther than most of us ever will As a caution the Baseball Fan that does not enjoy adult language may want to avoid this book despite my recommendation There is moderately high use of adult language which may offend some readersStrikeout or HomerunThe Bullpen Gospels is an easy homerun This behind the scenes look is both well written and honestly funny There is appeal for the rabid fan as well as the nominal fan I recommend this read to fill in the space between baseball games The Bullpen Gospels is available at all major bookstores and onlineThis is cross posted at Baseball Babble


The Bullpen GospelsA Class A pitcher's mound to the deflating lows of sleeping on his gun toting grandmother's air mattress veteran reliever Dirk Hayhurst steps out of the bullpen to deliver the best pitch of his career a raw and unflinching account of his life i. Hayhurst is a long reliever in his fifth year in the minors sent back to A ball after having seen AAA for a few games the previous year This is his story about that year working his way back up the baseball path He bookends the stories about his baseball life that year with some stories about his troubled family His family stories here are heartbreaking and sad uite different from the bulk of the book and I felt a little out of place Another thing that threw me is that this has very few of the typical baseball stories you read in baseball books No this is about what happens on the team bus in the bullpen and in the clubhouse It’s the life beyond the game And it’s hilariously funny if you like teen boy raunchy humor If you don’t you won’t like this book Hayhurst is very comfortable with human waste and the body parts that eliminate it Hayhurst also can writing touching stuff when talking about taking a boy with an illness into the bullpen or in his first anecdote about giving his shoes to a homeless man The best part beyond the great anecdotes of boys being boys was seeing Hayhurst as the old guy for part of the season in Single A then being the new guy in his Double A team I found it interesting how baseball makes you jump back and forth on that continuum during your rise through the minors And Hayhurst description of the Baseball Reaper there to take away the playing days of a washed up player well that fits in well with the Job Reaper I suspect is behind every layoff and shutdown in this economy Baseball is the same as the real world only differentIt detracts a bit from the story of Hayhurst’s rise from Single A to Double A ball where the story ends at the end of the season when you read his minor league record and see that he also got in two games at the Triple A level You wonder why the whole story wasn’t as good as the modified one he told Then I saw his AAA ERA of 2363 so maybe he was just embarrassed But when you see an obvious change in history you wonder what else in his anecdotes he took liberties with Hayhurst does tell good stories though I listened to the audio version of this book The narrator was able to provide voices to the players that really provided some added entertainment to the listening and helped to easily distinguish the many players This was very well done and made what might have been a difficult to follow book given lots of players an easy read Audio version by Ray Porter highly recommended