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Free download A Certain Justice 107 Í ➻ A Certain Justice Free ➱ Author P.D. James – A brilliant barrister's defense of a charming sociopath goes horribly wrong when the sociopath engages himself to her daughter and the barrister herself is found dead in her chambers a tight little wo A brilliant barrister's defenWorld peopled with mincing suspects whom it's Commander Adam Dalgliesh's job to unmask —Tom Leitch. PD James certainly knew how to set the stage for her books hooking the reader's interest from the beginning The setting is an integral part of the story; an inanimate character in what are always character driven plotsCommander Adam Dalgliesh of the New Scotland Yard is a central figure but there are many other characters also fully fleshed out from the victim the pool of suspects and Dalgliesh's team of investigatorsI think of James' books as slow burners The plot moves forward slowly but surely the suspense builds but the journey that is the investigation and all the figures in and around it are as important and interesting as the final reveal

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Ges himself to her daughter and the barrister herself is found dead in her chambers a tight little. Listened to in audio formatThis is third book I have listened to by PD James and I think it was the best so far In A Certain Justice we are introduced to the victim Venetia Aldridge C Venetia is defending a young man called Garry Ashe who is charged with murdering his Aunt The Aunt was a prostitute who liked Garry to watch and take pictures Garry is acuitted when Venetia leaves The Bailey she is surprised and dismayed to find out that Garry and her Daughter are to be engaged Venetia does not trust Garry and tries to find away to stop the marriage Venetia is also having troubles at The Middle Temple She wants to be made Head of Chambers but her friend Simon Costello wants the job Also if Venetia becomes head she wants to sack the Senior ClerkThen Venetia is found murdered in Chambers stabbed through the heart with a stiletto knife I enjoyed this book the most because we knew Venetia's story before Adam Dalgleish I have said before PD James's books can be difficult to follow but this made it easierI was glad Kate Miskin was now a Detective Inspector and I also liked DI Piers Tarrant who is shaping up to be an interesting character I was disappointed when the book ended This booked with loads of possible suspects and I really enjoyed the twist with Ashe a big five stars from me

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A Certain JusticeA brilliant barrister's defense of a charming sociopath goes horribly wrong when the sociopath enga. If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewI too read Asterix comic books that I've read before The memories of reading them as a child the familiarity of the characters and the incidents the dialogue even Of course there are lots of reasons why we might want to return to a book Reading a book again is not just reading it for a second time it involves a reflexivity reading your earlier reading of the book assuming you remember reading it before or if you’ve got a review of that previous reading It’s by re reading certain authors with greater clarity than I have apparently mustered the very self conscious act that lies behind the public use of the verb 'to re read' Is it related to the fact that to describe someone as well read is a bigger compliment than remarking on how someone has been to a lot of opera or surfed a lot of the internet Do we measure intellectual merit by number of books read Is that a good thing I imagine for the readers of a books blog the answer is “Yes” If you're into Crime Fiction read on