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Santa In Montana Calder Saga #11 kindle ✓ Paperback ↠ ❴Read❵ ➬ Santa In Montana Calder Saga #11 Author Janet Dailey – Can Santa bring you a husband? Montana winters are harsh but bad weather won't get in the way of the Calders' Christmas reunion Patriarch Chase Calder is detCan Santa bring you a husband? Montana winters are harsh but bad weather won't get in the way of the Calders' Christmas reunion Patriarch Chase Calder is determined to make this holiday the happiest yet especially for his daughter Cat And Chase knows the best gifts aren't always done up in paper and ribbon It I have loved the Calder Saga from the first book This book is a good wrap up to the series but still left me wanting of this family This book has four generations in it living their life From Chase Calder being the oldest down to young Jake who is never still

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's high time for widowed Cat to have a man in her life again whether she'll admit it or not Chase has been thinking long and hard and he's got a plan one he's far too wise to reveal to his stubborn little darlin' And as the magical season begins with a glorious snowfall the Calders share a host of surprises i Santa in Montana by janet DaileyAnother book for the Calder series This one is about Christmas time and the whole family is to travel home to be togetherThat ranges from Texas England and places nearby Chase has decided Cat needs a husband maybe then she'll stop nagging him about his health This was brought on by a local cop stopping by to ask for their help in Toys for Tots drive which they will gladly contribute toAh the memories of the whole family Who they are what they stand for Glad I came across this book as I thought the series had ended What a treat This year chase will shop for a special gift for each of them rather than handing the list to somebody else to buy the giftsThe ranchers wives buy gifts for the Marines' toys for tots programAn old friends son stops by and there is so mystery as to why Cat needs a husband is one of them Some are trying to fix her up with him Others say he's got a deal going with ChaseThe house has been deckked out in holiday attire and the annual Christmas ball in the barn is readyA lot of other mundane ranch life is talked about bringing us up to date with the others in the series and what is new with their lives Also those who have passed on leaving their legacy to others Tara's old house what to do with the monstrosity of itA lot of secret things going on 10000 check a cowboy has to leave the ranch for 2 weeks time lot of mysteriesSuper finish didn't see that coming and there's openings for the series to continue

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Santa In Montana Calder Saga #11Ncluding a mystery solved a special visitor and the greatest gift of all love the forever kind Praise for Janet Dailey's Christmas Novels Dailey's charming tale sparkles with romancethe perfect holiday read Romantic Times on Eve's Christmas A good old fashioned Christmas gift Publishers Weekly on Happy Holida So I bought the book Santa in Montana at Walmart There was no indication on the cover that it was part of a series So when I got home and added it to my Goodreads realized it was but I figured I'd try anyways because I was in the mood for a book set at ChristmasMy main issue with the book so far is the four year old great grandson Jake The child is much to articulate and understands way too much for four year old If he had been written a few years older then he’d be fine Or if some of his speech dropped would de lie to and the then yes like a three year old So far his only grammar issue is saying can I instead of may I Usually focused on when child is a little older I get writing young children is difficult but yes it’s a pet peeve of mineLastly the book just ended without great closure It really needed a few pages or even one chapter to help with the ending It was lacking in several ways especially the sudden ending