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The Field Of Blood Read ´ 7 Í ❮Reading❯ ➸ The Field Of Blood Author Denise Mina – Set in Glasgow in 1981 a time of hunger strikes riots and unemployment that decimated the old industrial heartlands The Field of Blood is the first in the tense Paddy Meehan series from Scotland's pri Set in Glasgow in a tiS rookie journalist Paddy Meehan with her first big break when the suspect turns out to be her fiance's year old cousin Launching her own investigation into the horrific crime Paddy uncovers lines of deception deep in Glasgow's past with horrific crimes in the futu. The Denise Mina I read even out of order as I did with this #1 in the Paddy Meehan trilogy I read #2 a couple of years ago the impressed I generally am The uality of writing coming off each page the skill with which the cast of characters and the situations in which they live and loathe in the not simple but not OTT and realistic plot at the centre of things this is highly impressive Scottish crimenoirThe story follows Paddy Meehan a young ambitious copy girl at a Glasgow newspaper striving to improve her lot and escape her suffocating Irish roots seeking a break as a journalist in investigating the killing of a local toddler There are intelligent points made about sexism journalism society and culture in the early '80s setting without it ever seeming preachy and a side story of Meehan's namesake an Irishman framed for a murder than a decade earlier acts as a convincing counterpointI will be seeking further books by Mina she doesn't seem to ever disappoint I will be rationing them out to myself however all the better to best enjoy them

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Re if she fails to The Field PDFEPUB or solve the mystery Infused with Mina's uniue blend of dark humor personal insights and social injustice the story grips the reader while challenging our perceptions of childhood innocence crime and punishment and right or wron. This was my first book that I have read from this author and I enjoyed it very much Looking forward to continuing on with this series Paddy Meehan is a young journalist earning her stripes in Scotland

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The Field Of BloodSet in Glasgow in a time of hunger strikes riots and unemployment that decimated the old industrial heartlands The Field of Blood is the first in the tense Paddy Meehan series from Scotland's princess of crime Denise Mina The vicious murder of a young child provide. Man Denise Mina Just really good stuff She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I have yet to be disappointed and Field of Blood continues that tradition This is the first book in a series about young up and coming journalist Paddy Meehan a remarkable character It’s Glasgow early 80s and the goal of most girls Paddy knows is to get married and have babies as soon as they can snag a husband Meanwhile in the newsroom it’s still very much a man’s world and Paddy wants in While her family is pushing her toward marriage and her fiancé has unflatteringly labeled her as “ambitious” she nevertheless pursues a news story with ties to her community which uickly turns her people against her Paddy’s potential big break is a tragic child murder investigation It’s not tough to figure out the crime but that’s generally not the point of Mina’s writing The real fascination is in watching Paddy navigate treacherous waters as she’s placed in real danger for the first time in her life Mina doesn’t sugarcoat the awkward or uncomfortable situations in which Paddy finds herself or the mistakes that she makes Her vulnerabilities and self recriminations make her wholly authentic and that’s the best thing about this story Life is not always fair and people don’t get what they seem to deserve We get to see the human sides of all her characters – the good the bad and the ugly This is my kind of crime writing I’ll take this over the typical psychological thriller any day of the week