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DOC » READER In Destinys Hands 9781450200813 ¶ JUSTIN C. VOVK ¶ [Reading] ➶ In Destinys Hands ➬ Justin C. Vovk – Justin Vovk's In Destiny's Hands is the heartbreaking story of five children of Austria's iconic empress Maria Theresa who watched as their royal worlds wAnds Vovk has shed light on these individuals and provided a much needed new work on Maria Theresa's progeny Julia P Gelardi author of the critically acclaimed Born to Rule Five Reigning Consorts Granddaughters of ueen Victoria and In Triumph's Wake Royal Mothers Tragic Daughters and the Price They Paid For GloryBe prepared for heart break smiles and most of all a roller coaster of enlightenment you will not be able to it down David Antunes MA author of Napoleon's Way How One Little Man Changed the Worl Slightly dry and slow in parts but interesting anyway It was easy to power through the less fascinating details to get to the interesting family dynamics involved

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Justin Vovk's In Destiny's Hands is the heartbreaking story of five children of Austria's iconic empress Maria Theresa who watched as their royal worlds were ripped apart by tragedy and epic misfortunes These are the stories of Joseph whose disastrous reign forced Austria to the brink of civil war; Amalia the brazen and scandalous duchess who married a boy prince and died exiled and forgotten; Leopold Maria Theresa's unassuming second son who was the envy of Europe until his tumultuous reign was cut tra Maria Theresa Holy Roman Empress and Austri Hungarian ueen in the 1700's had 14 children five of whom became rulers in their own right across Europe This book follows the stories of those five children with bits and pieces of their other siblings their children the history and political landscape of a revolutionary Europe history of Prussian Russian Ottoman French and Spanish wars including the French Revolution and Napoleon's campaigns I loved learning about Joseph II Maria Theresa's successor and Holy Roman Emperor; Leopold II Duke of Tuscany and Holy Roman Emperor after Joseph's death; Maria Amalia Duchess of Parma in Italy Maria CarolinaCharlotte ueen of Naples; and Marie Antoinette ueen of France I was astounded at how these five individuals and their political alliances and strategic marriages covered over a third of Europe Maria Theresa had 55 grand children and they were spread from the Netherlands to Italy the Bourbons in Spain and France and throughout Central Europe including a granddaughter who was Napoleon's second wife and therefore Empress of the French and another who married Louis Phillpe d'Orleans and become ueen of France All this being said this author needs a serious editor I felt that there were contradictory statements within paragraphs he always calls these five rulers Maria Theresa's five special children which just grated on my nerves special? really? Is that the best you can do? I also think that as these rulers started having children who all had the same names essentially it was really confusing to try and keep them straight And the wars and alliances that had individual cities or regions switching their allegiances would have been easier to keep straight with a few maps there is one map in the front and a few family charts but I still found them lacking

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In Destinys HandsGically short; Maria Carolina the very Austrian ueen of Naples who ended her days fighting Napoleon with her dying breath; and Marie Antoinette the legendary teenage bride who was hated and reviled as ueen of France and met her ultimate fate on the guillotine a testimony to her mother's vain ambition Painstakingly researched and masterfully crafted In Destiny's Hands brings to vivid life the world of eighteenth century like never before Readers will find many fascinating details in Vovk's In Destiny's H Honestly it was alright Very easy to read but it was pretty clear that the author is uite biased If you want to get a general sense of what life was like for this Austrian family then this is an easy read But if you want actual facts and precise dates this is not for youThe dates are all jumbled together a map would've helped and the names just get really confusing when multiple children have the same first name but the author doesn't spend the time to address who is who