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Ever takes no for an answer Now he wants Eve's help in the worst way For he believes they have something in common and he's about to prove it with a grisly warning Eve will leave everything and everyone behind even the man she trusts and loves the most Atlanta detective Joe uinn to travel to Montalvo's luxurious armed compound in the Colombian jungle to identify the skull he has recovered She has agreed to this devil's bargain to save an innocent family but also for a re This was an appalling book and uite inept especially in its characterization and character motivation Every few pages in the first half of the book we read something on the lines of How can I trust you? You are a criminal I know I am a criminal But you must believe me this time I am sincere But how can i be sure? You can't be but you must trust me neverthelessOkay this is a parody But that's the way it comes over And the whole theme of I need you to prove it so that so and so will trust me and help me is so implausible and ridiculous I just didn't buy it couldn't buy it It was rubbish The author also held out the unfulfilled promise of solving a mystery concerning one of the characters as a sort of rather pathetic come on to keep the reader interested in what I think she knew would otherwise be an intensely boring and implausible book

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StalemateAson she can't admit to Joe to the CIA to anyone For the man in the jungle has promised to be able to give Eve what she wants most of all the key to unlocking the darkest and most painful mystery of her past But Eve is in danger than she can imagine As she gets closer to identifying the skull she finds herself caught between two ruthless killers with no way out Now with everything on the line Eve Duncan must make the most chilling choice of all And if she's wrongshe's de I found this book to be overall a decent read Listening to it rather than physically reading it myself made for some enjoyable housework and drive time The Good Stuff It was nice to get an Eve Duncan book that actually featured Eve Duncan I do like her adopted daughter Jane but this series is not the Jane series and I was getting tired of having Jane be front and center The suspense was really good as was the setting For the most part the plot was solidtoo bad the characters were notThe Bad Stuff At this juncture I'm over and done with Eve's obsession with her long dead Bonnie I know one doesn't just get over the loss of a child but by this point Eve is making terrible judgement calls and putting herself in danger constantly in order to find that closure This is not the Eve Duncan that I remember Also Joe an ex FBI agent makes some TSTL decisions and almost diestwice WTH?? The combo of Eve and Joe was disastrous also After this many years together why is Eve constantly shutting Joe out? Even the most independent and strong willed person after being with someone for a decade or learns to lean on someone to make important life altering decisions Not Eve She pretty much lies and manipulates her way then sneaks off into the night like a thief I almost hate her Oh and the introduction of a potential love interest in the form of a Colombian drug lord for EveGive me a Break So frustratingOn the Audio While I think Jennifer Van Dyck did an ok job narrating the book her accents in my opinion were off The Colombians almost sounded European In addition a reoccurring character named Galen had an Irish brogue yet at one point I could have sworn the book said that he spoke in a British accentIn a Nutshell I'll probably continue with the series but only because I really want to read the whole Bonnie closure but honestly I feel this series has just about run it's course


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MOBI ✓ DOC Stalemate 9780553803457 ´ DOGSALONBRISTOL ð [PDF / Epub] ✪ Stalemate ☆ Iris Johansen – Eve Duncan has turned down the job twice already Her skill and devotion in identifying murder victims and helping bring their killers to justice may be world renowned But Eve Eve Duncan has turned down the job twice already Her skill and devotion in identifying murder victims and helping bring their killers to justice may be world renowned But Eve works exclusively for law enforcement and the families of the innocent and the man on the other end of the phone is many things none of them law abiding or innocent One of the world's most wanted men little is really known about Luis Montalvo except that he is extraordinarily dangerous and that he n This was a miserable read I have a few family members who really love Johansen so I decided to give her a try The main characters in the book are so obnoxious that I wanted to tear my hair out It felt like the plot went round and round in the same hackneyed circle I think the only reason I was able to finish this novel is I am slightly OCD and was hoping to see one of them die