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FREE READ Heat and Light 100 Ú [Epub] ❦ Heat and Light Author Mike Wallace – In Heat Light a legendary journalist and a journalism professor join forces to offer a one of a kind guide for our next generation of great journalists  Drawing on the authors' decades of experience In Heat Light a legendary journalist and a journali  ·        Heat and Kindle balancing drama and information ‘heat’ vs ‘light’ ·        generating and evaluating story ideas ·        the secrets to crafting good ledes ·        creating strong packages for the internet tv and radio ·        the specific reuirements of writing for print and broa. It was interesting I liked the late chapters than the opening chapters It could be easier in it's language I need it as a journalisim student though iam gonna readi again D

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Dcast ·        the art of the interview   Along the way the authors share countless anecdotes from their own storied careers and discuss larger uestions such as the rapidly growing role of digital media and what it means for today’s aspiring journalists   Includes an extensive reporter’s toolbox of checklists techniues and resourc. The Bible for journalists Period

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Heat and LightIn Heat Light a legendary journalist and a journalism professor join forces to offer a one of a kind guide for our next generation of great journalists  Drawing on the authors' decades of experience at the top of the field and inspired directly by beginners’ most freuently asked uestions Heat Light offers invaluable advice on such topics as. It comes as no secret to web readers that the news media is going through the greatest revolution since the days of William Randolph Hearst Newspapers like Hearst’s are trimming back or going under entirely while cable news and the internet have dismantled the 24 hour news cycle and put a strain on much of its credibility Who better than seven decade reporter Mike Wallace to give us insight into where news journalism has been and where it is going“Heat Light Advice for the Next Generation of Journalists” written by Wallace and his former CBS News associate and Fordham professor Beth Knobel serves both as an instruction manual for a new crop of aspiring journalists as well as shedding light on the myriad of processes involved in bringing a story to market Journalistic methodologies – from finding stories to fact checking to interview techniues – are presented from both the authors’ years of experience as well as the additional expertise of many of their friends and associates in the field 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley veteran reporter Marvin Kalb and others lend a host of personal examples to illustrate what makes their reporting uniueHistorical examples from Vietnam era reporting to current day stories of the Obama White House and even Michael Jackson’s death are covered from the angles of style newsworthiness accuracy and Outlets like Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News msnbc and the blogosphere are explored for their reliance on ‘opinion journalism’ vs hard news as well as the format and economics of such ‘news’ operations Opinion being less costly and therefore profitable than traditional hard news reportingWhile the book is a great look into the dynamics of various news operations from print to radio to television and the web its primary function is as an essential text for young journalism students who need information on style form and ethics as well as learning the importance of journalism in society and how to best find and present a story worth telling With the recent passing of giants like Cronkite Don Hewitt and Daniel Schorr Wallace stands as one of the last of the breed of Murrow style journalists – reporters who got to the real nitty gritty of a story without regard to ratings thank you Mr Paley or offense With the media’s continued drift towards ‘info tainment’ that too often passes for news his decision to impart his many decades of wisdom on the subject is a priceless gift for all