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Free download ☆ Mr Majestyk 108 î [BOOKS] ✫ Mr Majestyk By Elmore Leonard – “Splendidentirely engrossing”—Los Angeles Times“First ratean excellent thrillerwell plotted and smoothly writtencrackles with suspense”—Bergan RecordA classic crime novel Mr Majestyk is vi “Splendidentirely engrossing”—L“Splendidentirely engrossing” Los Angeles Times“First ratean excellent thrillerwell plotted and smoothly writtencrackles with suspense” Bergan RecordA classic crime novel Mr Majestyk is vintage El Leonard an edgy dark fiendishly compelling tale of a uiet man making a whole lot of noise  “The best writer of crime fiction. Over the top action movie for the reading typeIn this novel an independent small time melon farmer Mr Majestyk is trying to get his crop in before it all rots in the sun out on his small time hundred and sixty acre farm he's leased for two years A local little shitheel bad ass wannabe named Bobby Kopas maintains that the small time farmer can't be using migrants to pick his melons Kopas demands that he use a troop of winos supplied by folks who employ BobbyThe indie famer stomps Bobby's ass and Bobby swears out a warrant on himMr Majestyk goes to county lock up worried about his melon crop While in the slammer he becomes acuainted with a big time major league hit man named Frank Renda who to uote another film woke up one morning and wasn't gonna be nobody's friend today or any day thereafterComplications regarding their relationship ensueYou should be familiar with the Charles Bronson Al Lettieri Paul Koslo Lee Purcell film based on this novel and directed by the awesome Film Noir genius Richard Fleischer before embarking on this novelYou'll realize how great Al Lettieri is as the bad guy Frank Renda Heck every actor in the film is perfect for their particular rolesBut this isn't a film reviewThis novel is compact and stripped down A mob hit man for hire and a half dozen of his criminal associates go after a pre Rambo Vietnam veteran living with PTS and trying to harvest a melon crop in Nowhere Arizona POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERTview spoiler He Frank Renda didn't know He realized now he didn't know anything about the man It was like meeting him out here for the first time He should have known there was someone else another person inside the farmer The stunt the guy pulled with the bus and trying to bring him in make a deal That wasn't a farmer He had been too anxious to get the guy and had not time to think about him study him and find out who he was inside hide spoiler

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Uined by the local mob he decides to fight back in this masterful crime fiction thriller early proof that Leonard not only belongs in the company of John D MacDonald Dashiell Hammett James M Cain Robert B Parker and the other great names in American mystery and suspensehe is in fact “The King Daddy of crime writers” Seattle Tim. What a fantastic book I remember the movie with Charles Bronson fondly that seemed to hold very true It's been years since I've seen it so I'm sure some details slipped through the cracks but I could see all the actors as the fantastic reader laid it out for me Great action wonderful finish especially Majestyk's last line You were right He was trying to kill mePerfect Few can write such a well focused adventure as Leonard

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Mr MajestykToday” USA Today the acclaimed author who brought the world Raylan Givens the  trigger happy US Marshal who lights up  TV screens across America in the hit series Justified Leonard makes a big noise himself with this timeless noir tale of personal justice and brutal vengeance When a war veteran Arizona farmer loses everything r. I picked this up at a Border's Going out of Business sale for 179 so I knew nothing about it other than it was by dialogue master El Leonard So to my surprise there wasn't a lot of dialogue in the story as the main character is cut from the same cloth as John Rambo in First Blood However the lack of dialogue did not keep me from enjoying the story one bit; I devoured all 150 pages of it in a single night's reading I think it helped that I pictured the main character as Charlie Bronson in my mind's eye He plays Vincent Majestyk in the film adaptation which although I've never seen it makes sense as it seems written for him