Book è Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2 Î 87 pages ñ Dogsalonbristol

Ebook Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2

Book è Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2 Î 87 pages ñ Dogsalonbristol Ñ [Read] ➪ Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2 By Marisa Chenery – Daylen is a cop and a good one When she discovers two men sword fighting in an alley during one of her nightly patrols she cT leaves no doubt this mortal woman is his and after tasting her lips he knows claiming her will be a challenge The bigger problem however might be her obsession to arrest him whenever they meet As their passion flares he'll do anything it takes to make her his mateWord Count 35000 As a cop Daylen is not sure what to make of the two men fighting with swords in the dark alley way Deciding the best course of action is to bring them in one flees on foot while the other is than willing to talk to her smell her and kiss her Jager was in the middle of following up on a tip when his mate appeared The only thing standing in his way of claiming his mate is her desire to arrest him whenever shes sees him which is something he plans to changeI thought this was a fun one Jage was one of my favorites from the book before always weilding his sword around and blunt statements

Ebook ë Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2 ã Marisa Chenery

Daylen is a cop and a good one When she discovers two men sword fighting in an alley during one of her nightly patrols she confronts them ordering them to put down their weapons One of the men takes off running surprising her with his speed With one man left she knows she'll have t Yadkny’s Review Daylen is a responsible cop looking forward to getting some time off from pulling night shift duty when she stumbles upon two men sword fighting in an alley Jager is one of Roxie’s Protectors; a group of werewolves meant to protect the prophesized foretold one Jager is in the middle of taking down an enemy when Daylen interrupts There is an instant attraction but it goes beyond that when Jager realizes that Daylen is his mate But how do you convince the one you love that you belong together when she keeps trying to arrest you?This was a fun and sexy but very uick read The action scene at the end of the story felt a little incomplete and I would have liked a little development in the relationship between Jager and Daylen but I was happy to read about the updates on the other characters so I look forward to seeing of this couple in future installments This is book two in the Roxie’s Protector’s series and a spinoff of the Wulf’s Den series but each book can be read as a stand alone The author makes it easy to catch up on the story but word of warning once you get to know the other characters you’ll want to go back and read the rest of the series I’m a fan now and will be picking up the rest of both series 4 Tea Cups

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Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2O take him down when he ignores her demands With her suspect in her grasp her world turns upside down when he pins her to the ground and kisses her senselessJager knows no wilting flower werewolf or mortal would ever survive as his mate but this cop has all the right moves Her scen What Is It AboutJager is a werewolf and one of the protectors of the foretold one Roxie When out one night following one of the men trying to hurt Roxie Jager is almost arrested by Daylen Daylen is cop and when she's about to arrest a man for fighting with a sword he kisses her Daylen is Jager's mate but he needs to work around the fact that she wants to arrest him every time that he sees her What I Liked and Didn'tAnother case of where my dislike of short stories comes up The plot was skimmed over so uickly and the build up of the relationship was complete bull Sure the plot was a bit better than the first book but when I read the blurb I thought that there'd be at least one normal character because you would get arrested if you were found fighting with a sword But no Daylen starts kissing and crushing on Jager and just completely ignoring her job and the law But it doesn't matter anyway because she has to uit her job eventually because of the stupid couple withdrawl that means you can't be your own person any Blech it's a bit annoying I also find it hard to believe that she could beat a guy who has been studying how to fight for hundreds of years and is a werewolf just because she's a tough woman even though she's mortal I call bull on thatFinal ThoughtsAnother big rant and another review where I wonder why I even gave the book a two star rating I suppose it wasn't a struggle to read and it was a bit better than the first book But I can't help but wonder if making it a full length novel would make it better or worse because the plot kind of sucksWould I recommend it? Absolutely not there are waaaay better shifter romances out there than any of Marisa Chenery'sWill I be carrying on the series? Yes for the sole reason that I gave them decent ratings when I originally read them four years ago and I refuse to leave them at that high a rating when I'm not liking the series