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Lilah Author Marek Halter Read ↠ 6 º ❰Ebook❯ ➨ Lilah Author Marek Halter – Set in the magnificent culture of the Middle East than four thousand years ago Lilah is a rich and emotionally resonant story of faith love and courage Living in exile Lilah is in love with Antinoes a Set in the magnificeBrother's destiny to lead the Jewish people back to the Promised Land While Antinoes pressures her to accept his proposal Lilah realizes that before she can consider her own happiness it is her duty to help her brother accomplish the seemingly impossible task that is before him Putting herself in grave danger and with the help of Antinoes Lilah wins Ezra an audience with Artaxerxes II the King of Kings who grants permission to lead the exiles on their journey back to the Promised Land After a hazardous trip across the desert Lilah Ezra and the thousands who join them arrive in Jer. I came upon Marek Halter's Canaan Trilogy by pure happenstance I also read it out of order Zipporah then Sarah and Lilah but it not necessary to have read this series in order I loved that the book trilogy encompassed almost 1600 years starting with Sarah which was placed around 21st century BCE Zipporah 15th century BCE to Lilah which is set in around 550 BCESarah was an engrossing and beautiful tale and Zipporah was an enriching treat Lilah however misses the mark completely One of my major issues is that Lilah however dynamic and interesting of a character Halter made her out to be was just that Unlike Sarah and Zipporah Lilah was not based on any sister of Ezra as she is not mentioned anywhere in the Old Testament of the Bible Book of Ezra or Book of Nehemiah but I digress The first half of the novel is very engaging and wonderful In the Persian town of Susa Lilah is an aristocratic young Jewish woman torn between the love of her childhood non Jewish friend Antinoes and the loyalty she has for her older brother Ezra While these three were practically raised as siblings Ezra's dogmatic studying of the Torah and its rules make them both as strangers to him now While Lilah's aunt and uncle welcome a marriage to such a highly respected member of the royal court Lilah refuses to unless Ezra gives his blessing to their union which is not needed but deeply desired by Lilah She schemes a way for Ezra to leave the city of Susa with a band of conservative zealotsbut it backfires and leaves Lilah forced to venture with her brother without a husband or a place to call home The second part of the novel which I have the most problems with is written a long Epistolary style Lilah documents the long arduous journey she Ezra and the Babylonian Jews undertake They return to Jerusalem facing exclusion and oppression from other ethnic groups around them who also inhabit the land The temple and settlements are built for the community and unfortunately divisiveness among the community surfaces The Zealots and other conservative members of the community call for the expulsion of the foreign the Jebusite Moabite Ammonite to name a few women who married Hebrew men and their progeny so that the Hebrew men will be forced to marry their own kind Lilah begs Ezra to reconsider this expulsion but he follows the archaic and hurtful Mosaic Laws without uestion or consideration Lilah decides to become the leader of the Outcast Women and they make their journey in hopes of a better life One of my major pet peeves in the novel is the fate of the Outcast Women; I found it ironic that Ezra would condone the expelling of these women when some of the most prominent Biblical Patriarchs Abraham Joseph Moses Boaz to name a few married non Jewish women The whole point I got from the book trilogy is that women like Sarah and Zipporah proved that being Jewish is NOT about being born into the religion but making a conscious effort to The series shows over and over how different groups of people joined Abraham and Moses and were welcomed with open arms I kept hoping a consolation would occur that the foreign women and their children would be able to fully convert to Judaism and abide by the Mosaic Law But unfortunately that was not the case I did enjoy the ending; sanctimonious Ezra thought he would go to bury his sister a fallen forgotten woman Instead he was shocked at the celebration in honor of her Ezra saw her as just a pariah; others saw her as a leader for the downtroddenI also saw heavy parallels to the current sociopolitical situation in Israel wherein the ConservativeOrthodox Israeli factions Ezra and the Zealots and the secular progressivemoderate Jews and Arabs Lilah and Outcasts are in constant conflict as to who Israel truly belongs to and does religion really matter so much in a national identity when you don’t live in a Theocracy

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Set in the magnificent culture of the Middle East than four thousand years ago Lilah is a rich and emotionally resonant story of faith love and courage Living in exile Lilah is in love with Antinoes a Persian warrior They have known each other since they were children and Antinoes dearly wants to make Lilah his wife Yet Lilah does not feel she can marry without the blessing of her brother Ezra She and Ezra are close and Lilah knows her brother well he does not want his sister to have a husband outside their faith Ezra is a scholar of the laws of Moses and Lilah believes it is her. This is my least favorite book in the trilogy probably because I was not as familiar with the story of Ezra and Lilah as I was with Abraham and Moses But this book is enjoyable because of the diversity of the characters that evoke emotion Lilah is strong proud and full of love like Sarah and Zipporah However we have a wider range of characters Some are easy to root for like Ezra's mentor his servant and Lilah's lover And others are easy to despise like the ueen and even Ezra himself who is not a very sympathetic character Yes the Jews are lead to the Promise Land and the Temple is rebuilt but Ezra does not care at what cost these tasks are done MY REVIEW OF THE TRILOGY AS A WHOLE SPOILER ALERT I may seem like I'm slightly bashing these books just because I'm pointing out some flaws but I did give these books 4 or 5 stars Halter should not switch from first person to third Yes he distinctly separates them via prologues and epilogues and parts but once he's really established style in one or the other he changes inelouently These women of god were not as chaste as we were lead to believe Mind you I'm no conservative but generally when people are reading biblical stories they're not reading it for moderately steamy romance Sarah committed adultery with Pharaoh Zipporah slept with Moses before they were married and acknowledged that she lived in sin and Lilah slept with her lover before they were married and did so with considerable passion All of these women had a bit too much in common and having concluded the third book the trilogy seemed a bit redundant All three women were raised in privilege and wanted men outside of their class They all embarked in holy journeys and received both blessings and sorrow It was a bit formulaic Overall I enjoyed the series It was a uick read with familiar characters and a good sense of setting and atmosphere I felt the heat of the deserts and texture of the fabrics But while I knew what was in the character's hearts I never FELT it As I said in my review of Sarah I don't typically compare books to other books but this series didn't hold a candle to The Red Tent

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Lilah Author Marek HaltUsalem But the hardship of rebuilding the Temple takes its toll and the religious enthusiasm of some turns to extremism Ezra listening to the zealots orders all non Jewish wives and their children banished from Jerusalem Lilah whose love for Antinoes has never wavered is horrified by this command She knows she must now choose between her brother and her conscience which tells her that the time has come to defy him Lilah is a timeless story of one woman's stand against intolerance it will linger in the reader's mind long after the last page has been turned From the Hardcover editio. Listened to this on a road trip tofrom VegasThe first half was GREAT The second half was so utterly depressing that it would have been a four star book if not for the sad ending It really left a damper on my mood Still an enjoyable read or listen in this case