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Doc ↠ Tales from 1001 Nights ✓ 528 pages Download ☆ Anonymous Î [Read] ➫ Tales from 1001 Nights By Anonymous – Every night for three years the vengeful King Shahriyar sleeps with a different virgin executing her next morning To end this brutal pattern anSpirits tales of the voyages of Sindbad of Ali Baba's outwitting a band of forty thieves and of jinnis trapped in rings and in lamps The seuence of stories will last 1001 night Although I found the stories themselves to be very entertaining the prose in this book was too dry and journalistic to be properly enjoyableThe prose lacks any of the magic found in the Arabian world of the imagination and the stories are presented in a very dry almost journalistic styleThe tales themselves are wonderful silly bawdy magical and fantastical They deserve to be told with the true spirit of the fantastical Middle East I will be re reading these tales in a better translation

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Every night for three years the vengeful King Shahriyar sleeps with a different virgin executing her next morning To end this brutal pattern and to save her own life the vizier' 'Care does not lastAnd as joy passes so does care''Time's changes bring down cultured menWhile fortune lifts the undeserving upCome Death and visit me for life is vile; Falcons are brought down low while ducks are raised on highFeel no surprise if you should see a man of excellenceIn poverty while an inferior holds swayOne bird circles the earth from east to west;Another gets its food but does not have to move''There is a marvellous tale attached to the fish ando to me which were it written with needles on the corners of the eyes would be a lesson for all who can learn''She recitedIf you have found consolation love has left me no enduranceMy heart loves none but youTake my bones and my soul with you wherever you may goAnd where you halt bury me opposite youCall out my name over my grave and my bones will moan in answerHearing the echo of your voiceThen she went onMy wishes are fulfilled on the day I am near youWhile my day of doom is when you turn from meI may pass the night in fear threatened with destruction But union with you is sweeter to me than safetyNext she recitedIf every blessing and all this world were mine Together with the empire of the Persin kings To me this would not be worth a gnat's wingIf my eyes could not look on you''Grave you are neither earth nor heaven for meSo how is it you hold both sun and moon?''Wine should be drunk beside a trusted friend One of pure birth from the line of old heroesFor wine is like the wind sweet if it passes scented flowersBut stinking if it blows over a corpse''Branches are most beautiful when concealed with leavesWhile you are loveliest when we meet you naked''My glance expresses the words that are on my tongueAnd my love reveals what is concealed withinWe met as the tears were falling;Though I was silent my eyes spoke of youShe gestured and I understood the meaning in her eyes;I signed to her with my fingers and she understood Our eyebrow settled the affair between usAnd we kept silence but love spoke''At the heart of the secret is my heart's secret love for youWere mountains to feel my sorrow they would be crushed;Fire would be uenched and winds would cease to blowWhoever claims that Time holds sweetnessMust sometimes meet a day bitter than aloes''Beauty was brought to be measured against himBut bowed its head in shameIt was asked 'Have you seen anything like thisBeauty?' It answered 'No'''And in his beauty all mankind strays lost''The severance of our love is set at your door not at mine''All that is fair in men derives from him''I might show endurance but after the beloved's lossThe lifespan of the lover is not long'' and this world is a loan to be repaid''You left and this has left the world a wilderness ''She came forward in a gown of azure blue the colour of the skyI looked and saw within this gownA summer moon set in a winter night''Veiled by hair draped over cheeksShe was temptation strong as a burning fireI said 'You have used night to veil the dawn''No' she replied 'but I have veiled the moon in darkness''You see that the sun is borrowed from her cheeks''You who blame the lovers for their loveHave you the power to sure the sick at heart?''The pool was like a page read by the birdsWritten by wind with clouds as punctuation'' sweeter than cold water to the thirsty man and delightful than the recovery of health to the sick''Every time it rises I ask the sun for news of youAnd I uestion the lightning about you when it flashesLonging folds and unfolds me in its handsAll night but I do not complain of painDear ones for long after you wentSeparation from you has left me cut to piecesWere you to grant my eyes a sight of you It would be better still if we could meet Do not think I am busied with another;My heart has no room for another love''Grave you are neither a garden nor a skySo how do you contain both branch and moon?' 'Were he to be contented with a rag I would give himA heart that was torn in pieces when you said goodbye''I wished for my beloved but when he came in sightIn my bewilderment I could not control tongue or eyes''You beauty puts to shame the gleaming moonWhile your grace is that of the breaking dawn''Am I to melt with heat when your face is paradiseAnd I shall die of thirst when your saliva is Kauthar?''I swear that there is nothing in my heart except your love''On meeting we complained of the great suffering of which we speakIt is not good to send complaints by messengers''By God's grace you are like a great light spreading the rays of your perfection wherever you may be on land or sea''On the day of generosity he is the shining dawnWhile on the day of battle he is the darkest nightOur necks are fettered with his generosity''I became drunk on the fragrance of scentEmbracing a moist branch the zephyr nurturedThe lover was drunk but not on wineRather it was the beloved's saliva that intoxicated himAll beauty is held captive by the belovedAnd because of that he holds sway over men's hearts By God I will never think of consolation for his lossAs long as I am held in the bonds of life or afterwardsIf I live I live loving him and if I dieBecause of my passion of my love death will be welcome''When will the tortured heart find a cure for your love?Union with you is farther than the PleiadesDistance abandonment longing and lovesicknessDelay postponement this is how life passesUnion does not bring life nor does abandonment kill meDistance does not bring me near nor are you at handIt is neither fairness nor mercy that you showYou do not help me but I cannot flee from youAll my roads are blocked by love for you;I cannot make out where I am to go''I realized there was no stratagem for meTo reach you and I tucked my head beneath my wingMaking my home within the nest of loveWhere endlessly I must pass all my days'

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Tales from 1001 NightsS daughter Shahrazad begins to tell the king tales of adventure love riches and wonder tales of mystical lands peopled with princes and hunchbacks the Angel of Death and magical A collectible edition a new translation and a scholarly version from Penguin I like Lyons' translation for its accuracy and its readability even for non native English A long introduction by Robert Irwin well i always like Robert Irwin's writing a glossary and even maps made this version to be a replacement for the famous Burton's edition