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Moondogs review ¿ 3 ´ [Read] ➼ Moondogs ➹ Alexander Yates – A singularly effervescent novel pivoting around the disappearance of an American businessman in the Philippines and the long suffering son jilted lover slick police commissioner misguided villain and A singularly effervescent novel pivoting around the disappeaIs father has actually been kid­napped by a meth addled cabdriver with grand plans to sell him to local terrorists as bait in the country’s never ending power struggle between insurgents separatists and “demo­cratic” muscle Benicio’s search for Howard reveals about his father’s womanizing ways and suspicious business deals reopening the old hurts that he’d hoped to mend Interspersed with the son’s inuiry and the father’s calamitous life in captivity are the high octane interconnecting narratives of Reynato Ocampo the lo. Moondogs by debut novelist Alexander Yates set in present day Philippines combines magic action and satire Yates draws on his own knowledge of the Philippines where he graduated from high school and later returned to work for the political section of the US Embassy His familiarity with and knowledge of the place and its people comes across While the persons places and events are fictionalized his Filipino and expat characters are familiar enough that Yates could have written about people we know The lead character is Benicio Bridgewater the son of a Columbian mother and American father His parents had divorced years ago and Benicio has had a strained relationship with his father for years but following Benicio’s mother’s funeral he’s decided to visit his father in the Philippines to repair the relationship When his father stands him up in the airport Benicio is left angry and hurt It turns out that his father Howard had been kidnapped by a meth addled cabdriver and his strange companions When the crime is discovered local celebrity hero Reynato Ocampo and his special operations unit nicknamed Ka Pow is called in to rescue Howard Each member of the Ka Pow team has a uniue magical talent which Ocampo learns to harness The characters in Moondogs run the gamut yayas drivers and hotel staff “political consultants” and actors turned politicians pampered and privileged kids from the International School Manila expat businessmen and “exotic dancers” desperate hustlers kidnappers military men and terrorists from the South Yates seems to have captured much of the Philippine experience and added his own special stamp creating an unusual rollicking read

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Cal celebrity hero policeman charged with rescuing Howard Ocampo’s ragtag team of wizardry infused soldiers and Moniue a novice officer at the American embassy whose family still feels feverishly unmoored in the Philippines With blistering forward momentum crackling dialogue wonderfully bizarre turns and glimpses into both Filipino and expat culture the novel marches toward a stunning cli­max which ultimately challenges our conventional ideas of family and identity and introduces Yates as a powerful new voice in contemporary literatur. Moondogs is a terrific novel It's the kind of book that brings desperate elements together in an unusual location for me in a surprisingly off kilter way There's a grieving son an estranged Father soldiers with wizard y superpowers a local celebrity hero cop who has inspired a series of over the top action movies adulterous embassy employees a meth addicted cab driver a smoking rooster a prostitute and a actor with political ambitions All these characters come together in the Philippines when the estranged Father is kidnapped by wannabe terrorists before he can reunite with the grieving son Too many years of retail and visits from sales reps have me aching to tell you that Moondogs is blank meets blank Not because this novel is a mish mash of the creativity of others but because it is so original that referencing Moondogs to even the smallest similarities in other works would give you a better idea of what to expect when you read it than my tiny mind can produce This is a twenty first century screwball comedy The situations are realistic enough to make you appreciate the humanity in the story but at the same time so broad that the humor and almost Tall Tale ualities carry you along on a very enjoyable ride Moondogs author Alexander Yates gets a big round of applause for this his first novel He has balanced the unsavory with the farcical in this novel like a pro His writing is crisp and colorful and his story is inventive and well paced Adventure and comedy may jump off the page in Moondogs but not at the expense of a heartfelt Father Son story

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MoondogsA singularly effervescent novel pivoting around the disappearance of an American businessman in the Philippines and the long suffering son jilted lover slick police commissioner misguided villain and supernatural saviors who all want a piece of him Mourning the recent loss of his mother twentysome­thing Benicio aka Benny travels to Manila to reconnect with his estranged father Howard But when he arrives his father is nowhere to be found leaving an irri­tated son to conclude that Howard has let him down for the umpteenth time However h. Having gone to the Philippines for a month a couple of years ago I have a fondness for pretty much anything Filipino I was intrigued to discover this novel set in the Philippines as not many novels published in the US are set there Overall I really enjoyed this book The author does a fine job putting you right in the Philippines without going overboard Somehow Yates takes blends family drama a police procedural involving a kidnapping and characters with fantastical mystical powers A poor kid from the South who can but a bullet into any target he can conjure in his mind An embassy worker who can cause earthuakes and volcanic eruptions A guy who can shape shift into any animal If this all sounds preposterous and possibly corny Yates pulls it off and makes it work I enjoyed the uirkiness and strong writing of this novel I hope others discover this fine debut novel