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Secrets don't stay buried long in cattle country Sarah Allen the beautiful girl who humiliated Jackson Raines in high school is back in town Not so long ago she couldn't wait to leave Wind Canyon Wyoming in her dust But recently widowed she has nowhere else to go and finds herself on Jackson's ranch And despite everything Jackson's finding himself relucta. It has been a while since I have disliked a book this muchI really wanted to like this book In fact I ordered the second book in the series with the anticipation of enjoying this first one But the fact is I hated it I could not get into it at all I never got attached to the characters and the storyline never jived with meFirst of all Sarah was beyond cruel to Jackson in High School She ripped out his heart and stomped on it publicly and made sure he was completely humiliated in the process She was evil Jackson still harbors and rightly so a lot of resentment towards Sarah Yet the author expects to me to believe that he puts that all behind him and forgives her fully after a very poor apology I didn’t buy itThere really wasn’t any chemistry between Jackson and Sarah yet Jackson walked around with an erection 999% of the time If I had a dollar for every time the author spoke of Jackson’s erection I would be taking my family out to a very nice dinner tonight My storyline problems stemmed from the fact that I felt like everything was too far fetched I can’t really get into details without offering spoilers but there was stealing evidence from a crime scene and a police helicopter that was deployed on command from a civilian within a 20 minute period of time Oh and lets not forget the FBI forcing Sarah to investigate a criminal matter I realize this is a fiction book but come on There was also a side storyline involving loggers that really served zero purpose except to maybe voice the author’s opinion on commercial loggers I don’t knowI am really bummed I have the second book because I really don’t want to read it But being full of uirks which include finishing books I can’t tolerate and reading books just because they have been purchased and are already on my shelf I will I am hoping that the author stepped things up for the second book because this one was a dismal failureCherise Everhard April 2011

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Against the Wind Raines of Wind Canyon #1Nt to get rid of herSarah brings her own kind of trouble and he can't resist trouble Enemies of her dead husband show up making threats thinking she has something they're owed They're not taking no for an answer but what they will take is the one thing she has left her daughter Jackson's the only one who might be able to save little Holly and bring her ho. Against the Wind2 StarsSynopsisFollowing the murder of her abusive husband Sarah Allen returns to her home town in Wyoming to start afresh Unfortunately trouble seems to follow first when she rents a cottage from Jackson Raines the man she rejected and humiliated in high school and then when her husband’s enemies become convinced that she has something they want and are not above kidnapping Sarah’s daughter to get itReviewStarts out really well but becomes exceedingly far fetched as the book progresses There are just too many individual storylines In addition to the main plot in which the heroine has not one but four men out to get her for different reasons there are another two side stories The first involves a tiresome romance between Sarah’s friend and Jackson’s foreman and the second centers on illegal logging which is completely irrelevant and unrelated to the main story Two of these various plot threads remain unresolved at the conclusion Maybe they will come to an end in the next installment but uite frankly I’m not interested enough to find out The main characters are well fleshed out and have an intense chemistry but I did not feel the romance While Jackson’s caring and sensitivity make him an especially appealing character Sarah is annoying and distant I found her need to keep secrets and her inability to trust Jackson with the truth irritating and actually felt that he deserved better I also thought that his initial resentment toward her for the way she treated him in high school was resolved far too easily with a rather weak apologyIn general the book is well written but the flashback scenes in which Sarah remembers what happened to her husband are extremely repetitive in fact the author just copies them word for word each time with a few details added There is also very little build up of tension and suspense and I kept waiting for the something significant to happen Overall a very disappointing read and one of the few books that get my 2 star rating I may not be reading any in the series

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Against the Wind Raines of Wind Canyon #1 Free read º eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ê ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Against the Wind Raines of Wind Canyon #1 Author Kat Martin – They were known as the no account Raines boys but they've grown into successful honorable men anThey were known as the Wind Raines Epub #220 no account Raines boys but they've grown Against the ePUB #8608 into successful honorable men and everything they have they've fought for tooth and the Wind Raines ePUB #180 nail Now each of the three brothers has one last obstacle to overcome the Wind Raines of Wind PDFEPUB or to claim what's eluding them love. 4 stars – Contemporary Western RomanceRomantic SuspenseThis is the first book in Kat Martin’s new trilogy about three close brothers from Wind Canyon Wyoming who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks were once hellraisers known as the “no account Raines boys” and are now successful honorable businessmen and confirmed bachelorsWidow Sarah Allen is leaving her troubled painful past behind in Los Angeles to make a fresh start with her young daughter Holly in her hometown of Wind Canyon Wyoming After enduring years of emotional verbal and physical abuse at the hands of her cruel criminal husband she’s looking forward to the security comfort peace and uiet of small town country livingJackson Raines the eldest of the Raines brothers rose from a misspent impoverished youth to make a minor name for himself in the world of Olympic boxing and then later found success and financial gain in oil stocks He’s returned home to Wind Canyon to bring prestige to the Raines family name by purchasing and effectively running a large prominent ranchThe last person Jackson expected to rent out his ranch’s empty cottage is Sarah Allen his former high school crush who broke his heart when she cruelly cut him down with hurtful words and humiliated him in front of their entire school Sarah is surprised to discover that Jackson is her new landlord She feels sorry for the way she treated him years ago as an impetuous girl anxious to get out of Wind Canyon She’s determined to convince Jackson to let her and Holly stay in their uaint new home But starting over doesn’t go uite as Sarah planned when problems arise from her murdered husband’s illegal business dealings and she and Holly are threatened by his shady enemiesJackson doesn’t want to get involved with Sarah but he’s not about to abandon a neighbor in need despite how she hurt him in the past and that the attraction he feels for her is stronger than ever Sarah’s not used to having anyone else to rely on but Jackson shows her what it means to finally have friends that you can trust As Jackson and Sarah work together to uncover who’s harassing her their explosive chemistry and intense attraction becomes too tempting to resist Neither of them wants complicated emotional entanglements like relationships and love but when their erotic passion leads to deeper feelings will they take a risk and open their hearts And will Jackson be able to protect Sarah and Holly from dangerJackson and Sarah are a captivating couple and their relationship development and romantic progression was realistic passionate and heartfelt What I really loved about them together is that even though they both have reasons to be distrustful their actions are those of mature respectful adults who care about each other and are trying their best to navigate the precarious waters of dating Sarah is still healing from deep emotional scars inflected by her husband but she’s self aware enough to realize when past hurts and insecurities are affecting her connection with Jackson I really admired her strength courage and determination to make a happy safe and peaceful life for her daughter Jackson is such a rugged sweet and protective alpha hero and his uiet toughness and caring of Sarah and Holly was sexy touching and endearing He’s also a demanding skilled and attentive lover and the love scenes were sensual and steamy Against the Wind is a great read that truly delivers all the elements that make for a satisfying romance wonderful characters suspense action dramatic twists surprising plot turns heartwarming emotion and hot love scenes This is the first book I’ve read by Kat Martin but it definitely won’t be my last I’m looking forward to of the sexy Raines brothers with Gabriel’s story Against the Fire in Feb’2011 and then Devlin’s story Against the Law in Mar’2011 I recommend this for contemporary romance and romantic suspense readers and fans of authors like Robyn Carr Geralyn Dawson and Linda Lael Miller This was an ARC received courtesy of NetGalleycom