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Free download Allan Stein 107 ↠ ➝ [Epub] ❦ Allan Stein By Matthew Stadler ➧ – Comic erotic and richly imagined Allan Stein follows the journey of a compromised young teacher to Paris to uncover the sad history of Gertrude Stein's troubled nephew Allan Having been fired from his Comic erotic and richly imaginedNted by memories of his own boyhood particularly his odd flamboyant mother Moving from the late twentieth century back to the s effortlessly blending fact and fiction Allan Stein is a charged exploration of eroticism obsession and identit. Like in TSO the narratorprotagonist has lost his teaching post due to paedophilia and now half heartedly pursues an obscure project Like in TSO what I now know to be a common mental phenomenon feeling outside one's body or much larger expanding or contracting like one's surroundings is important to the author Like in TSO he was given a Guggenheim fellowship and wrote again about the beauty of boys who have the potential to be Gods that men can never be Like in TSO he does have close non sexual friendships with gay men of his age and a hint of sexual attraction with old men The way this boy at 15 both today and in the past already a sexual being is described ultimately makes someone like me averse to this sort of illegal love Yes unlike in Northern Africa men like this American don't fuck but get fucked by their young lovers and he wants to suck and stroke never demean but this is all too much like everything I hate about heterosexuality as his friend had mentioned as well the otherness the softness and slenderness and blabla The fact that the protagonist himself wants to be that boy or be mothered by the boy's mother and has flashbacks to himself at that age with his own mother only makes homosexuality and the love of boys seem like the aberration born of wrong upbringing that I'm sure Stadler didn't mean to portray it asThis book is at least in early parts indeed a bit funnier than The Sex Offender; it's also like Kundera than Kafka in many ways least of which is that it's set in Paris

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Comic erotic and richly imagined Allan Stein follows the journey of a compromised young teacher to Paris to uncover the sad history of Gertrude Stein's troubled nephew Allan Having been fired from his job because of a sex scandal involvin. An epheboph This book was so close to being an utter bore that I thought about putting it down for good on a few occasions Its style lacks the range for its intended atmospherics effects creating vast blocks of run on paragraphs with repetitive diction and sentences that are confusing if not poorly constructed at times The Allen Stein subplot stretches out an already over indulgent Lolita clone filled with irritating Parisian socialites in the cynical nihilism so commonly overused in contemporary fictionHowever I stand by my rating this book is worth reading What is lacks in substance its makes up for in risk its ephebophilic narrator storming out of the gate with an unstoppable momentum that carries beyond the end of the book There is no shame not even any overt criticism but of a flippancy in its examination of a grown man's relationship with a sixteen year old boy a relationship that due on going scandals can finally be talked about openly in an historical and ongoing context The novel's illustrative properties are invaluable creating character's lost in the gray areas of perspective ambiguity and chemical attraction There are very few ironic narrators as strong as Stadler's and what he lacks in descriptive emotional scenery he makes up for in the creation of characters who are truly alive

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Allan SteinG a student the teacher travels to Paris under an assumed name that of his best friend Herbert In Paris Herbert becomes enchanted by Stephane a fifteen year old boy As he unravels the gilded but sad childhood of Allan Stein Herbert is hau. Allan Stein is one of the most profoundly difficult novels to approach as a reader or reviewer The primary theme that a gay man in early middle age who is a teacher is attracted to boys in their mid teens is certainly going to disturb many people and the novel is thus often described as a gay retelling of Lolita There's a lot that can be said on that front alone but the foremost thing to note is that this is fiction the topic of inter generational love and sex should not be seen as the author endorsing such practices any so than claiming PD James endorses murder by writing whodunits It is however an interesting topic in a novel and one that allows for plot devices that are uniue and challenge the reader's emotions in ways that a typical romance would not Beyond that the ethics of the man teen relationship are the tip of the iceberg here with uestions of identity and morality as the narrator travels from the Pacific Northwest to France under an assumed identity on a mission for a friend Stadler's writing is simply stunning he is a first rate writer with a strong lyrical ability with the English language and a gift of detail Yes his strength with this overshadows and possibly even overrules his capacity for the overall plot of the book but still the novel is a joy to read His descriptions of Paris are for the most part alluring though if you know the city well you'll feel perhaps that he leaves out aspects he could have worked in and given that he is in fact so skilled with detail there's just a wealth of aspects you wish he'd described given how beautiful and prone to glowing literary treatment Paris is after all The sub plot on which the plot itself is actually predicated of the narrator's uest to learn about Allan Stein is both interesting and a little awkward in places the novel is rather short and a lot of thread is woven into a small cloth so to speak While the man teen lovesex aspects didn't bother me a great deal the narrator as a character is not that easy to like or feel empathy for given his ease in tricking people to his own ends and playing fast and loose with morals and ethics in general He at points comes across as a sad sack of sorts whom you do feel sympathy for because he seems like a bright guy and one who winds up in bad situations not fully of his own doing yet he also often makes things only worse for himself The whole pretext for his journey to France is also a little hard to believe and could have been designed better we get a lot of things going on or less just for show and window dressing including the narrator's assumed name of Herbert as a shout out of sorts to Lolita These mechanisms also are used to insert the author to an extent into the role of the narrator and can make one uestion how autobiographical the novel is though as I already stated I do not see the lurid topics as being endorsed by the author just because the apparent lengths he goes to identify himself with the narrator we learn at the end that the narrator's real name is Matthew—the same as the author's own The best reason for reading this book is in a manner of speaking the story telling contained within versus the story being told Even for many gay male readers the plot will be a bit creepy and it also is a plot that rambles about a bit then lacks detail where additional detail could well be favored and appreciated Stadler can freakin' write of that there is no doubt He seems in places better suited however to the short story than full novel and I've not read any of his later novels so I cannot fairly comment on whether his plot building has improved Despite this the book is still an easy and solid four stars It's charming and awe inspiring in how lyrical how deft it is on most pages Stadler though it was not his debut novel certainly lacked the ability in places to not appear a bit unseemly and giddy over the fact he was in fact writing a novel There's too much cloying fascination of this type in several aspects but again it's not enough damage to remove a single star from a stellar work I just found myself liking the book wishing it were longer but also wishing the author had been as adept in the plot construction as the nuts and bolts In this case the devil was in fact not in the details but instead in the blueprints