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Read ePub Å The Tin Princess Paperback ë Philip Pullman ↠ [EPUB] ✰ The Tin Princess Author Philip Pullman – Sally Lockhart's friend and partner in adventure Jim Taylor has just solved a mystery For years he's been searching for Adelaide the little girl enslaved by toothless cronA princess in danger Her future husband is desperate to protect his bride and employs Jim as their bodyguard Razkavia's uaint little streets are full of dang Despite how uickly I devoured the three first Sally Lockhart books I took my time getting around the the fourth because well it's not about Sally She only appears in the book very briefly I shouldn't have waited so long The Tin Princess is a fast paced engrossing Victorian pulp told with the keen eye for imperial politics and business that Pullman has brought to all the books in this series Although I didn't remember Adelaide very well from the first time I met her I uickly grew very attached to her and Jim and Becky It doesn't hurt that Jim Taylor was played in the BBC movie by Matt Smith the newest DoctorThe book starts with Becky a young expatriate living in London with her mother with a facility for languages and a thirst for adventure in theory anyway Becky is engaged to teach German to Prince Rudolf of Razkavia's new bride the aforementioned Adelaide still half the street urchin we knew her as but with the wit and ability to appear as gracious and anyone A few assassination attempts later and Adelaide Becky and Jim are off to Razkavia where they struggle to keep the country free from the imperial designs of Austria and Germany All four of these books are great reads for young adults but also bring a keen eye to the troubles of Victorian England how many young adult books do you know that go into great detail about the complicity of the British Empire in the opium trade for instance? Or the legal position of unwed mothers in Victorian England? Or in this one the blind eye England turns to everything that is going on

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Sally Lockhart's friend and partner in adventure Jim Taylor has just solved a mystery For years he's been searching for Adelaide the little girl enslaved by t For me The Tin Princess was not as successful as the other books in the Sally Lockhart uartet probably because it is neither about Sally Lockhart or Victorian London both of which are the thing that interested me about this YA series in the first place Some spoilersInstead the plot is about Razkavia a made up Germanic state in middle Europe Where members of the royal family are being bumped off Our heroes Jim and Becky fall into this world of royal intrigue by way of Adelaide the little cockney sparrow of the first book who by the most improbable turn of events has become a member of the Royal Family of RazkaviaIt's a broad exciting adventure well written just like the first three books but unlike those stories I didn't think that the starting point of this one or in fact much that happened along the way was credible for the characters Especially for Jim and Adelaide both London cockney street kids who are suddenly versed in enough German and state craft in the space of a few chapter to out manouveur a bunch of professional politicians and generals and to care enough to try and save a country to which they have no real attachments I also didn't feel that they had as much emotional investment in the outcome of their story as Sally had in her adventures The third main character Becky seemed to be there to paper over some of these credibility gaps by witnessing how in love the other two were and how brave and how cunning etc etc Having said all that it's still an enjoyable adventure romp with lots of daring do and action

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The Tin PrincessOothless crone Mrs Holland in The Ruby in the Smoke And now he's found her just as she's about to become a princess Crown Princess of Razkavia to be exact and As usual Philip Pullman has written another fabulous story It was very exciting and I just loved the characters especially Jim and Adelaide It was great how we returned to Adelaide since we've had such a long time to wonder what on earth happened to her And it was so fun that Jim was one of the main characters He really needs his own series actually Now the story was different from the others in that there was a large element that wasn't historical The story is based on a fictional country called Razkavia which is somewhere in Europe Usually Pullman stays true to the facts but I don't think this made the story worse; on the contrary it was even better because it was a Pullman created country It was like a smaller Germany or a colony of Germany but still at the moment independent Anyhow the story was really fun though it didn't end how I had expectedbut I won't give it awayThe onlymeh thing I found was that Sally wasn't in it Instead the protagonist is a girl named Becky who does not have the fortitude and same draw of Sally but is homely and kind I liked her and didn't find that she diminished the book in any sense but it would have been nice if say Jim had been the main POV character We did have some scenes from his POV but surprisingly none with AdelaideI think this was purposeful however due to the gap from when we have last seen her 2 books ago It is a sort of unspoken about what happened to Adelaide then so we are purposefully not let into her mind to find out In any case it wasn't relevant to much of the story now though I do think it would have been nice to have her POV tooI also loved how we got some small scenes with different characters' POVs They were really beautiful vignettes though they still tied in well with the story I especially loved the one with the German baker with the snowglobewow Pullman sure knows how to craft a sceneI'm so disappointed that this is the end of the Sally Lockhart mysteries There could definitely be many