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Assignment BodyguardHer father will accept only the best for Kit Atkins's protection So when Kit is threatened he calls on Shane Warwick a CHAIM agent Shane is calm capable protective and w. Oh the was a labor to finishOkay so Kit Atkin's is a widow who's husband had aspirations of changing his career from oil tycoon to political leader before he died in a helicopter crash that was ruled an accident Kit's father is another powerful man who now runs CHAIM a christian spydetectiveprotectionwhatever agency that somehow has some extreme leeway when it comes to the law When Kit suspects someone of breaking into her office among other things her father decides to use his resources and calls in the best of his best BritishAmerican agent Shane Warwick Shane is a womanizer who falls fasts then leaves them He's calm under fire claims to be capable claims to be protective and is bossy in a slightly condescending wayWhen Kit is targeted at her own charity event Shane somehow convinces her to run off with him because he suspects an inside job Now you think Shane would take her somewhere off grid since CHAIM is spreading the rumor that he and Kit are dating to help explain her disappearance but he doesn't No Shane takes her to his second home a ranch in Texas that was owned by his father cause no one would be able to figure out that one sarcasmSomehow in the course ofthree days the two of them develop strong feelings for one another and start kissing all about the property including when they are staking out the roadway Brilliant sarcasm It takes less then a week for them to decide they love eachKit has a mild case of TSTL syndrome and Shane wavers back and forth between being a decent agent and an absolute idiot He just assumes his house is safe doesn't have someone watching the security system most of the time doesn't call in for back up until there is a supposed attempt on Kit after someone sneaks onto the property doesn't check Kit or her stuff for bugstracking devices takes Kit out to watch the road for a truckload of bad guys etc And Kitshe wavers between being a classic Texas Belle and an idiot She can handle a gun but drops it in shock with the safety off can expertly drive a small car through the bush and ride a horse but screams and hides in the pantry when she sees someone in the window doesn't know when to listen and stay put and does this multiple times decides that she will go headlong into an obvious trap to save her friendthe list goes on and just gets move negativeAll in all this book was a struggle to get through which is disappointing because it sounded great when I read the synopsis I'm not going to lie I 100% sped read the last 88 pages

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Assignment Bodyguard review ✓ 0 ã ❮BOOKS❯ ✻ Assignment Bodyguard ✴ Author Lenora Worth – Her father will accept only the best for Kit Atkins's protection So when Kit is threatened he calls on Shane Warwick a CHAIM agent Shane is calm capable protective and way too charming for Kit's peace HAy too charming for Kit's peace of mind Yet despite her protests Shane refuses to leave her side As they hide out at a remote Texas ranch a powerful bond grows between t. Secret AgentBook 4In this book we meet Englishman Shane Warwick He has been assigned to watch over a retired CHAIM's daughter and he gets his money's worth Kit resents being protected and puts up many a protest She makes Shane's work harder by resisting his advice and assistanceThe author does a good job in making all these men uniue in where they come from and how they talk But the books are so similar in story line that I fill I'm just getting another of the same except changed a bit But I like them enough and they kept me interested I really liked the drama in this one surrounding Shane's methods and Kit's resentmentsThe romance was okay They didn't try to stifle things and that's always great

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Hem even as danger rises Connections to the mysterious death of Kit's late husband reveal old betrayals Suddenly Kit's assigned bodyguard is the only person she can trus. A bodyguard with Texan roots and an English accent is a novel approach to a romance but this one could have been carried off better Shane named after the Western movie has been hired to protect the widow Kit who didn't want to admit her marriage was falling apart even before her husband's mysterious death Great concept but Kit's character was too uneven to really carry the plotline