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Reader ß Children of the Atom 192 pages Download » Wilmar h. shiras ê ➽ Children of the Atom Free ➳ Author Wilmar H. Shiras – ContentsIn Hiding 1948Opening Doors 1949New Foundations 1950Problems 1953Children of the Atom 1953 ContentsIn Hiding Opening Doors NeContentsIn Hiding 1948Opening Do What I am reviewing here is not actually Children of the Atom Rather it is the three linked novelettes published by Shiras in Astounding Science Fiction between 1948 and 1950 In 1953 the author integrated new material and this volume became Children of the Atom I have ordered a copy and will review it when it arrives in a month or so The three novelettes first published were In Hiding 1948 Opening Doors March 1949 and New Foundations March 1950 All three are well written but the first is an acknowledged classic and has freuently been anthologized separately The plot deals with children whose intellects have mutated to super human levels The adults in the story are involved in attempting to help the children find their places in human society The setting is in the fifties and this naturally conditions the types of decisions motives and assumptions within the story The writing is very delicately controlled and the over all effect is gentle and sensitive The characters are well drawn and have psychological depth The three stories do create a logical cycle but there is little doubt that the readers wanted and three years later Wilmar Shiras obliged with the novelUPDATEI have finished the full novel and have conseuently upgraded the rating to five stars Whether or not this book was the initial inspiration for The Uncanny X Men it has its own uite distinct character It is an engaging and rather gentle story though the darker aspects of human nature are not altogether ignored The author seems to have a distinct interest in Thomistic scholastic philosophy as well as Jungian psychology and a clear understanding of children While the setting is the world of America in the mid twentieth century the novel as aged well and deserves its high reputation

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Lems 1953Children of the Atom 19 Rated G for clean If you liked Flowers for Algernon because you could follow one man's journey to genius you will like this book about a group of genius children The dialogue got very technical at spots which made the book seem to drag but if you were in an intellectual mood and wanted to learn things indirectly about psychology then you'd enjoy those parts

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Children of the AtomOrs 1949New Foundations 1950Prob Children of The Atom was written as a series of short stories beginning in 1948 However it never really read like it was dated at all The basic story which is rud to be a precursor to The X menminus the super powers other than intellect I found the stories to be prescient and the characters to be fully formed and believable This was one of the better books I've read this year