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Haunted Houses ePub ´ 208 pages ´ Corinne May Botz ´ [BOOKS] ⚣ Haunted Houses Author Corinne May Botz – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk “When I was between the ages of five and eight my sister and I slept in a large attic bedroom At nightfall the room was filled with gypsies who glided around in clusters They wore Riors both physical and psychological   This book includes than eighty haunted buildings from the legendary to the ordinary including Edgar Allan Poe’s house in Balti a New Jersey tavern and a Massachusetts farmhouse a log cabin in Kentucky and a number of private residences The text includes ghost stories told to the author by those who lived through the moving rugs creaking floors apparitions disappearing and reappearing objects cries in the night mysteriously burning candles and other unexplained occurrences This book was created for me Large format long exposure photos detailing interiors and exteriors of buildings with ghost stories and the stories that go with them told first person by the witnesses It's awesome I love this stuff

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“When I was between the ages of five and eight my sister and I slept in a large attic bedroom At nightfall the room was filled with gypsies who glided around in clusters They wore colorful thin flowing dresses and rummaged greedily through my drawers and books as if they would steal everything I lay in bed as stiff as a board trying to will myself invisible praying they would not notice me looking Daylight obliterated the gypsies rendering them as thoroughly insubstantial as they had been real in the dark I had I found this title in a catalog After reading the book I have mixed feelings about it As an author of ghost stories I love reading stories by other authors I find so many interesting stories and histories through these booksI was somewhat confused by the book The book is almost a coffee table book for haunted houses The author has numerous photographs of haunted locations The photographs are artistic not the typical pictures featured in ghost booksThe first hand accounts of hauntings are scattered through out the book The stories are short and sweet Since the stories are mainly first hand stories they do not have the historical aspects like I enjoy They are okay but most ghost story fans might be disappointedAnother shortcoming is the pictures on the same location are scattered through the book As I read the photos may or may not be applicable to the story I wish the locations covered were featured in a whole section including photographs and the storyIf you have trouble reading small print the book may also be a difficult read The text is small and white on black background Although I do not regret reading this book it would not be on the top of my reading list

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Haunted HousesA vague understanding that my vision was private so I never told my family what I saw”   So began Corinne May Botz’s fascination with the invisible a phenomenon that has profoundly influenced her approach to photography in style and subject matter For than ten years she searched for ghost stories in buildings across the United States She ventured into these haunted places with both camera and tape recorder in hand; her photographs accompanied by first person narratives reveal a rare glimpse into American inte In this book about Haunted houses across the author travels and interviews people who have seen ghosts I really enjoyed the stories behind the tales however the photography was a little bit odd I didnt' really get why there were random pictures of rooms Even though they may have been haunted most of them didn't seem particualrly scary or menacing