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The Breakout NovelistErcises to help you move your writing from blah to breakoutYou'll also learn from Maass' experiences over than three decades in the publishing industry Get straight talk from an insider about agents contracts how the industry is changing and how to be the kind of author who builds a successful career book after bookGet the best of Maass' expertise and instruction in one easy to use reference. Rating 45 The Breakout Novelist is a fantastic handbook that should be on every writer's desk It should be marked up highlighted paper clipped and sticky noted if that's a word Let's pretend it is There is so much great advice and information in here it would take weeks and multiple readings to really get it all but it's not meant to be read through from start to finish It's a handbook workbook dictionary type tool There are many categories such as plot theme characters chapters on voice and hyper reality protagonists vs heroes and information about what to do when you've got your manuscript done and ready There are exercises uestions prompts and examples carefully explained and outlined It's easy to read and understand and doesn't feel like an instruction manual it's fun and enjoyable and interesting to read I wholeheartedly recommend any serious writer—just starting or multi published—to grab a copy of The Breakout Novelistcheck out my blog for an excerptguest post

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S to lead you through every aspect of setting your novel apart from the rest Maass shares examples from contemporary writers across all genres to euip you with the strategies great writers use to craft great fiction from core fiction writing elements like character setting description and plot to advanced techniues including point of view voice and suspense Plus you'll find over practical ex. I loved Donald Maass' last book Writing the Breakout Novel and the title of this new one intrigued me How timely with the empowerment of writers by self publishing on Maass’ thoughts on self pubs later and digital book sales blowing past traditional offerings Data shows a slew of new authors emboldened by a successful novel success being a relative word who want a career in writing I wanted Maass’ thoughts on the viability of that as well as how to do itFor those of you who don’t know Donald Maass he is a veteran agent currently the head of the Donald Maass Literary Agency in New York which represents than 150 novelists and sells than 100 novels every year to publishers in America and overseas By his own count he receives annually about 7500 uery letters partial manuscripts and completed novels–999% of which disappoint him This amazing statistic must be the inspiration behind his new book The authors he declares are not incompetent merely not in command of their techniue This book provides the tools to change thatIt’s organized into three parts 1 Mastering Breakout Basics–how to write fundamentals including exercises for the wanna be breakout novelist That’s right homework There are no shortcuts but there are uicker ways to do it and he shares those 2 Achieving Breakout Greatness–factors that vault an author to success This includes a singular voice tension all the time hyper reality scenes that can’t be cut If you think you know those concepts you don’t know Maass even includes a section on how to write humor Chapter 16 explaining how to ban banal with his ‘methods of mirth’–like hyperbole ironic juxtaposition being extremely literal and 3 Building a Breakout Career which addresses the nuts of bolts of agents contracts numbers and career patterns that work Most of this material I have not read before though I’ve read many how to write books His chapter on Numbers Numbers Numbers is fundamental to moving beyond the one great novel we all have inside of us to a successful career He itemizes What Breaking Out means When to write full time and how to do that How to build an audience word of mouth is prominent What distracts you from writing lectures short story anthologies–these he considers ‘distractions’ from the real work of writing a novel How to create your voice The life cycle of a career writerBut don’t skip the introduction I know–we often do Agents even recommend against prologues and introductions because so many readers skip them Don’t do it in this case Here are some snippets I’m looking for writers who can write one great book after another Commercial novelists freuently feel pressure to manage that feat of strength Intuitive novelists often have markers moments and scenes that they know must be in the book the three primary levels on which novels always must be working plot individual scene and line by line–the level that I call micro tension The journey can be outward or inward and in fact is best when it is both novel has a tension deficit disorder If your fiction is great then your agent will return your callsDonald Maass admits parts of this book are taken from his earlier books–good writing skills don’t change These concepts are presented with passages from successful novels to show not tell the point They cover every genre–memoir literary fiction thriller–with not just what’s right but how a good section can go wrong Thanks to this book I now have a massive list of new books I want to readHere are some of my favorite parts A breakout premisemust have the energy of a uranium isotope Formative reading experiences stay with us like comfort food No breakout novel leaves us feeling neutral Every protagonist needs a torturous need a consuming fear an aching regret a visible dream a passionate longing an inescapable ambition an exuisite lust an inner lack a fatal weakness an unavoidable obligation an iron instinct an irresistible plan a noble idea an undying hope If you truly wish to write the breakout novel commit yourself to characters who are strong as in the oft attempted but rarely successful ‘comic relief sub plot’ Breakout novelists hold backstory back for just the right moment If your heroine and her sidekick are standing still it ought to be because they disagree One problem that can keep a novel from breaking out is a failure to draw a clear line between good and bad There is also the decline of editing–fiercely denied by publishersbut widely reported by readers many authors begin their climb with no support whatsoever from their publishers Two other factors can work against building an audience jumping genres and changing publishers chain stores today only sell 30 percent of trade titles Online retailers now account for 20 percent of trade salesOverall I highly recommend this book to authors who wish to make a career of writing making money doing what they love Isn’t that the American Dream As much as a chicken in every pot don’t we all want paying our bills and loving our job not to be an oxymoron Donald Maass provides the toolkit You must provide the energyI have only one point of disagreement and it’s the same one I had with his prior book Writing the Breakout Novel that in his words “the only plan that doesn’t work that well for commercial fiction writers is self publishing“ I think that depends upon your definition of the words ‘work that well’How about ‘works well enough‘ I believe the e revolution has empowered writers to take charge of their own careers to be the captains of their own future No matter that sales may be smaller than if an agent is involved sales are there and that means bills are paid Who out there earns hundreds of thousands of dollars Most people are middle class The publishing industry is as much about ebooks digital readers self publishing as the traditional path through an agent Though one might uestion the uality of digital books self pub makes it possible for Everyman to write books from his soul sell them to his niche and make a living–or have a passionate hobby not unlike skiing acting or ballroom dancing Donald Maass admits “the Kindle e book reader has let loose pent up frustrations across the spectrum Authors see them as salvation Publishers see them as a vein of ore”What do you think

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The Breakout Novelist Download × 104 ´ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Breakout Novelist ❤ Donald Maass – The all inclusive guide for novel writersIf you're serious about making your fiction vibrant engaging and marketable you've found the right book The Breakout Novelist gives you the craft and business The all inclThe all inclusive guide for novel writersIf you're serious about making your fiction vibrant engaging and marketable you've found the right book The Breakout Novelist gives you the craft and business know how you need to make The Breakout PDF your book stand outInside veteran agent Donald Maass brings together the most innovative and practical information from his workshops and previous book. While this might not have been my absolute favorite book on writing it ranks up there with some of the best I especially appreciated the passion he espoused for simply writing a damn good book above and beyond any other consideration Sounds simple no Well the advice is taken across a wide board of problem areas be it agents editors publishing platforms and best of all every writer's worst enemy themselves Never get complacent Don't aim for status Aim for great storytelling and the rest will follow suitSimplicity itself So if I've given away everything that makes this book so valuable then why should anyone else read it Because it's pretty damn exhaustive on the big points that make any novel a great novel and enjoins us to partake of some pretty decent workbook exercises that focus on connections and character development than things like plot It was uite useful and the rest was for the most part positive and uplifting if you're trying to be an author that doesn't mind staring the hard facts in the faceFew punches were pulledFor this I was greatly amused