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Free read Unworldly Secretary Untamed Greek ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub  [PDF / Epub] ✓ Unworldly Secretary Untamed Greek ★ Kim Lawrence – Made overto make loveThough she’s in love with Andreas her gorgeous Greek boss Beth Farley knows he views her as just another piece Ldly Secretary PDF sensational bombshell Now she’ll knock her beloved boss for six But Beth soon realises she wants someone else to initiate her into the world of sensual abandon far Theo. What a great book and it had all the elements of a Cinderella story plus a handsome prince and baby on the way Story reminds me of Diana Palmers book Diamond girl with sex and the girl gets to keep her hair For once I loved loved loved it I would recommend for all those loving the sweet hot romance stories

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Arrogant wealthy Theo Kyriakis has a plan If Beth pretends to be his lover Andreas will surely want what he can’t haveOne makeover later and Beth has gone from sensible secretary to Unwor. One problem with this story the heroine She was than a little strident touchy and at times down right bitchy I think the author was trying to create tension between the H and the h but the heroine ended up being strident than sassy The H was a little brooding at first but comes through like Prince Charming pretty uicklyPremise is that the h has been in love with Andreas her boss and younger brother to the boss He has just become engaged to the older brother's ex The h is devastated and is angry with the H for whatever reason He cautions her that being mousy is no way to catch a man and sets her up for a makeover He'll take her to the younger brother's party and her new look and sibling rivalry will take care of the rest It works as the brother tries to play footsy with her Problem number two is that while the makeover is a huge success but the h is such an idiot about it she thinks she looks terrible She goes on and onSome family drama happens spoiler and the H and h end up in bed She's horrified she could be so fickle and in her embarrassment rejects the H He in turn is horrified with himself for taking advantage of her grief and her virginity Nice guyToss in an evil woman that should have been drowned at birth but goes largely unpunished and an H that is a secret artist with an anguishing backstory on top of the unpleasant heroine I ended up at two stars It's too bad as with a little work on the heroine this could easily have been a three or four star

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Unworldly Secretary Untamed GreekMade overto make loveThough she’s in love with Andreas her gorgeous Greek boss Beth Farley knows he views her as just another piece of office furniture But Andreas’s brother the darkly. This is the American Harleuin edition of Unworldly Secretary Untamed Greek Same story different titles Tropes Makeover Pretend datingContent warning noneSensuality level didnt get to that part so cant comment altho I read over 60% of itThis was my third KL and probably my last Two were DNFs On one hand her stories feel modern not still set in the 1980s like some other Presents authors Characters refer to bunny boilers and I dont know of many Presents authors who would have her hero say ‘You do realise that most men find the doormat mentality a real turn off’ which I found awesomeHowever I find the amount of interior reflections between lines of dialogue keeps me from ever getting immersed into her stories I just find her story telling a bit disjointed Three strikes and she's out I threw out the rest of her bks from Mt TBRGrade DNF