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A Word Child review ☆ 3 ☆ [EPUB] ✸ A Word Child ✽ Iris Murdoch – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Introduction by Ray MonkSaved by education from a delinuent childhood cheated of Oxford by a tragic love tangle Hilary Burde cherishes his obsessive guilt and disappointment in a dull civil service jo Introduction by Ray MonkSaved by education fromD of his department Hilary A Word PDFEPUBhopes for forgiveness and a new life but finds himself haunted by a ghostly repetitio. My favourite Iris Murdoch and one of my favourite books London in the winter compare with Under the Net for London in the Summer Peter PanSloane Suare on the tubeI may be wrong but I think the boy at the centre of the Peter Pan story killed himself at Sloane Suare Underground station

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Introduction by Ray MonkSaved by education from a delinuent childhood cheated of Oxford by a tragic love tangle Hilary Burde c. Murdoch will win you overdespite yourselfHilary Burde grows up in poverty abused He's saved by a tutor who notices his language skills and works with him to hone them Hillary is admitted to Oxford and finds a lush learning environment and yet another devoted tutor He thrives and dreams of saving himself and his younger sister from their childhood Just when he's ready to soar he commits a horrible act and his world crashes Burde is one of the most despicable literary characters I think I've ever encountered yet Murdoch's portrayal is compelling her revelatory pacing exuisite Hillary seems to say I can't forgive myself so it's your responsibility to if not forgive me excuse my bad behavior towards you You owe me I'm entitled to indulge my basest instincts I hate myself so much I'm entitled to hate and abuse you His outlook is pretty mesmerizing Murdoch's style is outside almost any other writer The writing is at times incredibly beautiful but the characters especially the main one are horrible I've read her Black Prince' and The Nice and the Good which I also liked but A Word Child is on a whole different level I wish I could say I loved her books but they're so lurid I can't As with all her books Word has an aura of exulted learning the kind that Oxford and other institutions of its ilk are known for It makes the action harder to relate to The educated Psychopath could be an alternate title Though Word Child was written in the mid 80's it could easily be mistaken for something written in the fifties because the s and sexism would be at home during that time Maybe Philip Roth was her proof reader though this cast of characters prove not only men can be misogynists More likely Murdoch's illustrating a point about one individual's twisted mind Poor Hilary Poorer still are the women who bump against him The men who cross his path aren't enjoying his company much eitherI almost feel stupid reviewing Murdoch's book because she writes with a depth of knowledge and an understanding of people at least a certain segment of them that her books seem untouchable by mere mortals She's like a scientist cutting live things open to see what's beating crawling or bleeding inside I don't think she's the greatest writer who ever lived but she's whizzing in and out of them She's not for everyone though She's dark Her characters writhe about and suffer and they make the reader suffer with them It ain't pretty Well ok it kind of is lovely It's a loveliness that catches you unawares especially when you turn the page only to encounter something even tawdry flip another page and you're in an oasis of beauty Yet even as you turn the next page you're trembling knowing you're gonna get plunged back into icy watersand it's the dead of winter It's too late for me This book solidified my devotion to Murdoch It's not too late for you SAVE YOURSELF

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A Word ChildHerishes his obsessive guilt and disappointment in a dull civil service job When the man whom he has betrayed reappears as hea. One of my favorites by by Ms Murdoch a great place to start if you've never read her fiction very darkly funny also about mad love The ‘word child’ of the title is Hilary Burde the narrator Using one of her rare first person narratives the book has an interesting structure with each chapter headed by a day of the week This is based on the order and routine Hilary has attempted to establish for his life by having certain things that he always does on certain days of the week and the novel follows him as this routine is gradually upended From childhood he escaped into his own world through a talent for languages partly due to the inexpiable horror of having caused the death of another man's wife an event which ended his promising Oxford career and sent him into a decade of self flagellation Gunnar the wronged widower reappears remarried but as paralyzed as Hilary by the events of twenty years ago Through the agency of an unfathomable half Indian servant Gunnar's second wife begins an euivocal intrigue with Hilary on the pretext of getting Gunnar to come to terms with his feelings about Hilary and Anne's death The moral imperatives of the developing situation are perceived in contradictory terms by Hilary and his small circle of confederates a persistent half wanted mistress; a placid co worker and his effusively solicitous wife; a rancorous homosexual friend; the beautiful and mysterious servant; his unpresentable but adored sister and her humbly devoted fiance Murdoch gives us all the machinery and then some for a cause of conscience of the most perverse contradictory and surreal complexity in a subjectively perceived post Christian universe where moral impasses obstinately continue to exist and to have conseuences but no canon law can help us predict them The result of the events is a resounding triumph One can see themes develop and abound; the first person narrative keeps you riveted in spite of the limits of this point of view Essentially it is a Gothic tale whose atmosphere concerns fall and redemption The author's use of stylistic effects is outstanding I enjoyed the neat obvious and effective structure of the book which kept the events within reasonable limits Some may find Murdoch somewhat challenging but but I relish the feeling that the in this case as with her best novels goods have been delivered