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Review À Sovereign Keys of Powers Book 3 ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ [Read] ➫ Sovereign Keys of Powers Book 3 By Simon Brown – The conclusion to The Keys of Power trilogy Fast paced epic fantasy A highly commercial novel by a highly acclaimed Australian author The coMercial novel by a highly acclaimed Australian auth. Overall this novel was interesting with lots of political movement I was never a big fan of Lynan even up to the end However I felt invested enough in the rest of the characters to see how the Kingdom of Grenda Lear faredI found Simon Brown's writing to be engaging and colourful despite a few glaring grammatical errors which even I was able to spotAll in all an enjoyable read

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The conclusion of Powers eBook #8608 to The Keys of. Good

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Sovereign Keys of Powers Book 3Power trilogy Fast paced epic fantasy A highly com. I loved this book even than the first two There are going to be some spoilers I wish there was going to be to the series I want to know how Lynan and Korrigan will rule together as King and ueen I want to see their wedding and know about their children I want to see how life changes for the Chetts and the other provinces especially the newely defeated province of Haxus I had the honor to get to speak to Mr Brown over e mail and he has confirmed to me that he does not plan on returning to this series But I will always have my hopes But anyways on to the review;Story 9510There were times where I became a little confused about what had happened in previous pages and paragraphs due to the sheer speed of the action going on in the story Some may see it as a pro some may see it as a con While I enjoy a fats paced narrative I dislike having to turn back to re read a section because the story was going too fast Other than that I found the story to be exciting and the different sub plots and war campaigns going on were easy to discern from one another I especially appreciate how natural and smooth the transitions felt between chapters and sections As for the fighting and battle seuences I found them uite satisfactory The writing both elouent and candid without too much embellishment I dislike stories with over bearing and gory language but Simon Brown has been able to display the glory and horrors of war without gratuitous violence and disgustingly descriptive deaths and tortureCharacter Development 92510;I am not certain I would be able to pick out one single character as my favorite from this series which is due in part to Simon Brown's ability to make even the most minor character to feel well rounded and realistic However for me there were some loose strings left untied in the final installment of this series For me Jenrosa and Olio were the two biggest loose ends for me I wanted resolution with Jenrosa's unwillingness to accept her title as Truthspeaker However her death was satisfy to me in a way not because I wanted her to die but because it just made a lot of sense in the story As for Olio I felt that when he finally did remember everything and saw Lynan getting ready to battle it out with Areava that he should have been decisive on which side he was on I did however really appreciate the ending when it came to Lynan and Areava I enjoyed how Lynan revealed his compassion and love for his sister in the end after all she had done and no matter how much she hated him he wanted to spare her As for Areava even after she has discovered the truth and knows of Lynan's innocence she sticks to her guns and refuses to back down Feeling strongly about Lynan's actions following Beryama's murder she decides it is no longer about Beryama or the throne but about Lynan's conuest of her people Yet when she is mortally struck by an arrow only then is she able to accept her defeat and ask for her merciful demiseOverall 97510Overall I greatly enjoyed the whole series and I would highly recommend it to fans of fast paced fantasy novels I think it would also be a great read for those who like fantasy and are transitioning between YA and Adult fiction I would not recommend this for a YA or younger audience as there are some mature themes