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Reader ´ War Junkie ´ ↠ Dogsalonbristol Ð ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ War Junkie Author Jon Steele – Jon Steele is a war junkie Soon after starting work as an ITN cameraman he began to feel strangely at home in the kind of places ordinary people get evacuated from Before long he was Seen and filmed than he could cope with and finally spiralled out of control deep into emotional meltdownBut somehow War Junkie is also an incredibly funny and exhilarating book The humour is dark but sharp as broken glass The action comes so thick and fast you can forget to breathe War Junkie is shocking hilarious deeply moving and ultimately it packs a powerful psychological punch It will challenge everything you thought you knew about modern warfare as it shines an unforgiving spotlight into some of the darkest recesses of recent histor One of the rare books I've started but could only make it 50 pages in before giving up Jon Steele isn't a writer at least not a very good one First rule of writing show don't tell This book is all tell The descriptions run flat To describe mortar shelling he uses the words KACRASH There's no character development at all To make sure I was making the right decision in giving up the book I flipped ahead to page 333 and found the word KACRASH again If you want a good war reporter book Anthony Loyds My War Gone By I Miss It So and of course Dispatches by Michael Herr are a million times better than this Don't get fooled by this book KACRASH

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Jon Steele is a war junkie Soon after starting work as an ITN cameraman he began to feel strangely at home in the kind of places ordinary people get evacuated from Before long he was living for the rush which comes as bullets fly past your head and bombs explode at your feet Normal life just couldn't competeIn Georgia Jon filmed on the last flight out of the besieged airport at Sokhumi as the plane took off in the dead of night all lights extinguished going the wrong way down the runway directly towards the nearby steep and virtually invisi I read this ages ago but in the midst of working with a lot of people heavily involved in the Ebola outbreak in Beni DRC I came back to this Having coffee with these guys and yes they are most often guys although I know a few female junkies I saw how close I came to that edge myself I'm still involved in disasters and epidemics but I try to regulate the amount and exposure knowing that once you start the slide risk tolerance skyrockets It was great fun though going back in this book to so many places I'd been during the same period as Steele although in very different roles

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War JunkieBle mountain range while Abkhazian soldiers fired off random anti aircraft shells in their general direction In Moscow he filmed in the midst of chaos as armed rebels and Militia fought bloodthirsty hand to hand battles on the streets around him In Rwanda he filmed the horrific aftermath to the most brutal massacre of modern times and his own neck got far too close to the edge of a machete for comfort In Zaire he filmed endless fields full of young children deranged by hunger and ravaged by cholera In Bosnia Jon realised that he had in fact I am not a fan of lengthy descriptions of surroundings nor chapter long dives into the history of a certain place before getting to the story By the time the author describes the 14th tree in the park and how it swayed in the wind I'm fast asleep But I do need a certain amount of prose that isn't dialogue This book is mostly dialogue along the lines ofWTF was thatOh my godGet downCRASHDid you see thatRun over thereBOOMCRASHHHHLet's run over to that hoteletc etc page after page There's a good story in there but I found it hard to digest