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FREE EPUB Ä MOBI 平家物語 Heike Monogatari î ↠ DOGSALONBRISTOL ê ❴Epub❵ ❤ 平家物語 Heike Monogatari Author Anonymous – The Tale of the Heike is one of the masterworks of Japanese literature ranking with The Tale of Genji in uality anPrestige This new translation is not only far readable than earlier ones it is also much faithful to the content a Many prefer the openings of Anna Karenina Pride and Prejudice or Moby Dick but my favorite is from the Tale of the Heike There are compelling translations but for all I know this one by Helen Craig McCullough is accurate The sound of the Gion Shoja bells echoes the impermanence of all things; the color of the sala flowers reveals the truth that the prosperous must decline The proud do not endure they are like a dream on a spring night The might fall at last they are as dust before the wind That said the Tale of the Heike tells the story of two proud clans refusing to fall or blow away the upstart HeikeTaira and the august but temporarily weakened MinamotoGenji no discernible relation to the prince of Lady Murasaki's novel For a culture that was so entranced by Buddhism medieval Japan was deeply enad of complicating things Everyone had long complex names most of them starting with Yori Yoshi or Shige which makes following this epic of a chore than it would otherwise be There were even two Emperors they had developed a habit of retiring presumably for religious purposes but maintained a separate court and a following and since the reigning Emperor was often enough a child even a toddler wielded as much power as the monarchs of the time could For the period preceding this slice of history the Fujiwara clan actually ran the nation The Tale of the Heike starts with the HeikeTaira clan ascendant with its chief Kiyomori the most powerful man in the nation but hated by sizable factions apparently biding their time in the hills apparently because of his humble roots and his habit of bestowing the best lands and titles on his relatives the Japanese sense of the ornate extends to titles; there are Ministers of the Right and the Left; Dharma Seals; Chancellor Novices; Assistant Directors of the Stables Punishments Ministers Kiyomori's ablest son preceded him in death and his remaining heirs lacked their father's political and military genius so the MinamotoGenji seized their moment The heart of this bloody tale is in its incidents; the warrior who wants to spare a boy soldier's life who realizing that the boy will die by someone's hand proceeds with the killing so that the killer will be someone who prays for his victim; the Abbot Shunkan left alone on an island for plotting to overthrow Kiyomori whose servant journeys to find him; the servant who weighs down the head of his dead master so that it won't be paraded the final humiliation in these times It was a world in which women were expected to take orders and pray for their husbands killed in battle in which orders of monks uarreled over ritual slights and took arms over politics Pure Land Buddhism in which one prays to the Buddha of Compassion and awaits the Buddha of the Future It is worth remembering that Zen priests blessed the kamikazi pilots

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Nd style of the original Intended for the general audience as well as the specialist this edition is highly annotat Royall Tyler's new translation is magnificent full of beauty and a strange and terrible glamour The last chapter is one of the most moving passages in Japanese literature But be prepared The Tale of the Heike is not The Tale of Genji The endless cruelty and violence is depressing; and the eventual victor Minamoto no Yoritomo is a heartless monster

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平家物語 Heike MonogatariThe Tale of the Heike is one of the masterworks of Japanese literature ranking with The Tale of Genji in uality and AcknowledgmentsIntroductionPrinciple Figures in the Tale The Tale of the Heike GenealogiesMapsHours Eras and Emperors