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On Black Sisters Street tells the haunting story of four very different women who have left their African homeland for the riches of Europe and who are thrown together by bad luck and big dreams into a sisterhood that will change their lives Each night Sisi Ama Efe and Joyce stand in the windows of Antwerp’s red light district promising to make men’s desires come true if only for half an hour Pledged to the fierce. 45 Stars On Black Sisters Street by Chika Unigwe is a difficult novel to read The story centers around four women who are sex workers in Belgium In an all too familiar story the women leave their native Africa for a better life only to end up in Belgium working in the red light district They will never be able to pay back their trafficker and must endure a life of violence loneliness and rape One of the women Sisi is murdered While the book is a work of fiction one can only think of the women and children world over and in our own backyards who are being sex and labor trafficked The book left me sad angry and tired Unigwe is a talented the writer and is even able to infuse some humor into the horrific story

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Fata MorganaMadam and a mysterious pimp named Dele the girls share an apartment but little else they keep their heads down knowing that one step out of line could cost them a week’s wages They open their bodies to strangers but their hearts to no one each focused on earning enough to get herself free to send money home or save up for her own futureThen suddenly a murder shatters the still surface of their lives Drawn together. Reading this book made me reflect on a lot of things about Nigeria the diversity the peoples the hardships and the choices and sufferings of said peoples The story is about the lives of four different African women forced to trade their bodies for a better life far away from their own country in Belgium The sudden death of one of the women finds the other women in shock and in the spur of the moment they find themselves exchanging previously untold secrets and chilling grim tales of the experiences that culminated in them becoming flesh traders in a foreign land Each of the women has experiences that are both uniue in their grimness and horrifying in nature Each of these experiences closely mirrors the realities of early 21st century Nigeria The prevailing societal vices of the day as well as a number of the horrifying atrocities committed by people on a daily basis and how they affect the lives of five women is the epicentre of the story The story is an expository into how lives are shaped by specific experiences In the story all of the four women experience sexual abuse of varying degrees Coupled with the hardship in the country and the pressures of religion society and culture the women are forced to make a choice whether to persevere with no end in sight to their sufferings or to trade their female dignity for European baubles The story is told in the form of a flashback The effect is an increased depth in the intensity of the experiences shared in the story and the drawing of the attention of readers to a number of common underlying factors in each experience The characters are revealed with all the attention and intricacy of a highly skilled artist A gradual unravelling of the nature and then the experiences that shape each character The result is a tale that is incredibly accurate in its portrayal of lower class Nigerian society Each character is portrayed in all the gory glory of abuses suffered dashed hopes false prophecies and all of the vices that infest human society A must read

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Download Fata Morgana í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Fata Morgana By Chika Unigwe ➤ – On Black Sisters Street tells the haunting story of four very different women who have left their African homeland for the riches of Europe—and who are thrown together by bad luck anBy tragedy and the loss of one of their own the women realize that they must choose between their secrets and their safety As they begin to tell their stories their confessions reveal the face in Efe’s hidden photograph Ama’s lifelong search for a father Joyce’s true name and Sisi’s deepest secrets and all their tales of fear displacement and love concluding in a chance meeting with a powerful sinister strang. Living in Switzerland stopping human trafficking is a goal for many Int'l agencies here It's a very interesting book because the topic though fictional is very real It's not just a problem in Belgium as depicted in the story but all across Europe Asia and yes North America The stories and circumstances for which the women find themselves are believable and very sad The author does a good job in providing some insights into the backgrounds of these characters If I have any criticism it is only in the way the book ends it rushes too uickly to a conclusion Also I didn't care for the way in which the main character Sisi was revealed Overall I found myself invested in these characters from the beginning At times despite their dire circumstances I still wanted to strangle them for making such dangerous choices I look forward to reading work from this author Very well done