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The Heat Is onG a badge Police Officer Jacob Madden is all about duty Until he shows up looking for a homicideand runs right into last night's slice of sexy heaven Damn he just can't think straight when he's around Bella All he wants to do is lick her up one The He. I cannot believe I didn't read this book before it was a pretty good read and connected to a novella I read as in the hero here has a lot of brother's and I have read the stories of one brother I do hope there are stories in store for the othersAnyways the heroine is a pastry chef for now she has this travel gene and not putting down roots She comes from a big family and being the youngest felt kind of rootless even though she knows her family adores her She likes her new job and friends but isn't sure she is gonna stay and when the book opens she is working while reminiscing about the date that didn't end up until the wee hours of the morning and then she finds a dead body and runs into the guy she spent the night with since he is the Detective on the caseThe hero is shocked to see her and immediately discloses to his superiors his conflict of interest Being a cop he has see relationships fail since his job demands a lot and he wants to keep things casual for some reason their chemistry is scorching and they can't keep their hands off each otherIt turns out that someone is targeting the men the heroine dated What I enjoyed was that we saw these two share a deeper connection as time passed even with the sex and we also see the heroine panicking about her growing feelings and attempt to pull back so no miraculous cure for her commitment issues All in all I liked the book it was short sweet and sexy

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The Heat Is on Free download ☆ 109 ´ ❰BOOKS❯ ✪ The Heat Is on Author Jill Shalvis – Oh dear Bella Manchelli is so not having a good day First she's deliciously exhausted from last night's sizzling one night stand Second there's a gulp dead body at her back door Thirdum that scrumptio Oh dear BellAt MOBI #8608 side and down the other Can duty and smoking hot sex blend for a while Definitely Until Jacob discovers that several of the guys Bella's dated have turned up dead Jacob loves being around Bella But is he ready to be used as target practi. Both of the stories in this book are really cuteIn the Jill Shalvis book The Heat Is On things happen fast For the most part that's a good thing but the story seems rushed in a few places Especially the end But I'm not going to complain because this was a fun and uick read perfect for the beachIn the Natalie Anderson book Blame It On The Bikini I found the beginning a bit confusing In fact if I hadn't read the description I may not have known what was happening I'm happy to say it got better from there This is my first introduction to this author and it piued my interest enough that I'll try another of her books As usual when it comes to an author that is not American my selfish and egotistical American brain had a bit of an adjustment to some of the language and slang But it wasn't too out there and didn't detract from the story for me

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Oh dear Bella Manchelli is so not having a good day First she's deliciously exhausted from last night's sizzling one night stand Second there's a gulp dead body at her back door Thirdum that scrumptious one nighter is at her front door and he's wearin. I really like Jill Shalvis's writing She knows how to write fun and sexy stories with very likable characters and The Heat Is On was no exception Jacob and Bella's chemistry was off the charts but believable and I was very satisfied with their HEA The mystery surrounding the dead body found at her back door was easy to figure out but that was OK since the main focus of this story is the romance between Jacob and Bella All in all this was another good read by one of my favorite authors Note Jacob was introduced in Friendly Fire one of the short stories from the anthology Born on the 4th of July Cord the hero in that story is one of Jacob's brothers They have two other brothers Austin and Wyatt and I hope Ms Shalvis writes their stories soon After all they're still single and need to find their HEA