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Ravenous Read & Download ✓ 100 ¹ ❰EPUB❯ ✺ Ravenous Author V.K. Forrest – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk As a member of his clan's kill team Liam McCathal helps rid the world of undesirables It's the perfect job for a vampire of his talents except that lately Liam is getting a little too good at it Which As a member of his clan'sFect job for a vampire of his talents except that lately Liam is getting a little too good at it W. It's been a while since I've read a good book like this one I was into from the first chapter I didn't know how the story was going to end A human a vampire who shouldn't have been together became close He was a vampire that was waiting to see what would happen with his future with him organization She was a girl with her father who owned an antiue store and her father's bother was killed but no one knew how So she went to the vampire to see what antiues his store then she started telling him her story She needed help and he wasn't willing to at first But then he did But in the end would he be able to keep to himself or would her have a human female as his mate

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As a member of his clan's kill team Liam McCathal helps rid the world of undesirables It's the per. Our Review by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha Michelle L OlsonRavenous is the 4th book of the CLARE POINT series and in keeping with the rest of the series is gripping and intensely suspenseful While books 1 3 were of the murdermystery variety of Urban Fantasy Romance this installment was murdermystery with a side of Goodfellas it had a mob connection storyline that I thoroughly enjoyedAfter years as an integral member of the Kahill sect's Kill Team those vampires that the Council dispatches to take care of the human murderers rapists pedophiles etc that they deem too dangerous to let live introverted sheltered and somewhat insecure Liam is back home in Clare Point on sabbatical awaiting the Council's vote to clear his latest actions and return him to active duty Mai Ricci is a rival antiue's dealer from a nearby town playing the dutiful daughter and niece by taking care of her elderly father and uncle She's tried to stop into Liam's Antiue shop several times to check things out but has never actually met the owner When she finally lucks out and arrives at the store when Liam's home and working on getting things in order she gets much than she bargained forWhen tragedy strikes Mai's life in the most unusual of circumstances she acts on instinct and dials the number on the business card she receives from Liam's store Having a soft spot for damsels in distress Liam runs to Mai's aid and thus starts off a chain reaction of life changing events never ending uestions and undeniable chemistryWith the help of the sect's teenage wisewoman and some other Kahill members with uniue abilities and friends in high places Liam is able to keep Mai safe and unravel the mystery of Mai's uncle Donato and his sketchy past Full of twists and turns incredible suspense steamy romance and fabulous dialogue Ravenous kept me reading and wanting Like the previous 3 installments VK doesn't give us a traditional happily ever after though it does have an interesting ending A lot of PNR readers will probably hate the endings to these books but like the uniueness Colleen brings to the vampire genre I love the change up with that aspect as wellLITERAL ADDICTION gives Ravenous 4 12 Skulls and would still recommend this series to Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance and Mystery fans who are looking for something different I can't wait to finish Voracious to see how things end up for our next Kahill

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RavenousHich is why he's back home to 'cool off' when Mai walks into his antiue store and changes everythi. Ravenous is a romping ride out of control The characters are crafted to ensure they tug on the reader’s emotions I found them fascinating and often offered a uniue view or levity when needed Ravenous and VK Forrest are well worth taking the time to get to know and I would recommend the Clarepoint vampires for their human edge and fearsDelaneReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreFull Review