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SUMMARY ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Julie Kirkpatrick E travelled this path Think of what you would be doing if you didn't have your forty year old fears Observe windowsGuided by her tasks and writing with breath taking honesty the author leads the reader on a wonderful and beautiful journey full of surprises and tears and laughterThe Camino Letters tells the story of a woman opening herself to the ever expanding universe listening to the music of the journey walking out loud. Really interesting read fantastic idea and the Camino pilgrimage has always facinated me Enjoyed it very much indeed

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FREE DOWNLOAD ¸ The Camino Letters Ê [Reading] ➸ The Camino Letters ➮ Julie Kirkpatrick – When Canadian writer and lawyer Julie Kirkpatrick decided to walk the ancient pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago in the summer of 2009 she was not looking for a life changing experience It was to be When Canadian When Canadian writer and lawyer Julie Kirkpatrick decided to walk the ancient pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago in the summer of she was not looking for a life changing experience It was to be a holiday in the fresh air a break from the hectic routine of her law practice and its endless to do lists and a chance to catch up with her teenaged daughter Thinking that it would help to pass the time she asked friends to The C. Kirkpatrick walked the Camino on something approaching a whim; it was not meant to be a pilgrimage or spiritual odyssey or even necessarily a deep and meaningful experience Even so she asked twenty six of her friends but not interestingly family to give her a task to complete along the way one task for each day she spent in Spain At the end of each day she wrote a letter to the day's taskmasterThe tasks varied; some were serious than others but the majority called for a fair amount of introspection Keep a gratitude list Listen to the wind Ask yourself what you would be doing if you did not fearIt's a wonderful concept I'm not sure I'd have the ability to relinuish that level of control to others to be told not only what to do but what to think on what ultimately seems like a very personal journey But Kirkpatrick seems to have grabbed on to the tasks with an open mind for the most partMy absolute favourite task also the only one that the taskmaster recanted substituting another was to name as many countries as possible without outside sources I'm just over a hundred at the moment Now 137 167 and counting Others disappointed me or at least their treatment in this book disappointed me when asked to visualise world peace the author takes a look decides that people are shitty and there isn't world peace and therefore there can't be world peace so moving on now And then she goes on to tell a story about sort of intercultural harmony It's hard to judge that or anything in here because these were personal letters and I'm not sure how much editing and the like went on after the fact but in general I would have preferred a little focus on the tasks at handKirkpatrick says at one point that her father's stories are thematic that he circles back to the same point five or times before he gets to the end of a tale The same is true here rather than using the twenty six tasks to inform what she thinks about writes about she uses her themes largely grief loss to inform how she approaches each item on the list and what she writes in each letter There's actually not a lot of Camino in here; she's far focused on the past on the numerous significant losses she's experienced over the course of her life It's nice in a way in that it sets the book apart from other Camino memoirs; on the other hand by the end I hadn't gotten much sense of her external trip or even of her daughter who did the Camino with KirkpatrickLast thing to note just as a curiosity There's a list of verbs as a part of the seventh task and Kirkpatrick strings them together in a set ofreminders kind of But I was very interested to note that of all the words 'love' was the only one she turned into a noun It probably means nothing; certainly it is a tiny tiny part of the book But notice the little things I supposeFinal tally before calling it a day 190 Missed a couple of really stupidly obvious ones like CAR and Luxembourg but generally speaking I'd call that a decent show

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The Camino LettersAmino PDFEPUB or set tasks for her one task for each of the days of the walk At the end of each day she would write a letter to the day's taskmaster But the tasks came as unexpected gifts full of meaning and love and what began as a light hearted diversion soon became a journey into the labyrinth of her lifeListen to the wind Immerse yourself in a litany and catalogue of self love Be an animal Think of the millions who hav. Such an easy concept 26 tasks from 26 friends for 26 days of walking The camino is on my bucket list and getting closer to the top of my pile