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Death of a Busy BodyIt all started with the a Busy PDFEPUB #194 baby shower that friends gave Sergeant Hackett There Alice Mendoza bride o Mmh keeps popping up like hiccups throughout the book Not the easiest mystery to read doesn't flow well but there's a smoke silver Persian cat who steals the show


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kindle ô Death of a Busy Body ´ Hardcover õ dogsalonbristol Þ [Download] ✤ Death of a Busy Body By Dell Shannon – It all started with the baby shower that friends gave Sergeant Hackett There Alice Mendoza bride of Lieutenant Luis Mendoza met the insufferable MargareF Lieutenant Luis Mendoza met the insufferable Margaret Chadwick But the next morning Miss Chadwick's body was discove COUNTDOWN Mid 20th Century North American Crime BOOK 87 of 250HOOK 3 stars Nice big lots said Alison 200 by 300 And all the trees left On Jovenita Canyon Road No Sheba a cat She rescued her clean stockings and began to put them on I refuse said Mendoza from the bathroom to live on a street called Little Woman Canyon So goes the opening sentences The first page is a discussion of the purchase of a lot to build a new home In real life I'd pick the easiest street name to spell the shortest to write the easiest to understand on the phone even if there is a bad connection and of course it'd have to be the title of a famous literary work It's right in front of me a book of short stories by Dashiell Hammett The Big Knockover But to make it easier I'll call my street The Big Knockk Kover Rue De Dashiell No that's 3 ks in the third letter but one K in the fourth letter No that's 2 lls in the 7th letter Rue De what does that meanoh that means don't ever ask me again goodbye Okay I admit it I love the HGTV shows and if this had been a book ONLY about buying and building a house I'd have enjoyed it very muchPACE 2 Cats streets architects and cats And a relatively interesting murder investigation hidden beneath the cats etc A slow read for a crime novelPLOT 3 Allison Mendoza's wife attends a hen party Miss Margaret Chadwick is so chatty and evil and has nothing nice to say about anyone so after she leaves the party she is murdered New Year's Resolution If for some reason I go to a hen party as a stripper or something I'm going to be very very kind to allsome of this 'chatting' is just intimidating The plot is standard for the genre and this police procedural is solidCHARACTERS 4 There is El Senor and he prefers heights so is often found sitting on top the fridge Sheba is rather playsome El Senor's personal slaves are Luis Mendoza and his wife Allison The human couple shop for lots They buy 2 and are going to build just one big house for master El Senor If El Senor doesn't like it Allison and Mendoza are gonna be in big trouble Mendoza and his Mexican friends lament that they are stereotyped and persecuted and thought to be hot blooded therefore unable to remain cool in tough situations Then they trash the ueers A lot And don't see their own persecution Shannon is absolutely showing some cops in a negative light their hypocrisy Overall her tone is light but she doesn't let this hypocrisy go unnoticed And even Mendoza wishes Margaret Chadwick had never been born to plague him like this with her death Mendoza can be on the rotten side In other words Shannon doesn't skimp on the faults of her characters even El Senor's I'm not an animal lover and the Mendoza couple spend most of their time spending his inherited money He drive a Ferrari to work If a policeman came to my house on business driving a Ferrariwhy I'd probablyumm smile and make suggestive comments about going for a ride And I might ask for a trial run with the handcuffs ATMOSPHERE 5 Southern California is surprisingly hilly and does have the most stupendously ridiculous names for streets I lived there for 18 years and lived in several places but the last address was on Bouuet Canyon Lane Oh how I longed for Apple Street And there is one thing here that I loved and haven't come across in any other book in my crime spree readathon Mendoza visits the Chadwick house and describes the interior as inhuman unnatural as he sees there are no books A house with no books That's not a home It's a structure built for people who care nothing for great art the very best the world of art has to offer is great literature imo and if I visit a potential new friend and they have no books there is to be no friendship People and books are meant for each other Shannon really gets Los Angeles I'm sure she lived or visited there often Here's the thing I've read 6 McBain novels There is atmosphere and character in this one work than all six of McBain's 5 of them being his 87th precinct seriesSUMMARY 34 But if you LOVE Cats and you LOVE shopping for a house and you LOVE hiring an architect and planning the house you'll probably like this one than me This is my second try at Shannon I know there is a McBainShannon rivalry in the police procedural genre McBain's 87th precinct novels go down easy; in fact too easy I'll take Shannon's forceful portrayal of characters and atmosphere in genereal But McBain does hit at least one out of the ballpark and it's coming up in my countdown

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Red in the Southern Pacific freight yards neatly strangled and minus a single clue That was when Mendoza was called in A mystery from the early 1960s set in California Lieutenant Mendoza is called in to investigate the murder of Margaret Chadwick a young woman who had managed to make herself thoroughly disliked by all who came into contact with her her habit of snooping or prying information out of people and turning it against them seems to have been generally recognized Then another young woman is found murdered and a physical clue connects the two murders even though it's not clear how the two women knew each other As Lieutenant Mendoza investigates Margaret's family acuaintances and the people she did her charity work with he starts to uncover numerous secrets some of them unconnected to the murders and some directly related to the victimsI thought the puzzle was well constructed and I had not foreseen the ending the relationship between the two victims was slowly unraveled The book is dated in the sense that Lieutenant Mendoza has to deal with a fair bit of prejudice as a police officer of Mexican descent There is also a less than sympathetic view of gay men with one of the police officers thinking that every once in a while they'd raid the known gay hangouts just for fun While nobody is roughing anybody up the sentiment against Mexicans and homosexuals is clearly negative So while that is grating for modern readers it does illustrate how far we've come in terms of tolerance and acceptance