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FREE PDF Ó BOOK Чапаев и Пустота Þ VICTOR PELEVIN ↠ [Download] ✤ Чапаев и Пустота Author Victor Pelevin – The ambitious time traveling scenario of Russian writer Pelevin's third novel finds the aptly named poet Pyotr Void tumbling between two diThe ambitious time traveling scenario of Russian writer Pelevin's third novel finds the aptly named poet Pyotr Void tumbling between two distinct nightmares In the first he is serving as commissar to the legendary Bolshevik commander Chapaev during the 1919 Russian Civil War Pyotr pines for Chapaev's machine gunner Anna entertains officers who come to pinch cocaine acuired by an accident of fate on the pretext of discussing the nature of the intelligentsia and feels horribly disjointed all the while Then Pyotr wakes up in a pre What does it feel like to be on a roller coaster? It is hilarious and it makes you feel giddy dizzy confused almost weightless and slightly nauseous and disorientedWell I think “Roller Coaster” would have been a great title for this wondrous novel even though I eventually managed to understand both the British publisher’s choice of “The Clay Machine Gun” and the American title “Buddha’s Little Finger” Basically those two titles mean the same thing just viewed from different perspectives Yes? Clear? If not don’t worry This is my fourth Pelevin novel and despite loving his writing immensely I have only managed small glimpses of fleeting understanding so farWhy?Because that is his overarching topic Who are we? How do we know that? Is there any proof for us that we are real? If so what is reality and is there any meaning underneath the random nonsense we call life?Trying to sum up the story must turn into a complete failure as the moment it makes sense I must have misunderstood something But vaguely speaking it is about a character who moves around in a shifting historical context between the Russian revolution and the post Soviet era in Russia He meets different characters all of which have a dreamlike appearance and he also seems to be locked into a madhouse He definitely has brutal nightmares and is encouraged to write them down They all revolve around the uestion of the place of an individual human being within his own consciousness and the universe and feature a fictionalised Schwarzenegger a Japanese businessman who convinces another man to commit seppuku gangsters taking drugs and turning violent after finding the path to an “eternal high” a failed love story and a journey to a very peculiar kind of Underworld where warriors wait to be reborn some of them in less than perfect incarnations as bulls for meat production partly because that is part of their journey and partly because of Russia’s need for meat Metaphysical and practical aspects covered in one simple nightmareThere is a red thread through the loosely knitted psychedelic adventure though Human beings long for knowledge They want to know where they come from and understand their historical roots They want to know how they are perceived by others and how their own minds work They want to be able to divide the world into reality and fiction dream and conscious thought The fact that they fail at their endeavour most of the time does not stop them from continuing to uestion their existence through dialogue action literature art and violenceEven when they detect a nonsensical pattern they prefer to continue living within it rather than being in a void a deliberate wordplay as that is the main character’s name Voyd When the confusion is almost unbearable a fleeting moment of clarity feels like salvation“I experienced the same feeling I had several minutes earlier I felt as though I were on the verge of understanding something extremely important that any moment now the levers and cables of the mechanism that was concealed behind the veil of reality and made everything move would become visible But this feeling passed and the enormous white elephant was still standing there in front of us”He almost got to see what Pelevin called The Helmet of Horror The Myth of Theseus and the Minotaur in another of his mind boggling stories a huge machine generating a reality that the machine is part of itselfIt may not sound so because I am inept at describing the roller coaster ride properly but it is an incredibly funny book poking at political and religious nonsense with a dark streak of sarcasm The description of Russian Christianity in analogy to Stalinist reality is hilarious the choice you have is between labour camp hell obviously if you are a dissident free thinker or blind worship of Stalin heaven sort of if you are an orthodox communist The poor characters are left pondering on the lose lose of their religiouspolitical lifeUnderneath the confusing plot and the sarcastic jokes there are philosophical uestions and reflections on historical processes which I enjoyed a lot often making me laugh out loud I was uite grateful that I had read Knowledge A Very Short Introduction uite recently as it made me understand ha what I didn’t know eh? on a theoretical levelI doubt that I have made a convincing case for this novel but that is entirely my fault and I highly recommend it along with his eually hilarious The Life of Insects which looks at human identity from the angle of creepy crawler metamorphosisPlease read it despite me

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Sent day mental hospital in Moscow distinctly labeled schizophrenic He observes his doctors and roommates including an effeminate man who has assumed the identity of Maria until he almost feels comfortable only to be pumped full of sedatives and returned to the year 1919 The two settings provide Pelevin who won Russia's Little Booker prize for his collection The Blue Lantern with plenty of room to obsess about political changes and social realities in Russia at one point Maria announces That's always the way with Russia when yo In a word horrible In two disastrously horrible I have a dubious advantage to read this book in Russian Pelevin's mother tongue and mine too Its original title is Chapaev and Pustota Chapaev is a famous Soviet commander of Civil War period and Pustota the surname of protagonist means emptiness or void in Russian Here Chapaev is a boddhisatva well sort of who preaches to Pyotr Pustota decadent poet and a patient of asylum runned my mysterious doctor Kanashnikov Not only Pelevin's knowledge of indo buddhist mysticicsm and philosophy is very superficial and weak but worse he uses this theme only to add philosophical depth of non eurocentrist variety to his otherwise plain and primitive novel It's like playing with the words oh it seems that all these oriental terms satori ajiva moksha etc are really trendy So it's time to use them in my brand new novel even though I don't really understand their meaning Yes Chapaev and Pustota is a showy amalgam of narcotics deviant sex florid catchphrases burlesue anecdotes and philosophical pretensions But does this make it a good novel? Obviously not For example heroes are so one dimensional that their wise dialogues look very affected Full of pseudo philosophical meditations and hard boiled writing style Chapaev and Pustota is a very appropriately named book because not only emptiness and void are meanings of pustota in Russian but also vacuousness and frivolousness It's a real catastroph when something from mainstream pop culture pretends to be intellectual and original And this is a case of this book

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Чапаев и ПустотаU see it from afar it's so beautiful it's enough to make you cry but when you take a closer look you just want to puke Just when the plot seems to fragment into an irretrievable mess Pelevin stitches things up rather nicely with some loosely applied Buddhist principles Bromfield's translation is smooth the prose crisp lively and humorous as well as richly philosophical This work will surely cement the reputation of Pelevin whose satiric novels include Omon Ra and The Life of Insects as one of contemporary Russia's leading write The 1001 list says The Clay Machine Gun but when I typed the title here at goodreads what came out was this If I didn't finish reading the book I would have been flummoxed by this change from a machine gun to Buddha's finger indeed briefly I was except that I uickly remembered that the clay machine gun here supposedly contained Buddha's finger which when fired makes things disappearAnyway despite the buoyancy I enjoyed while drinking bubbly San Miguel beer the best beer in the world and the remembrance of my philosophy subjects during my college years this book proved to be too deep for me to wade in that I sank and drownedWith scenes alternating between Russia at the time of Lenin and Russia after the break up of the USSR in both Russians lived a life of shame and desolation because of the bacillus of insanity that has invaded the country metaphors allegories allusions symbolisms abound with a lot of big talks about heavyweight topics like life death God consciousness existence self identification dreams time eternity immortality body soul and Arnold SchwarzeneggerWhat you may ask is Arnie doing here? Well he symbolizes the Imperial USA a country with a split personality The title of the film is not mentioned here but Arnie in this novel is apparently the Arnie we knew from the movie Terminator in the scene where his face was revealed as half human and half robot The half that is human the benign USA smiles and you see his boyishness with a uality between mischief and cunning a guy who will never do anything bad The other half the Imperial USA is cold focused and terrifyingThe secret freedom of the Russian intellectual reminded me of another book I enjoyed Martin Amis' Laughter and the Twenty Million and I do not know who stole the idea from whom Then a uote reminded me of some leaders my country has hadWhy does any social cataclysm in this world always result in the most ignorant scum rising to the top and forcing everyone else to live in accordance with its own base and conspiratorially defined laws?I was hoping to find chess here since that is Russia's favorite sport but didn't find any