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ePub Ê mobi The Complete Brigadier Gerard · 9780862415341 ´ dogsalonbristol ´ ❮PDF❯ ✎ The Complete Brigadier Gerard Author Arthur Conan Doyle – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's reputation has been swallowed by that of his domineering offspring SRlock Holmes But in one of the finest series of historical short stories in literature Doyle cr I have read uite a lot of Doyle over the years and this is by far his most fun work This book collects together all his Etienne Gerard short stories plus one random story at the start about a differently named character but in the same style so I guess a sort of prototype of Gerard The editor has added some historical context at the start of each story but I found this actually confused me far than just reading the stories alone so I skipped them on a second read The stories jump about in time and I found that this added to their charmThe set up is that you're sitting in a French café listening to an old man tell you tales of his youth as a mounted soldier in the Napoleonic wars Gerard is an unreliable narrator on two fronts one because you don't know how much he is exaggerating or making up in his stories he's exceedingly vain and two because he is an idiot and misconstrues certain situations which are clear to the audience so you get this satirical humour at his expense However personally I didn't enjoy these moments so much It's hard to believe that Gerard is such an idiot when he shows so much cunning and uick thinking in dangerous or tricky situations I think the idea is that he is gullible and too trusting but it still didn't really gel with his clear intelligence shown in other situations Sometimes the satire can almost be a little sour as Gerard casually mentions the looting and 'womanising' that goes on during war as if it is perfectly acceptable although he has the decency to not revel in death and generally goes out of his way not to kill people if possible The stories certainly are funny although they didn't make me laugh aloud just gently amused but by far what I appreciate about them is how damn exciting they are Although there is a little repetition of situation in a couple of the tales mostly they are all surprisingly different and inventive and also incredibly thrilling as Gerard gets into some dangerous and seemingly impossible scrape and you excitedly read on to see how he will get out of this oneI did skip one story because it is about fox hunting although Gerard manages to mention how he killed the fox in practically every subseuent story so I'm not sure how much I saved myself there The joke seems to be that Gerard doesn't understand English 'sports' but thinks he does but that joke will be somewhat lost on a modern audience There is one particular story in which he is in England and there are several gags to this nature which I feel press the point a little too heavily and the joke gets tired The first time I read these stories I was pretty furious that Doyle bothered to reintroduce the character of Bart only to kill him off but since I was prepared a second time around it didn't bother me that much It also seemed clumsy that both Bart stories have villains who use the same scheme to trick the hero Aside from that though I really enjoyed these stories

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Eated Brigadier Etienne Gerard a marvelous hero set against a backdrop of the Europe of Napoleo Doyle At His BestMind you I’ve read all the Sherlock novels short stories and the Professor Challenger yarns but I prefer the Brigadier above them Blasphemy you may say Before I read the Brigadier I had no idea how incredibly humorous these adventures would be I feel that Etienne Gerard is a character with greater depth than Holmes and charismatic than Challenger Each tale is a dwarf epic Doyle must have had a blast writing these Gerard escapades The twists and turns and the protagonist’s pomposity are exciting suspenseful and amusing Why France Britain and Hollywood haven’t made dozens of remakes of it rather than the Holmes mysteries sterling stuff—puzzles me


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The Complete Brigadier GerardSir Arthur Conan Doyle's reputation has been swallowed by that of his domineering offspring She This selection of short stories is Arthur Conan Doyle at his best I loved these as a teenager then read the book years later and as I look at this book now thanks to another Goodreads author asking a uestion about Sherlock Holmes I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful authors we have had and now continue to have in this worldThese short stories to uote the blurb Dumas's Four Musketeers all in one Don uixote inextricably entangled with Sancho Panza Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Brigadier Gerard stories surely constitute the finest series of historical short stories in literature mingling the comedy and the tragedy the pathos and the irony or in Napoleon's phrase the sublime and the ridiculous It is Napoleon and his Europe his dedicated followers and the awakened nationalisms of the peoples they enraged possessing our minds in savage realism and enrapturing romanceI couldn't have put that better myselfRegrettably I have to do a translation now I would rather read this book