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reader ´ The House of Lost Souls ✓ 353 pages ↠ [PDF] ❤ The House of Lost Souls ✮ F.G. Cottam – The Fischer House was the scene of a vicious crime in the 1920s a crime which still resonates as the century turns At its heart was a beautiful enigmatic woman called Pandora Gibson HoK into the past to the secret journal of beautiful photographer Pandora Gibson Hoare and a debauched gathering in the 1920s and to the dark legacy of Klaus Fischer master of the unspeakable crime and demonic proceedings that have haunted the mansion for decadesBecause now the Fischer House is beckoning and some old friends have gathered to welcome Paul ba I should have liked this book After all it's about the paranormal the occult 1920s flappers and has a pretty cover to show for it And yet it wasn't as good as I expected at allSome of the detailed descriptions in this book were amazing and there were some interesting moments as well However for the most part I found it to be extremeley confusing for one thing After having read it I'm not uite sure I'd understood everything The first two chapters of the book were uite difficult to get through So I'm not much of a fan of the writing style Or perhaps I just can't read through a novel about the paranormal without getting confused Sure it's 'atmospheric' and maybe you could consider it 'well written' but to me nothing in this book explained why it got such good reviews everywhere

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Er House one of them has committed suicide and the other three are descending into madnessNick Mason's sister is one of them To save her Nick must join ranks with Paul Seaton the only person to have visited the house and survive But Paul is a troubled man haunted by otherworldly visions that even now threaten his sanityDesperate Nick forces Paul to go bac Excellent book and I can't for the life of me understand some of the low ratings I think when you choose a book like this one to read you kind of know what to expect? Maybe It's about a haunted houseor is it about a group of haunted people?It starts with a man watching a burial with a funeral party standing by He's a short distance off in a camouflage blind watching one of the mourners his sister Odd thing is he notices that there's one 'extra' mourner the girl being buried Yep it's there but it's subtle Everything about this book is subtle laid on in thin layers until you're finally smothered in six layers of too sweet too delectable and highly addictive chocolate cream frosting It sort of creeeeps up on youThis is no spoiler; it starts out the book in the first pages Then we jump to the MC Paul Seaton who's been haunted by a series of events for the last ten years or so It seems he's been asked to revisit a house which he last was in years ago The problem a second group who have gone to this particular 'haunted' house are all suffering from dreams nightmares visions etc One of the group even committed suicide Can Paul help? Well he takes us back to where it all started for him and then forward to the present as he tries to sort it all out Some of the images in this book will last with me forever What Paul sees and hears and thinks as a series of horrific events play out like a reflection from a warped mirror Ever see one of those in an old house? Where if you move up and down or back and forth the backing of the mirror which has slipped and slid down makes you look all fuzzy or wiggly? Yeah it's like a haunted house mirror in a fairground except you don't expect it in an ordinary houseAnyhow this book did give me the shivers and glad I was to be reading it in my own cozy well lit house with three other family members nearby I read some of it in bed one night and usually I set the book on a nearby table when done However I didn't want the darn book in the same room with me while I sleptNo Kidding It's got ritual and sacrifice creepy house and creepy ghosts and references to a lot of 1980's era music as well as historical background from the 1920's and 30's But overall it's a rare gem of a vastly intricate and well plotted storyI loved it I borrowed this copy from my library but I want to own it Five stars

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The House of Lost SoulsThe Fischer House was the scene of a vicious crime in the 1920s a crime which still resonates as the century turns At its heart was a beautiful enigmatic woman called Pandora Gibson Hoare a photographer of genius whose only legacy is a handful of photographs and the clues to a mysteryJust weeks after four students cross the threshold of the derelict Fisch When I was a kid reading a good book meant immersing myself in the story so deeply that often coming back to the real world was like waking up from a dream That rarely happens now that I'm an adult there's a part of my brain that always remains distant from the story and never really stops thinking about things like groceries and whether the dog needs a bath I miss that feeling of really losing myself in a book and am always on the lookout for a book that can help me recreate it I am happy to say that FG Cottam's The House of Lost Souls is that kind of a bookI find myself wanting to use the word atmosphere to describe Cottam's book Many times while reading I'll find myself skimming over the descriptions because they never stop being words on a page but Cottam can describe the way the afternoon light slants in through a window or the sound of a neighbor's stereo in a way that you can see and almost feel the reality of the scene Not only does this give his characters and story depth but it makes the scary parts much much scarier I found myself haunted by some of the scary images in Cottam's book the way I hadn't been since I first read The Shining And not necessarily even the climactic scenes in fact one of the scariest moments for me was when Paul Seaton notices a shopkeeper looking at him through a store window Paul is across the street in a phone booth the details are indistinct and they don't exchange a word but the scene is terrifyingThe only problem I had with House of Lost Souls was that when I was done reading it I couldn't settle down to read anything else Nothing else was as well written as atmospheric and most of all as frightening as Cottam's book In the end the only way I could solve the problem was by going to bookdepositorycom and ordering both his other books I may still be dissatisfied with other books but at least that gives me something to look forward to