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Through Thick and ThinBeing Asian and gay as well Gok felt lonely and out of place He was an easy target for bullies and suffered terribly at their handsIn a moment of inspiration he decided to reinvent himself with his first style makeover and a larger than life personality to go with it But his next move was to lose a devastating ten stone in nine months In Through Thick and Thin for the first time Gok reveals all about that life changing periodThe lessons Gok lea OK I actually listened to the audiobook version rather than read this but I think it still counts I am a bit of a Gok fan I love the way he seems so comfortable with himself and with the women he works with and I found this really enjoyable I knew Gok Wan had been a big kid but didn't realise how deep his eating disorder had gone to the point that he was close to dying at one stage For the msot part this book is a very modest account of Gok's struggle with food and determination to make a name for himself in the worlds of drama and fashion and it works very well Towards the end I did find the endless name dropping a little annoying but I guess if I was working with such famous people I'd probably do the same

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With his infectious energy and charisma Gok Wan has an incredible gift of making women feel confident within themselves but it's not until you read his own inspirational story that you find out where he got that gift fromGok grew up on a Leicester housing estate with a loving family who ran a Chinese restaurant For Through Thick eBook #180 his parents food meant love and Gok was so well loved that by the time he was a teenager he weighed stone Everyone benefits from a good uick read every now and again and this book is no exception It took me the best part of a ‘reading day’ to get through it and I enjoyed it as a light and interesting autobiographyGok Wan is infamous in the UK and beyond for his prowess in sorting out fashion issues and for helping woman of various guises and sizes to embrace their figures and dress accordingly You learn from the book that this body image knowledge and positivity comes from Wan’s own personal history and that his childhood and teen to early adulthood years were blighted by overeating bullying and then subseuently by self controlled starvation and anorexia What is interesting about the tone of the book is that Wan doesn’t come over all maudlin when describing his issues As he paints a well established loving family background with hardworking loving parents from different races he also talks about himself being ‘different’ and his trials of self acceptance and self loving against the odds His narrative tone is very matter of fact and the reader assumes a very honest portrayal of Wan’s struggle to make something of his life and of himselfI’ve noticed that many other reviewers cite that Wan is not ‘a very good writer’ I disagree and found that the book matched my expectations completely I never expected or wanted this book to be a piece of great social art of Zola esue proportions but it than suffices as a decent read on current celebritymedia culture It’s a shame that there are some very simple grammatical and lexical mistakes I winced when I read ‘she had a great flare’ instead of ‘she had a great flair’ I certainly don’t think he was on about trousers here but ultimately these are publishing errors and I find these throughout all the books I readI would recommend the book to all those who have a little bit left in their heart to embrace celebrity culture as well as to any lover of general autobiographies Gok is has to be said is a little bit of a ‘one off’ and whilst some may write him off as a bit of a media darling I personally think there is enough heart and talent there to warrant a read

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FREE DOC » READER Through Thick and Thin ☆ 9780091938390 ↠ ☀ Through Thick and Thin PDF / Epub ✍ Author Gok Wan – With his infectious energy and charisma Gok Wan has an incredible gift of making women feel confident within themselves but it's not until you read his own iRnt during this time helped him bounce back to become a stylist to the stars every woman's best friend and a national treasure In this intimate memoir Gok tells his full story in his own words Whether he's recounting the horrors of childhood bullying or riotous anecdotes about his loving family behind the scenes in the fashion world or TV shows Gok's voice jumps off the page with all the honesty wit and warmth we've come to know and love him fo I actually bought this for my mum who is Gok mad but decided to read it before I gave it to her P I managed to devour this book in one day It's simple writing makes it a nice easy read It's amazing hearing about Gok's life growing upThere are some points that made me cringe his acting capabilities or shall we call them moments of dishonestyBut everyone has flaws and if that's the only one that made me cringe then good on him He is an inspiration