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Choosing the Right Pond Human Behavior and the uest for StatusNdly alter a broad range Choosing the Epubof human behavior He shows how status considerations affect the salaries people earn the way they spend them and even many of the laws regu. A classic of behavioral economics originally published in 1985 but still provoking and insightful decades laterIt analyzes some seemingly economically irrational social choices to show how they can actually be explained rationally when one takes into consideration the inner human concerns for relative social standingIt then advances some proposals mainly a corrected version of Friedman's negative income tax and a consumption tax on positional goods rather than on income which would work better at increasing euality while at the same time preserving markets freedom and the power of economies of scale since they take into consideration these facts about human behavior when compared to the current most common policies in short giving us a efficient systemThorstein Veblen and his considerations on conspicuous consumption are the declared starting point but Frank expands uite a bit from there and touches on political and moral philosophy as wellOne of the best aspects of Frank's books and it can already be found here is the fresh air of intellectual independence as he critiues the ideas of many different groups traditional economists Austrianslibertarians leftists policymakers etc on specific well defined points while highlighting their being correct on others and providing a framework that puts all such observations together coherently

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Is it better Right Pond PDF #10003 to be a big frog in a small pond or a small frog in a big pond Here economist Robert H Frank argues that concerns about status permeate and profou. Robert Frank provides brilliant insights into capitalism taxation the welfare state and other topics showing how our current mix of free market economies and welfare states makes sense but not for the reasons given by most economists whether on the right or the left And the reason that we so often miss the point is because we don't factor relative standing into our analysis A common theme of the book is that low social standing imposes a real cost on those who suffer it which is mostly psychological but also material and high status provides its bearers with a real benefit Frank uses this lens to analyze all sorts of marketgovernment effects For example when we look at income distributions in the workplace we often see that the most productive workers are underpaid relative to their productivity while the least productive workers are overpaid Frank argues that the reason for this is because the most productive workers are implicitly paying for high status while the least productive workers are implicitly receiving payment for being on the bottom rungs If this sounds far fetched it's because I don't care to go into the details in a short review Which brings up my main problem with the bookUnfortunately the reason that I only gave this book 3 stars is because in fleshing out his arguments Frank often steers into dry economics that are borderline painful to read If I were interested in knowing Absolute Truth I might have loved the rigour But since I'm interested in a layman's assessment of economics that incorporates basic human drives into its calculus I wish that Frank would have gone easier on me

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Choosing the Right Pond Human Behavior and the uest for Status Read ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó ➵ [Reading] ➷ Choosing the Right Pond Human Behavior and the uest for Status By Robert H. Frank ➪ – Is it better to be a big frog in a small pond Lations and cultural norms they adopt Provocative and insightful this book is sure to the Right Pond eBook #8608 spark widespread and lively debate in classrooms and boardrooms alik. Interesting and New and Challenging InformationPeople come into the world euipped with an inner voice urging them to rank as high as possible in whatever social hierarchy they belong toThe process of determining what works best does NOT and can NOT take place in social isolationPre commitment in Bargaining – negotiating parties do better if they commit themselves in advance to a particular negotiating positionHappiness levels are NOT very sensitive to comparisons across time