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Download Book µ Prom A Novel 240 pages é Dogsalonbristol ↠ [EPUB] ✻ Prom A Novel ✾ Ellie O'Ryan – For some it's the most highly anticipated event in all of high school For others it's dreaded like the SATs For Nova Prescott it's a night she's been planning for monthsMage At first this seems like torture for both of them but slowly Nova begins to see that there is something kind and warm beneath Jesse's motorcycle riding brooding exterior Should she take the safe route and carpool with Brandon or should she follow her heart and put her trust in Jesse? i liked this book i didnt think i would like it at first but than im like wat the heck this is awsome PROM is about multiple people first there's nova who with the help of her friends meialirolo and crush brandon tries to make prom great by doing decorations and stuff but when the decorations MYSTERIOUSLY burn up nova has to work with bad boy jesse to fix and replace themlucus has a crush on simone his lab partner and wants to ask her to go to prom with him so he asks his best friend for helptyler is a jerk that is dating jordan and sort of simone jordan has no idea about tyler but simone knows everything even though she knows what she's doing is wrongmei and her boyfriend justin have been dating for years and now there planning on going to the same collage and of course PROM but than one day mei starts acting weird and is keeping secrets from justinali and rolo are friends ali has a date to the prom but when she asks rolo if he has one he says he does he's dating a SUPERMODLE ali is than constantly bothering him about itLloyd is known as the INVISABLE GUY in his school he wants to find a date to the prom with the help of his step sister tess but things dont go the way they planned

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Off but then Brandon asks her to carpool so they can lower their carbon imprint and to make matters worse an accidental fire causes the prom decorations to go up in smoke By a funny twist of fate the school rebel Jesse Richter is forced to take time after school to help Nova repair the da I thought this book was a happy modern fairytale Yay It was beautiful Of course when I checked the book out from the library I didn't realize it was only a novelization of the movie I thought the movie was based on the book It was still really good and it was told in the third person point of view so it gave insight into the characters' feelings than the movie could Let me just start off by saying how much I loved all the romance in this book Since it centers around Prom it's obvious that it will have romance but I just had many couples to ship so it made me very happy First off Nova and Jesse Talk about relationship goals They are OTP for this book obvi They are like yin to yang and I couldn't ship it Jesse is a fighter and he is a good guy I'm so glad he went to Prom And he danced with Nova and gave her the candy necklace Okay my heart is melting I feel like I can relate to Nova because she tried so hard to get Brandon to notice her and he never got the hint I also relate because I love the way she vents her anger and sadness She turns off the lights locks the door closes the curtains and screams into her pillow Claps Respect I give it a 10 I should do that to vent my negative feelings As for Justin and Mei they are soooo adorbsable They have been together forever and they are like soulmates Could it get any better? But then Mei kept a secret from Justin and it made Justin think she was going to break up with him Not cool Mei I wish she had just come out with the truth in the first place Did you see how supportive Justin was? He loves Mei They don't have to both go to Michigan Mei got into Parsons She has such a talent And Justin is happy for her Onto Ali I almost thought that Rolo and Ali were gonna be a couple but I was wrong Apparently Rolo does have a Greek Canadian supermodel girlfriend that was late to Prom Oh well if something did happen between Ali and Rolo I would've shipped it Now let's talk about Tyler and Jordan Uch Tyler He cheated on Jordan lied to Simone tricked Lucas and only cared for himself At least he got what he deserved Rejected twice in front of the entire Senior class Humiliating much? ; As for Jordan you go girl You don't need a man You're free and you've got your own future Make it count And then Simone and Lucas Totes shipping And glad that Simone finally came to her senses and realized that Lucas was way better than Tyler And Lucas realized his mistakes too He apologized to Corey for ditching him and they got to see Stick Hippo in concert How cool is that? And Simone and Lucas even got to dance on Prom night Corey is the coolest friend ever for giving Lucas his Hendrix moment This bromance is shipped And then there's Lloyd Poor Lloyd At least he went to Prom with someone who cares about him Tess seems like a pretty cool sister And Lloyd did meet that cute girl that was nice If only they'd met sooner though In short this book was fantabulous I gotta say though I did not see the whole shed burning down thing coming But it did put Jesse and Nova together which was awesome so I guess everything worked out for the best I recommend this book to high schoolers

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Prom A NovelFor some it's the most highly anticipated event in all of high school For others it's dreaded like the SATs For Nova Prescott it's a night she's been planning for months It's prom And all Nova wants is for Brandon to ask her to be his date It looks as though all her organization will pay In the book Prom there are many characters but we are focusing on four Nova a smart young girl Jesse a bad boy who is under estimated Jordan a popular young girl and Tyler a popular jerk Jesse and Nova are challenged to work together to make prom decorations by the principle The only thing the whole school is thinking about is prom so Nova and Jesse have a lot of stress on their plate before prom in three weekes The stress is on for everyone having the perfect dress date ride etc I loved this book it felt like I was in the prom setting as a middle schooler