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The Red Pyramid Read õ 2 ð ❰Epub❯ ❤ The Red Pyramid Author Rick Riordan – I guess it started the night our Dad blew up the British MuseumCarter and Sadie Kane's dad is brilliant Egyptologist with a secret plan that goes horribly wrong An explosion shatters the ancient Roset I guess it started the night our DNd discover the truth about their family's connection to the House of Life an Egyptian temple of magic that has existed for thousands of yearsThe pharaohs of ancient Egypt are far from dead and buried And so unfortunately are their go. I ranked Rick Riordan's The Lighting Thief 5th on my Top Ten Fave Books for 2009 tied with Michael Scott's The Alchemist I reasoned out that I can't choose which one is better cause both made learning history fun and both have that cool factor reliving the things in the past Now I have suspicion that I unknowingly can see the future cause The Red Pyramid is exactly the combination of both books Is that a good thing Yes if it had been well executed Let's review that sentence Yes if it had been well executed Yeah as what my stars above says don't look up to the sky dumbass I mean the rating stars it is not an awesome book Its given that Egyptian History is not as fascinating as the Greek and Roman History but egyptian culture has that sense of mystery that Riordan could have played I didn't get the Egyptian feel to it at all The existence of the egyptian gods in the book is not that cool either Thoth playing Rock Band is not as cool as Ares riding the Big Bike or Horus being cranky is not as funny as Dionysius being stubborn The whole god thing is like just for the sake of having them You can substitute them with normal people's name and would have still the same effect The spells are cool The thing about glowing hieroglyphs after saying the spell is brilliant but I can't see Ha di replacing Alohomora for young people getting locked out when they go home late It's pretty easy to guess why I know thisThe storyline even gets repetitiveSadie and Caine goes to one placeThey start bickering Shut up Sadie and Carter It's my review Read the book to get the sarcasmOne of them falls asleep and their soul drifts somewhereEnemy attacks themThey fight a littleTheir company fights alone to buy time for them while they runThey eventually be reunited with that someoneThe whole recording thing is distracting most of the times especially the remarks It would have been better if it's only on the beginning and the end just like in the Lightning ThiefAs for the main characters Sadie and Carter is the least likable sibling I ever read They are not awesome nor annoying they are just blah Forgettable They continuously throw corny jokes and weak sarcasms And at some point their voice on the chapters gets confusing I have to look up to the top of the page to be sure who is talking Even towards the end I still didn't get what kind of personality they have Now I am unsure if I will still follow this series Maybe if Riordan will able to redeem himself on The Last Heroa book that tells about something he is really good at I will read the second installment for the Kane Chronicles to make up for the time while waiting for the second Heroes of Olympus book Don't worry Rick Riordan I still like you and I understand that you like every writers out there sometimes just needs the pay check Peace'

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I guess it started the night our Dad blew up the British MuseumCarter and Sadie Kane's dad is brilliant Egyptologist with a secret plan that goes The Red eBook #228 horribly wrong An explosion shatters the ancient Rosetta Stone and un. Update I've recently degraded this to a one star from a two when I realized how much of a disappointment it was This review is as a result a lot nicer than I'd like it to be If you'd like just add a lot unnecessary cursing and asides about that idiotic taco sauce showdown Sigh Now I can't stop thinking about that goddamn battle any Damn itIf you're thinking Oh it's just Percy Jackson with Egyptian Gods you'd be correct But in it's own weird way it's a bit At one point there's a little bit of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments some Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott and even a tad bit of Harry Potter thrown in And if you get though the first 200 300 pages you may enjoy yourselfNow is it worth having to get through that to find the good stuff I'm not entirely sure The set up is promising as the two narrators and protagonists relay their plan to take an entire record of their adventure and then hide it in a locker and some school for the right person to find If you read the opening chapter of The Lightning Thief and loved its warning you'll thoroughly enjoy this But it uickly became gimmicky to me as Carter and Sadie take turns telling the tale they also interrupt each other to crack awfully corny jokes and spout witty one liners I think it would have been better to leave that narrative device to the opening and closing Otherwise it distracts you from what is going on in the plot which is uit important than Sadie telling Carter how hilarious he was when a bird pooped on his faceAnd on the note of the characters I'm all for alternating chapters between character perspectives I've always loved it and find it highly effective as a way to open up the plot But here well the characters speak a tad to similarly I mean very early on Sadie uses her British accent heavily but later in the book its almost completely gone to the point where i had to check the top of the page to make sure i was reading a Sadie chapter It wouldn't happen too often but when it did i always felt a tinge of frustration And it was always 2 Carter chapters then 2 Sadie chapters It seemed like an odd way to set everything up why not just do 11The only other thing that bothered me was the length It took way too long to do what The Lightning Thief did in under 400 pages Don't get me wrong they do have fun battles with a pretty cool magic system But i found the battles went by too fast one God they literally best by stuffing it with salsa so it turns into a cow The most work Carter does is open huge vats of the hot Mexican sauceOn the positive side Sadie and Carter do grow to respect one another and become pretty likable in the end I still refuse to believe their age 12 and 14 It just didn't fit their personalities to me but i guess they're mature for their ageAnd on the reference above to all the other books I'm not saying he copied from them i simply meant there were similarities in story characters and plot locations Like the old church that Clary and her paranormal friends stay at in City of Bones is uite similar to the First Nome in this book The twins from the Nicholas Flamel books have a similar relationship that Carter and Sadie have albeit far mature And the magic system

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The Red PyramidLeashes Set the evil god of chaosSet imprisons Dr Kane is a golden coffin and Carter and Sadie are forced to run for their lives To save their dad they must embark on a terrifying uest from Cairo and Paris to the American South west a. #1 The Red Pyramid ★★★★☆#2 The Throne of Fire ★★★☆☆#3 The Serpent's Shadow ★★★☆☆“Fair means everyone gets what they need And the only way to get what you need is to make it happen yourself”I grew up a huge fan of Egyptian mythology and history plus I loved the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series when I finally picked it up a couple of years ago so it was long overdue that I pick up the Kane Chronicles trilogy I felt like I'd never heard of people raving about this series nearly as much as any of RR's other series so I wasn't sure what to expect but within just a few chapters of the audiobook for this one I was so impressed Sadie and Carter had such distinct entertaining voices I loved the banter and bickering between the two of them and than anything I absolutely adored how uickly the two of them fell into these protective caring sibling feelings for each other despite having been apart so much in their childhoodsWhile the plot itself felt rushed and convenient than a few times that's something I generally expect from a lot of MG books so it didn't take away from my enjoyment too much On the other hand I really loved the casual representation with Sadie and Carter being biracial and the commentary on how Carter lived through so many different experiences than Sadie with Carter being dark skinned and Sadie being white passing I think the only big detractor from my enjoyment of this first installment was the weird forced beginnings of romance here which proved to be a big issue later in the series sadly I don't care for romance in MG novels to begin with but especially romance as unnatural as the ships we see in this series That said they were minor in The Red Pyramid so this first book still got an easy 4 stars from me——— Buddy read with Ellyn ♥