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DOWNLOAD When Corruption Was King How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago Then Brought the Outfit Down 107 Ï [KINDLE] ✽ When Corruption Was King How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago Then Brought the Outfit Down By Robert Cooley – Bob Cooley was the Chicago Mafia's fUppers with friends before their gangland executions In a startling act of conscience Cooley walked into Corruption Was King How I eBook #10003 the office of the US Organized Crime Strike Force and agreed to wear a wire on the very same Mafia overlords who had made him a player This book including eight pages of memorable photographs reveals the personal story behind the federal government's most successful Mafia investigati. When Corruption Was King How I Help the Mob Rule Chicago Then Brought the Outfit Down was a book I read by Robert Cooley This nonfiction is about the evil that swallowed Chicago during the twenties to the nineties But still to this day corruption plagues Chicago and every country in the world Our main character Bobby Cooley a fantastic lawyer who fixed court cases for the Chicago mob Later turns to the good side and took the mafia out When Corruption Was King was written to inform the reader I think that because this story is based on truth alone All the events in this autobiography happen in real life And the definition of autobiography is an account of a person’s life written by the person Just by the first few sentences its very clear that this book is planned to inform us When I read this novel I found it hard to locate the theme But as I thought on after I completed the book What I assume the author wants us to get out of this hardcover is fighting the wicked is hard and the right way might be a bump narrow less traveled path That must be taken Why I think this is because Cooley was a crooked lawyer who got paid enormously by the mafia But hated the things he saw Like in this uote “I also heard Marcy’s voice Over and over again I heard him say “Nobody would dare f with us” Then I started thinking “Maybe after I was almost killed so many times this is the reason I was left alive to f with Marcy and the First Ward” 178 This uote really brings in the theme He knows if the mafia finds out he’s working with the FBI They will certainly torture and kill him But despite all of that He takes his chances because he knows it's the right thing to do He knows many other stool pigeons have been assassinated But he still becomes an informants Robert Cooley’s style is narrative This story follows Bobby Cooley a mafia lawyer turned FBI informant To show an example of this here’s a uote “For a long time after my beef with Marco I became unbelievably cautious I always carried at least one gun on me even when I went to court I kept another pistol in the glove compartment of my car” 145 This is a great example of how serious this book can get How nervous and fearful Mr Cooley is of the mafia He’s scared of being tortured by the mob like Butch Petrocelli At this point in Cooley’s life it is horrible Now at a time in Cooley’s life where he experienced great wealth and happiness “My legal career was off and running The count sent me great business celebrity types who got in trouble with a gun or stash of marijuana or something like that” 65 Like I said before at this time Mr Cooley had vast sets of income betting and gambling With that happiness came to his life In my opinion When Corruption Was King was shocking and astonishing From start to finish it was very well written and breathtaking I liked how it was absolutely captivating But I disliked how chapter two Cop Killer wasn’t the first chapter Other than that I really enjoyed this book

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Took down the most powerful Mafia family in the history Corruption Was King How I eBook #10003 of organized crime When Corruption Was King is the story of a Mob lawyer turned mole with a million dollar contract on his head who went back and forth between sin and sainthood a turbulent youth a stint on Chicago's police force law school and then the inner sanctum of Chicago's wiseguys He dined with Mob bosses and shared last s. I am always fascinated by mob stories and thought this would be interesting It was to a point but there were so many names being thrown about that it was very hard to keep track I felt it could have been streamlined to make it less confusing I think a movie would actually be better than a book for this particular story And I never say that

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When Corruption Was King How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago Then Brought the Outfit DownBob Cooley was the Was King MOBI #242 Chicago Mafia's fixer of court cases During the s and ‘s Cooley bribed judges juries and cops to keep his Mob When Corruption PDFEPUBclients out of jail Paid handsomely for his services he lived fast and enjoyed the protection of the men he served Yet by the end of Corruption Was King Epub #221 the ‘s without a pending conviction he became the star witness in nine federal trials that. I'm a criminal defense attorney in Cook County which is where this book is set and it was recommended to me by another defense attorney as we sat in the courthouse at 26 Cal waiting for the judge to come out I tried so hard to get into this book but 50 pages in I could no longer handle this author's voice If I wanted to watch a man stroke himself for a few hours how long it would've taken me to actually finish this book i would've just gone to PornHub