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Torch Song TrilogyIving in New York City in the late and s The four hour plus play begins with a solilouy in which he explains his cynical disillusionment with loveEach act focuses on a different phase in Arnold's life In the first Arnold meets Ed who is uncomfortable with his bisexuality In the second one year later Arnol. I have been lucky enough to see this as a stage play and also own the DVD version I love this play it is funny insightful and an engaging representation of LGBT life in the 80's I hadn't read the play before so it was an interesting experience having seen Harvey Fierstein in the DVD its hard not to read it with his voice speaking Arnold's words The play is different from the play they have clearly made some changes to make it work cinematically The best speeches remain however and the main premise of the play has not been changed I really liked the introduction by Harvey where he talks about his hope that people will see something of themselves in one or characters and feel less alone It made me love him and the play a little but Arnold is a hilarious central character with devastating wit and uick repartee You can't help but be absorbed by him and his life and choices As a play it works well you do need to focus as there are overlapping conversations but its a clever way to put across important stories with a small cast and a limited set An enjoyable and important read I can't recommend it enough

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Drama American Literature Gay and Lesbian Studies PlaysTorch Song Trilogy is a collection of three plays by Harvey Fierstein rendered in three acts International Stud Fugue in a Nursery and Widows and Children First The story centers on Torch Song EpubArnold Beckoff a torch song singing Jewish drag ueen l. Ed Alan David and Ma are all as dear to me as if I’d loved them myself Arnold is like a part of myself come alive only grander with historical importance This play is part of our ueer heritage It was put into my hands by an older gay man who told me “You MUST read this” So if you’re ueer and young this is me an older though not yet derelict ueen taking your hand in mine and saying you MUST read this

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Torch Song Trilogy Summary Ä eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Õ ❴EPUB❵ ✻ Torch Song Trilogy Author Harvey Fierstein – Drama American Literature Gay and Lesbian Studies PlaysTorch Song Trilogy is a collection of three plays by Harvey Fierstein rendered in three acts International Stud FD meets Alan and the two settle down into a blissful existence that includes plans to adopt a child until tragedy strikes In the third several years later Arnold is a single father raising gay teenager David Arnold is forced to deal with his mother's intolerance and disrespect when she visits from Florida. Eh This is one of those plays that has an “everything but the kitchen sink” mindset and the result is a bloated shallow insight into gay culture in late 1970s New York City There are drag ueens closeted gay men mommy issues twinks drama long speeches on love random sexual encounters violence and the list goes onIt’s too much That the AIDs epidemic was only a couple years away casts a shadow over the play’s “live and let live” attitude Not recommendedETA The film adaptation is better There’s a cohesive narrative and if nothing else it makes for an interesting watch from a historical standpoint given that it was one of the earlier mainstream films to portray an openly gay man