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PDF Ä BOOK Alias Grace ☆ MARGARET ATWOOD ☆ ❴KINDLE❵ ❆ Alias Grace Author Margaret Atwood – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Nel 1843 il Canada è sconvolto da un atroce fatto di cronaca nera l'omicidio del ricco possidente Thomas Kinnear e della sua amante la governante Nancy Montgomery Imputata insieme a un altPensa a vedere in lei ora una santa ora una carnefice la protagonista di uesto romanzo può finalmente raccontare la propria vita al giovane dottore Simon Jordan Convinto di mettere le proprie conoscenze al servizio della verità sul caso e al tempo stesso contribuire al progresso della scienza psicologica Jordan non potrà fare a meno di restare ammaliat ‘’and the real curse of Eve was having to put up with the nonsense of Adam who as soon as there was any trouble blamed it all on her’’Grace is a murderess She collaborated with her coworker to kill their master and his mistress So the people say So the people want to believe Because let’s face it where’s the fascination in a murder committed only by a man There’s no sensation nothing to stir the crowds Whereas a woman who took a life Well there’s the spectacle Never mind that she may be innocent This is a perfect chance to humiliate women to place the blame on them and continue the tradition that started at the beginning of timeBut Grace knows the truth Or does sheMargaret Atwood takes the story of one of the most famous female prisoners of the 19th century and weaves a masterpiece of a novel Set in the 1840s in Canada and spanning almost 30 years this is a confession and a fascinating journey to the mind and the life of a woman who has much to say and even to hide Is she a criminal An innocent bystander A cold blooded killer Is she a victim of her weak will A small animal captured in a man’s well constructed trap And does anyone want to actually listen to her When a young psychiatrist decides to dive into the darkest part of Grace’s mind everything will changeThis is a novel that I consider perfect on every level I’ve always believed that the finest writers can give us the conclusion at the beginning of the story and we’ll still be interested and invested in the development of the action This is exactly what happens here While Atwood doesn’t reveal everything at once we have all the proper materials to ‘’guess’’ the end and there is still much space for suspense agony and speaking strictly for me anger Anger was the feeling that became my loyal companion while I was reading Anger because of the double standards of the time the conviction that a woman is guilty by definition when accused the habit of regarding women as objects for the men’s pleasure ripe for the takingAnd if we come to think of it these notions are still alive today in our so called advanced era when many believe that gender euality is all done and dealt with and achieved No when I feel frightened each time I walk down a darkly lit alley each time a man sideglances at me gender euality doesn’t exist Forgive me if I digress but fury comes swiftly when I think that in many parts of our planet tyranny and violence against women are considered the norm they are alive and kicking and they will never stop And where do most of these false notions come from Prejudice superstition religious fundamentalism ‘’and the people there love to fall down in fits and talk in tongues and be saved once a summer or if available’’Jeremiah one of the most enigmatic characters of the story provides an excellent and extremely accurate description of the absurd religious panic that inflicts people of every race and every religion The pious God fearing citizens look upon men to save them and are all too willing to believe in the condemnation of women What I enjoyed in the way this theme is delivered in Alias Grace is that Atwood inserts the influence of such stereotypes in the field of Science as well Educated men aren’t immune to prejudice and they attempt to research Grace’s case with preconceived notions in their heads Enter Simon the young psychiatrist who tries a different approach to understand the incidents and the tribulations inside Grace’s soul In the process he finds much than he expected I loved the way Atwood uses the newly born ideas of Mesmerism and Magnetism and the rising of Spiritualism that became in vogue a few years later In addition she addresses the issue of Hysteria the common belief that all women were prone to uncontrollable violent fits of rage another token of a society that refused to believe that women are actual human beings with the right to seek sexual pleasure and fulfillment God forbid these are principles solely belonging to menIt’s hard not to get political when it comes to Atwood’s brilliant novels Grace’s background is a highly troubled one She comes from Ulster an extremely tormented area and becomes an immigrant to escape a country that is dying from famine and oppression Further Canada is still shaking from the 1837 uprising and the aristocracy has become even intolerant and cruel to those that are considered ‘’low’’ and ‘’uneducated heathens’’ In this historical and political context we can understand how crucial are the themes Atwood addresses and how relevant they are especially now The gap between the wealthy and the poor the discriminations against women the blind faithGrace is a complex intriguing character In my opinion she retains characteristics of the Unreliable Narrator because are we actually certain that her views on events and people are accurate She comes across as a very sympathetic level headed brave considerate dignified woman She’s not afraid to express mistrust or uncertainty and has the self discipline to keep her most ‘’controversial’’ thoughts secret until the opportune moment Atwood takes us into Grace’s mind before she speaks and succeeds in creating a complete picture of our heroine However there is still an aura of mystery surrounding her and a strange underlying sensuality and dark innocenceApart from Grace we have two male characters that are eually interesting and mysterious Simon and Jeremiah Simon is very complex in my opinion Very real and perplexing He is not free from his own demons he has some fairly obscure ideas about sexual pleasure but he desires progress and knowledge He has travelled extensively and believes he has all the necessary means to tackle Grace’s strange case However he isn’t prepared enough for what is about to come Simon gave me much trouble as I was trying to understand him and realise his motives He is mysterious and there is definitely a darkness inside him so he is an excellent counterpart of Grace Jeremiah is a walking riddle A man of the world a magnetic presence an enigma This review may come across as passionate or even politically incorrect but when books make you feel so many powerful emotions after reading a few chapters you know they have succeeded When the author is Margaret Atwood you know you are in the safest hands possible This is a classic a novel that should definitely be included in the finest of the 20th century Oh and certain misogyniststrollspseudo scholars that have been lurking on GR lately better stay away from Atwood’s novels like The Handmaid’s Tale or Alias Grace They will prove bad for you sensitive moral values and blood pressure “What is believed in society is not always the euivalent of what is true; but as regards to a woman's reputation it amounts to the same thing” My reviews can also be found on

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Nel il Canada è sconvolto da un atroce fatto di cronaca nera l'omicidio del ricco possidente Thomas Kinnear e della sua amante la governante Nancy Montgomery Imputata insieme a un altro servo la sedicenne Grace Marks viene spedita in carcere e sospettata di insanità mentale in manicomio A lungo oggetto dei giudizi contrastanti dell'opinione pubblica pro ”All the same Murderess is a strong word to have attached to you It has a smell to it that word musky and oppressive like dead flowers in a vase Sometimes at night I whisper it over to myself Murderess Murderess It rustles like a taffeta skirt across the floor” Sketches made of Grace Marks and James McDermott during their sensationalized trialGrace Marks at the age of 16 in 1843 was arrested along with James McDermott for the murders of their employer Thomas Kinnear and his mistresshousekeeper Nancy Montgomery The murders were rather sensationalized in Canadian society what with the cold blooded brutality and the fact that a young rather beautiful young woman was involved McDermott was sentenced to hang while Marks was saved from the gallows by the spirited defence of her lawyer She spent the next thirty years of her life incarcerated first in an asylum and then in a prison This story really picked up several years later when Doctor Simon Jordan decided to make a study of her and hoped to unlock some of her missing memories See there were key elements that she didn’t remember about that day that would help him to determine if she was truly a murderess or merely an unwilling accomplice Jordan was struck by her from the very first moment he met her ”Her eyes were unusually large it was true but they were far from insane Instead they were frankly assessing him It was as if she were contemplating the subject of some unexplained experiment; as if it were he and not she who was under scrutiny”And then there was this observation of Grace by Jordan as well ”She’s thinner now less full in the face; and whereas the picture shows a pretty woman she is now than pretty Or other than pretty The line of her cheek has a marble a classic simplicity; to look at her is to believe that suffering does indeed purify” “Other than pretty” implied further depths to her beyond just the surface beauty that captured the imagination of a ghoulish public He might not know it but he was already smitten with Grace and in danger of tumbling head over heels in love with her It is hard to keep control of a series of interviews if you have become interested in than just the deeds of the individual As an added distraction every mother in Toronto with a daughter was trying to manufacture ways to throw their pretty daughters in front of this very eligible bachelor He was a doctor after all ”As one season’s crop of girls proceeds into engagement and marriage younger ones keep sprouting up like tulips in May They are now so young in relation to Simon that he has trouble conversing with them; it’s like talking to a basketful of kittens”They were fresh so new they were barely out of the packaging of their youth and of course virginal What every man should desireright Well if one doesn’t mind vacuousnessAs fascinating as Grace’s story is I found myself becoming even engrossed with the story of Dr Simon Jordan and his desire driven demons His landlady whose husband had absconded on a bout of debauchery was also proving to be a damsel in distress as her only source of income became her one lodger ”Her face is heart shaped her skin milky her eyes large and compelling; but although her waist is slender there is something metallic about it as if she is using a short length of stove pipe instead of stays Today she wears her habitual expression of strained anxiety; she smells of violets and also of camphor”She was a beauty past her prime but still she was compellingly sexy He felt this attraction against his will There was no hope for a relationship She was married and too old to ever be acceptable to his family or his class He was supposed to marry one of those inane young ladies ”It would be one way of deciding his fate or settling his own hash; or getting himself out of harm’s way But he won’t do it; he’s not that lazy or weary; not yet” I can’t help but think of Newland Archer from The Age of Innocence who allowed himself to be trapped into what was expected of him as well What if Archer had escaped with Countess OlenskaI still pine for him to escapeSo even though the landlady was forbidden bruised fruit he couldn’t help but notice that“Her lips are full but fragile like a rose on the verge of collapse”This was one of the many times when I had to read a Margaret Atwood line many times rolled it around the surface of my tongue so that I could taste the sweet the bitter and the savory of that beautifully written line Dr Jordan was starting to have odd thoughts and unsettling dreams of murders committed by himself He started digging in the garden under the pretense of planting a garden but it seemed even to his subconscious self that he was loosening the soil forthe corpse of his landlord if he should return or maybe a stack of bodies of those from which he wished to escape It would put him on an eual footing with one particular woman ”Murderess murderess he whispers to himself It has an allure a scent almost Hothouse gardenias Lurid but also furtive He imagines himself breathing it as he draws Grace toward him pressing his mouth against her Murderess He applies it to her throat like a brand”This novel is based on the true story of Grace Marks History lost track of her once she was released from prison after nearly thirty years of incarceration No tombstone is known to mark her grave She simply vanished into the woodwork of a new America Atwood has not only brought her to life but has seamlessly and creatively put words of putty and glue into the missing pieces I wonder every time I finish an Atwood why I don’t read her freuently Sarah Gadon plays Grace Marks in the seriesNetflix has recently launched the first season of a new show based on Alias Grace It spurred me to get this book read that I had planned to read three years ago I was wooed by other pressing books and what a fool I was I don’t know how I feel about watching the series I’m as sure that it is good as I am sure that it will disappoint I will eventually work up the courage to watch it but I think I will luxuriate in reverence for the book for a while If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at


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Alias GraceO da uesta personalità complessa e inafferrabile Il dialogo che si instaura tra i due si trasforma nel ritratto psicologico di una persona due volte vittima del sistema sociale in uanto povera e in uanto donna e assurge a denuncia delle enormi contraddizioni di una società maschilista e tormentata da conflitti interni perché incapace di accettare l'alt If we were all on trial for our thoughts we would all be hanged When I first read Alias Grace I thought it was less relevant than her other almost prophetically painful novels I changed my mind Not immediately and not deliberately But slowly steadily like a patchwork taking form I could see the novel in a new light long after I finished it It grew in my memory as it faded and all of a sudden it occurred to me that it was a masterpiece of uiet rebellion where the other novels like the Handmaid's Tale Oryx and Crake the Penelopiad or Cat's Eye are angry elouently shouted manifestosWhat is sanity That painful interregnun between phases of blissful insanity as Poe wittily claims or the opinion of the insane majority What is murder What is guilt How can one determine what really happened if all people involved in the action live in different minds meaning different realities How do we establish truth in the tangle of myths passions prejudices and conventionsAs always we solve the mystery of a story by telling another and Margaret Atwwod seemed to define my journey as a reader long before I knew what I was reading myselfWhen you are in the middle of a story it isn't a story at all but only a confusion; a dark roaring a blindness a wreckage of shattered glass and splintered wood; like a house in a whirlwind or else a boat crushed by the icebergs or swept over the rapids and all aboard powerless to stop it It's only afterwards that it becomes anything like a story at all When you are telling it to yourself or to someone else