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Dreams Dark Kiss Reader ¹ 167 pages Download Ê ❮Read❯ ➮ Dreams Dark Kiss ➲ Author Shirin Dubbin – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk They'll come for her tonightThe ankou A legion of nightmares fugitive from the Dreaming have set their sights on Ciaran Letang She is the key to their darkest purpose But Ciaran has It happen againKeoni Maka patrols the dreamscape keeping humankind safe When he senses Ciaran's distress he offers to fight by her side forever She accepts but she has vowed not to let a Dreams Dark Epubman invade her I'm a big fan of Urban Fantasy a genre which for the most part features some combination of vampires shapeshifters werewolves witches andor Fae It's an unusual author that finds a new otherworldly focus And even unusual to make it work Dreams' Dark Kiss follows the world of dream guardians Our heroine Ciaran has been ferrying souls through the Dreamscape to the Other Side ever since she was a child But suddenly she finds herself in the unfamiliar and desolate Wastelands an in between place inside the Dreaming She is attacked by a beast and nearly raped but she calls out to others of her kind for help In doing so she summons the man who will be her mate a dream guardian named Keoni Through him Ciaran learns that she is powerful in the dream world than she knew Of course the story has to have a villain The one here is trying to bring the stuff of nightmares into the waking world Oh and he wants to make Ciaran his broodmare to help with his cause Ciaran must work with Keoni to discover why she is so special and to foil the bad guy's evil plan There's a reason so many authors go the vampire and werewolf route people already understand the fundamentals of the mythology As refreshing as a new story is understanding the world building is a serious endeavor I didn't always follow the what was happening in the dreamworld The glossary of terms at the end was helpful But I think by the time I got to the end I understood what was going on And after reading this I believe a seuel would be much easier for me to jump into Nearly 4 stars

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They'll come for her tonightThe ankou A legion of nightmares fugitive from the Dreaming have set their sights on Ciaran Letang She is the key to their darkest purpose But Ciaran has been used before and she won't let 275starsCiaran has been ferrying souls from reality through Dreamscape and Wasteland to the Other side with no problems for years However on her latest ferry she is attacked and stranded in the Wastelands and has to call upon others like her for help Keoni Matu answers her call and is able to explain some of her hidden powers while they try to escape Soon Ciaran Keoni are running for their lives as they try to escape a madman determined to bring nightmares into the waking world This novella deserves points for originality the concept of a soul conductor is new to this reader and I was anxious to get to it after I noticed it on my reader However I found the narrative told from Ciarn's point of view a bit hard to follow at times and I didn't know what was going on This layered world was crying out for a detailed treatment than the glossary at the end of the story hint by the time you get to a glossary at the end of the story you've either figured it out yourself or have given up on the story More points for non caucasian leads The insidious plot was straightforward but could have used a little shoring up to ratchet up the tension I didn't feel as if there was a lot of chemistry between the leads they each seemed a little stilted both together and as a couple Overall I was disappointed in this read The language should have been tighter for a short I was confused too often especially for a read of this length The world building could have been teased out a little I got too much information in clumps While we spent a little time with Ciaran in the beginning it was all about work so there was no time to care about her as a character and Keoni was dropped in as an encyclopedia for soul conductor material leaving little room to care about him as well All of the mechanics of storytelling were hit with various degrees of success Beta reading could have possibly cleared the muddy areas

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Dreams Dark KissHeart not even this oneTogether they must use their powers to stop the ankou pack leaders before they take dominion over the waking world But will Keoni's own dream of saving tainted souls lead them right into a trap Dreams Dark Kiss is an amazing uniue novella that made me laugh but at the same time made me think of the experiences in my life and how they shaped me There are parts of this story that are dark and gritty; not for the faint of heart It almost has a feel of a horror tale but with the action and magic of an urban fantasy The romance is what made me smile the most and the uirky characters The hero is a hunky Hawaiian with an awesome sense of humor and the heroine likes to use skillets as weapons