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The Fall of Hyperion Free read ↠ 5 ✓ ❴Download❵ ➵ The Fall of Hyperion Author Dan Simmons – In the stunning continuation of the epic adventure begun in Hyperion Simmons returns us to a far future resplendent with drama and invention On the world of Hyperion the mysterious Time Tombs are open InG And the secrets they contain mean that nothing nothing anywhere in the universe will ever be the sa. The seuel to Simmons' classic Hyperion is every bit as engaging and mind blowing as the first book The book picks up just where Hyperion leaves off with the pilgrims at the Time Tombs and war with the Ousters imminent We are presented with a few new characters a cybrid named Joseph Severn who is far than he appears and the CEO of the Web Meina Gladstone Severn is capable of dreaming the dreams of the pilgrims and we follow their adventures primarily through his connection to them The story is exciting and a page turner I risk massive spoilers by going into any details or specifics There are lots of mind bending concepts here farcasting the All Thing the metasphere the River Tethys hawking drive and an explicit admission of this homage to Stephen Hawking all of which add a fantastic technical edge to the book Without going into spoiler territory I thought I would talk about some of the interesting themes that are addressed in the book The organized religions here Catholicism the Shrike Cult and the Templars are all interesting studies I suspect that Simmons is himself a Catholic due to the sympathetic treatment they receive The Templars are environmentalists another theme I will address in a minute whereas the Shrike Cult are fanatical pessimists The default religion is a form of Zen Buddhism All of the religions take a big hit in the book I think that Simmons was trying to show how these various ways that organized religion tries to deal with a catastrophe denying it embracing it trying to manipulate it and fleeing it The embracing and fleeing techniues seem to have been the ones that were best rewarded I mentioned the environmentalist bent earlier The Templars seem to accept the judgement in the book as payment for mankind's destruction of the environment in the galaxy going so far as to calling the human presence a cancer As Simmons took lots of time describing the beauty of the worlds he invented such as Maui Covenant with its motile islands replete with dolphins and whales he also condemns harshly the destruction wrought on them by Web tourism by extension the destruction of various tropical paradises by mass tourism on Earth He seems to be a bit pessimistic about our ability to change preferring a rebootThe theme that is the most striking and perhaps the most visionary for this work of the early pre Facebook 90s is the Web and the Core or TechnoCore At the heart of these two books on Hyperion is a reflection on our endorsement of technology over humanity our willingness to give away privacy for the convenience of access to data and experiences There is a massive warning here of the repercussions of this surrender Given the power that Facebook and Apple and Google and etc has over nearly everyone on the planet the lesson is even relevant now than it was in the 90s The nightmarish use of human brain power to feed the intelligence of the Core is has been addressed in dozens of sci fi The Matrix being one particularly example movies since 1990 I wonder if Simmons was at the origin of this trope or not In any case it gives me pause when I think about my own personal investment in social media and its possible long term impact It is certainly an aspect of the book that resonates 27 years laterAs for the narrative and the writing it is just as well written as Hyperion with some great poetry citations from Yeats and Keats and my favorite character the irascible Martin Silenas I thought that there was a moment where the text plodded a bit towards the end Keats sections but I cannot really offer an example Another thing that struck me was how unpredictable the novel seemed particularly in the middle In any case it did not for me take away from the overall impression I had about this book fascinating visionary and entertaining a sci fi classic I wonder if the two Endymion books are as good

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In the stunning continuation of the epic adventure begun in Hyperion Simmons returns us to a far futu. As the pilgrims prepare to enter the Time Tombs the war between the Ousters and the Hegemony is just hours from breaking out Can they enter the Time Tombs uickly enough to prevent intergalactic war and the deaths of billionsHere we are the second half of the epic Dan Simmons started in Hyperion Kassad Brawne and the other pilgrims introduced in the previous book meet their destinies However the bigger story is the war between the Hegemony and its enemiesDuring my initial read I didn't like this one as much as Hyperion probably because it lacked the Canterbury Tales like structure of the first book However I've softened upon the second readUsing the dreams of Joseph Severin as a linking device the story follows the actions of Hegemony CEO Meina Gladstone trying to avert war with the Ousters and freuently cuts to action on Hyperion As the zero hour nears the truth behind what is happening unfolds and it has wide reaching conseuencesI'm dancing around the actual events of the story to avoid spoilers but I can't imagine reading and enjoying Hyperion without devouring this one People throw the word 'epic' around very lightly these days but Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion comprise an epic of galactic scope Gene Wolfe once said “My definition of good literature is that which can be read by an educated reader and reread with increased pleasure” Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion definitely fall into that category The text of both books is peppered with literary references and lots of Christian symbolism as well as thought provoking philosophical ideas There's also a pro environment message as well as warnings of becoming too dependent on technologyI get the feeling that Dan Simmons thought it might be his last big chance to show what he could do and he pulled out all the stops combining heady science fiction concepts with things he gleaned from being an English major in college and years of teaching I understood far this time around but felt like there were still a lot of things I couldn't uite wrap my head around I guess I'll schedule a reread for sometime in 2025 I hadn't planned on rereading the Endymion books but a reread of those is probably happening in 2018My second journey to the Time Tombs was even rewarding than the first Hyperion retains its place next to The Dark Tower as one of my favorite epics of all time Five out of five stars

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The Fall of HyperionRe resplendent with drama and invention On the world of Hyperion the mysterious Time Tombs are openin. Buddy read with Athena Desinka Gavin Kaora The Final Days are here priest The prophecies given to us by the Avatar centuries ago are unfolding before our eyes What you call riots are the first death throes of a society which deserves to die The Days of Atonement are upon us and the Lord of Pain soon will walk among usThe shadow of war has fallen on the Web The Ousters are initiating a full scale invasion of the central planets of the Hegemony of Man Chaos rules in the corridors of power on Tau Ceti Center Out of reach from the clashing empires the artificial intelligences of the TechnoCore manipulate everyone and everything And on Hyperion itself where battle rages in the skies and the streets alike the pilgrims fight desperately for their lives in the Valley of the Time Tombs The Fall of Hyperion removes itself from the style of the masterpiece Hyperion and instead of a collection of short stories with a frame story we get something a lot similar to a traditional novel The second book has only one real protagonist a character who was also rather significant in the first Other than that there are secondary points of view written in third person narrative through the protagonists's dreams While very different from the first this change in style was performed flawlessly by Dan Simmons and while I did not and still don't find the protagonist particularly endearing this was not a change for the worseThe storyline was not as enthralling as that of the first book unfortunately This is war pure and simple And despite that there are few actual battle scenes Most of the time our story takes places in eual parts on Tau Ceti Center and in the Valley of the Time Tombs In the beginning the switches between the two locations were praiseworthily interesting but after a time very little happened in either of the places Except for general panicCharacterisation is in my opinion not one of Dan Simmons's strengths Even in the first book there were no truly memorable characters In a science fiction series an interesting setting can be just enough to keep the reader captivated for one book but when you get to the seuels you need to have strong characters who can hold the series on top And I actually felt that Simmons managed this to some extent The protagonist while not my favourite is an interesting character mostly because of who he actually is The Shrike remains an enigma And while all three of the major powers; Hegemony Ousters and Core; are difficult to root for they are all incredibly to find out aboutAnd there is one character who stands out from among the rest Meina Gladstone Chief Executive Officer of the Senate of the Hegemony of Man and arguably the most powerful human in the universe Gladstone was a very minor character in Hyperion but rose to the centre of the scene here in the second book Gladstone is a sometimes ruthless political realist but all her intentions are as noble as they get It's amazing to watch her try to save a society crumbling in the flames of war and remain a beacon of hope for billions of Hegemony citizensWriting a seuel to Hyperion must have been a difficult job for Dan Simmons and it shows in the book The Fall of Hyperion is just not as good as the first book Both the beginning and the ending were up to it but there's a rather large part in the middle where there is no plot or character development and it's or less dreadfully boring Some of the most important scenes in the book could also have been much climactic if they had been written betterStill this was far from a bad book The Hyperion Cantos has still got me firmly on the hook and I am definitely excited to unveil the rest of the mysteries of the universe Simmons has created for us His writing is extraordinary at times and as a taste of it I'll leave you with my favourite passage from the series so far which is very reminiscent of a certain fantasy author I've read a lot of books by this year In the dead city screams echoed for another minute growing fainter and farther away Then there was a silence broken only by the doves returning to their nests dropping into the shattered domes and towers with a soft rustle of wingsThe wind came up rattling loose Perspex panes and masonry shifting brittle leaves across dry fountains finding entrance through the broken panes of the dome and lifting manuscript pages in a gentle whirlwind some pages escaping to be blown across the silent courtyards and empty walkways and collapsed aueductsAfter a while the wind died and then nothing moved in the City of Poets35 stars