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Protecting Plain JaneShe'd Become A Prisoner To Her Fears Until One SWAT Protector Unlocked Her CellTen years ago uiet heiress Charlotte Maywether was abducted and Protecting Plain PDFEPUBheld for ransombut when she was targeted a sec. I discovered Julie Miller last year loved her writing and got all excited when I saw this book I realize I am coming into the middle of a series but Protecting Plain Jane is a stand alone book Charlotte is what we call a tortured heroine which is a nice change from the usual tortured hero How can you not love a heroine who sports red hightops and glasses Trip triple J is a big galoot and thanks to Ms Miller for giving me the opportunity to use that word in regards to a hero with heroic tendencies Trip who may be a slow reader but is a model SWAT team member will steal your heart as he did Charlotte's and mine Due to a twisted serial killer the villain in this Harleuin Intrigue series the rich girl Charlotte needs protection Enter Trip the guy she tries to slice in half with an atiue sword at the museum Poor little rich girl has an enemy set on seeing her dead Trip is determined not to let that happenWhat I love about tortured heroines is the story progression that must follow specifically the humongous need for her to develop trust again Ms Miller walked us through each stage necessary to make the transition believable for a loony millionaire recluse spinster she's only 27 to a vibrant young woman willing to open her heart and embrace life again Well doneI thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend that you read it too

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Lotte alive and help her face her life altering fears But with a serial killer on the loose and Charlotte willing to play bait it would take every skill he had to keep his beautiful ward from facing dire conseuenc. I uite enjoyed reading this series

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FREE READ × Protecting Plain Jane ´ ➜ Protecting Plain Jane free download ➡ Author Julie Miller – She'd Become A Prisoner To Her Fears Until One SWAT Protector Unlocked Her CellTen years ago uiet heiress Charlotte Maywether was abducted and held for ransombut when she was targeted a second time SW She'd BeOnd time SWAT officer Trip Jones vowed to protect her The damaged beauty was slow to trust but even she couldn't deny the tender bond forming between her and her handsome bodyguard Trip was determined to keep Char. I really liked this book The Hero in this was absolutely swoon worthy I swear everything he said to the heroine I just awed and grinned till my face hurtsome of his lines“You’re my only concern Charlotte What I say to you will always be the truth I’ve got your back I won’t hurt you And I won’t let you get hurt”“I never want to do anything that makes you look at me with fear in your eyes again That tears me up inside I’d rather take a bullet than see you crying or afraid of me again”“You are one of a kind Miss Mayweather” Trip smiled and pulled her close “And you’re all mine”I loved their first meeting and how strong and protective he was over her and how he called her 'honey' I didn't even mind that this book spanned a week before she lost her virginity to him and fell in love