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read Empires of the Word A Language History of the World doc ✓ eBook Kindle ✓ dogsalonbristol Ø ➺ [Reading] ➼ Empires of the Word A Language History of the World By Nicholas Ostler ➯ – An unusual and authoritative 'naturThe Word’ is Empires of PDF the first to bring together the tales in all their glorious variety the amazing innovations – in education culture and diplomacy – devised by speakers in the Middle East the uncanny resilience of Chinese throughout twenty centuries of invasions the progress of Sanskrit from north India to Java and Japan the struggle that gave birth to the languages of modern Europe and the global spread of EnglishBesides these epic achievements language failures are eually fascinating Not a fun book nor an easy book and not well edited But maybe the most illuminating world history book that I have ever read A hell of a lot credible than Guns Germs and Steel You get used to learning the history of the world through the lens of empire It makes sense when you understand what kinds of languages people were speaking All the same family Akkadian Sumerian Phoenician Hebrew Aramaic and Arabic 3500 years with surprisingly gradual change Kurdish is a Persian language part of the Indo European language group Sanskrit Persian Farsi and Arabic are all admired for being poetic The Turkic language group is spoken by a group that extends today in broad straight path from Turkey to the border or Mongolia Romance languages include all of the obvious countries plus duh Romania Finnish is related to Hungarian and nothing else The Greek language continued to thrive for than 1000 years largely because it was held in esteem by learned RomansThe Germanic languages don't have a good success rate English seems strong today but in historic terms it probably won't last too long on top So a painful book but here I am reading it again already

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An unusual and authoritative 'natural history of the Word eBook #10003 languages' that narrates the ways in which one language has superseded or outlasted another at different times in historyThe story of the world in the last five thousand years is above all the story of its languages Some shared language is what binds any community together and makes possible both the living of a common history and the telling of itYet the history of the world’s great languages has rarely been examined ‘Empires of Ostler's erudition is encyclopedic All by himself he wrote this handy one volume language history of the world ranging from Sumerian Akkadian and Aramaic in the ancient world to English in our contemporary scene discussing Egyptian Chinese Sanskrit Greek Latin Spanish and Russian in the course of his immense story The narrative is not one of a triumphal march; rather it is a subtle plotting of the rise and fall of languages and so puts the current prevalence of English in much needed perspectiveThroughout the book Ostler is at pains to correct the misconception that empire building has carried the burden of language spread Some conuerors in fact adopted the language of their vanuished foes Even when military might led to language spread what was vital for the permanent adoption of the foreign language was the growth of the language community in which a parent often the mother taught the children her native language The hearth and not the battlefield was where language victories were won or lost Ostler gives four main reasons why an imperial language lives on after the empire disappears The reasons are self explanatory creole eg all the American colonies that became independent from their mother countries in Europe nostalgia why French has hung on in sub Saharan Africa unity the take up of Malay by the newly independent Indonesia and globality the many countries that adopt English In Ostler's terms Singapore has retained English for reasons of unity and globality This is a book I will come back to again and again

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Empires of the Word A Language History of the WorldWhy did Germany get left behind Why did Egyptian which of the Word Kindle #214 had survived foreign takeovers for three millennia succumb to Mohammed’s Arabic Why is Dutch unknown in modern Indonesia given that the Netherlands had ruled the East Indies for as long as the British ruled IndiaAs this book engagingly reveals the language history of the world shows elouently the real characters of peoples it also shows that the language of the future will like the languages of the past be full of surprises “Our language places us in a cultural continuum linking us to the past and showing our meanings also to future fellow speakers” ― Nicholas Ostler Empires of the Word A Language History of the WorldAn excellent reading Specifically the section about native indian is very informative Provides a clear picture why a language becomes widely used