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Love Her To DeathOne of our most engaging crime journalists Katherine Ramsland True Love Kills In the midst of Pennsylvania's Amish country on a peaceful summer night in the body of year old Jan Roseboro was found at the bottom of her backyard pool Her husband Michael a successful businessman and m. Short Review This is a good book about a murder and it's trial told through the voice of M William Phelps Having always liked his books his writing style and the time he puts into fact checking etc are top notch I was excited to read this one because I did watch a show on the case a while back and I wasn't disappointed However as with many of his books there were a lot of parts that dragged on and on Repeating the same facts over and over again alienates readers just as much as it would a jury and I found myself wanting to skip over sections because of it For instance the love letters between the killer and the woman he was having an affair with was redundant cheesy and overdone I would have gotten the point in 5 pages rather than reading upwards of 50 of them Other than this the book is eye opening interesting well written I recommend his books for those who enjoy true crime novels and shows on Investigation Discovery the ID channel

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Love Her To Death review È 7 ↠ ➽ Love Her To Death Download ➺ Author M. William Phelps – One of our most engaging crime journalists Katherine Ramsland True Love Kills In the midst of Pennsylvania's Amish country on a peaceful summer night in 2008 the body of 45 year old Jan Roseboro was f One of our most engagEmber of a prominent family showed no emotion as he learned of her death But the Love Her PDFEPUB or next day an autopsy revealed Jan had been savagely beaten and strangled before being tossed in the water to drown Soon Michael's secret lover pregnant with his child stepped into th. This one just didn't hold my interest due to its slow pace

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E media spotlight And a horrifying true story of illicit passion deadly deceit and cold blooded murder unfolded Praise for M William Phelps One of America's finest true crime writers Vincent Bugliosi Phelps creates a vivid portrait Publishers Weeklyy Includes Pages Of Shocking Phot. I've read a lot of true crime in my life and this particular book is one of the worst I have ever read The author does not dig beneath the surface and try to understand who the people are in the story at all He gives no background information on how they met or how they got to the point where a husband kills his wife Instead the author chooses to focus ad nauseum on the mistress and the sordid relationship these two adultrous people have pages and pages and pages and most of them add nothing of relevance to the story The 500 pages primarily center around the murder and the year after the murder and could certainly have been condensed into 200 pages or less The author also has an annoying habit of commenting on the story instead of just writing the story and letting the reader judge for himself I'm not sure what this author was thinking but there are far better true crime writers out there than this guy