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The Bullpen GospelsLike mothballs and Bengay Somewhere between Bull Durham and The Rookie The Bullpen Gospels takes an unforgettable trot around the inglorious base paths of minor league baseball where an inch separates a ball from a strike and a razor thin margin can be the difference between The Show or a long trip homeAfter many minutes hours days weeks months and years spent in the bullpen I can verify that this is a true picture of baseball Tim McCarverThere are great truths within of the kind usually unspoken And as he expresses them Dirk Hayhurst describes himself as 'a real person who moonlights as a baseball player' In much the same manner while The Bullpen Gospels chronicles how all of us face the impact when we learn reality is both far meaner and far richer than our dreams it also moonlights as one of the best baseball books ever written Keith OlbermannA bit of Jim Bouton a bit of Jim Brosnan a bit of Pat Jordan a bit of crash Davis and a whole lot of Dirk Hayhurst Often hilarious sometimes poignant This is a really enjoyable baseball read Bob CostasFascinating…a perspective that fans rarely see Trevor Hoffman pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers Th. For some reason I am obsessed with minor league baseball Definitely a weird thing

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E Bullpen Gospels is a rollicking good bus ride of a book Hayhurst illuminates a baseball life not only with wit and humor but also with thought provoking introspection Tom Verducci Sports IllustratedDirk Hayhurst has written a fascinating funny and honest account on life in the minor leagues I loved it Writers can't play baseball but in this case a player sure can write Tim Kurkjian Senior Writer ESPN The Magazine analystreporter ESPN televisionBull Durham meets Ball Four in Dirk Hayhurst's hilarious and moving account of life in baseball's glamour free bush leagues Rob Neyer ESPNcomIf Holden Caulfield could dial up his fastball to mph he might have written this funny touching memoir about a ballplayer at a career and life crossroads He might have called it 'Pitcher in the Rye' Instead he left it to Dirk Hayhurst the only writer in the business who can make you laugh make you cry and strike out Ryan Howard King Kaufman SalonThe Bullpen Gospels is a funny bone tickling tear duct stimulating feel good story that will leave die hard baseball fans and die hard human beings for that matter well feeling good Bob Mitchell author of Once Upon a Fastbal. If you are a baseball fan do you ever wonder if minor league baseball may stunt t

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Free download The Bullpen Gospels ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Bullpen Gospels By Dirk Hayhurst – From the humble heights of a Class A pitcher's mound to the deflating lows of sleeping on his gun toting grandmother's air mattress veteran reliever Dirk Hayhurst stepFrom the humble heights of a Class A pitcher's mound to the deflating lows of sleeping on his gun toting grandmother's air mattress veteran reliever Dirk Hayhurst steps out of The Bullpen eBook #9734 the bullpen to deliver the best pitch of his career a raw unflinching and surprisingly moving account of his life in the minors I enjoyed the visualizations maybe a little too much and would stop only when I felt I'd centered myselfor after one of my teammates hit me in the nuts with the rosin bag while my eyes were closed Hilariously self effacing and brutally honest Hayhurst captures the absurdities the grim realities and the occasional nuggets of hard won wisdom culled from four seasons in the minors Whether training tarantulas to protect his room from thieving employees in a backwater hotel watching the raging battles fought between his partially paralyzed father and his alcoholic brother or absorbing the gentle mockery of some not uite starstruck schoolchildren Dirk reveals a side of baseball and life rarely seen on ESPN My career has crash landed on the floor of my grandma's old sewing room If this is a dream come true then dreams smell a lot. What baseball fan hasn't dreamed of what it would be like to play in the Big Leag