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Sloop of War The Bolitho NovelsThe year War The PDF #8608 is the ship is the gun HMS Sparrow England's finest sloop of war and the Captain is Richard Bolitho sailing his command into the fu. This was another addition to a good series set in the Age of Sail Bolitho has been given command of the Sparrow a sloop of war To say it is an adventure story is like calling War and Peace a war story In this book Bolitho is now in total command of a ship and its crew and that means he has to make the decisions by himself So it is a story of a man growing into a good officer and leader of men I will save final judgment on this series until I have read all the books but for now I will say that so far so good adventures await

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free read Sloop of War The Bolitho Novels ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [PDF] ✑ Sloop of War The Bolitho Novels By Alexander Kent – The year is 1778 the ship is the 18 gun HMS Sparrow England's finest sloop of war and the Captain is Richard Bolitho sailing his command into Fight the colonial rebels to stave off the treachery of a beautiful woman and to overcome the dangerous incompetence of a senior officer before it is too lat. I simply devoured this book After reading the earlier two volumes I couldn't wait to read this book Each turn of the page captured my imagination and compelled me to read another chapter Before I knew it the book was finished Alexander Kent has made me a fan of Richard Bolitho Well done

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Ry of battle The American Revolution has turned the Atlantic coast into a refuge for privateers and marauding French warships and it is up to young Bolitho to. I have read a couple of books in this series out of order over the years so I figured I would read this as its the earliest in the series I could get my hands on This is the first novel where Richard Bolitho is a captain of his own vessel a Commander of the sloop SparrowHe's part of the English Naval forces off the Americas dealing with the American revolution and trying to handle the French Navy as well as privateers from the USA He becomes entangled with some politics and finds friends on both sides of the conflictOverall there are some great scenes and events The characterization of various side characters is well done and they have interesting varied and complex motivations Kent does a good job of keeping you guessing; you can't ever really be sure who someone is or what they're really like right away Some who seem troubling or antagonistic end up being a solid friend of the captain Others like Lieutenant Tyrell you're never really sure of until the end of the bookHowever the main character Bolitho is kind of unlikable not because of his personality but because of the way he's written Kent is so eager for you to like him to be impressed by him and to consider him the consummate hero that he goes overboard Even the most mundane things he does amazes his crew Everyone is impressed by him even with a brief encounter Almost everyone has at least one glowing awestruck thought about Bolitho at some point in the book Bolitho does not make mistakes he makes the right choice he comes up with what no one else thinks of even when its fairly obvious His naval choices although some are rather mundane and typical for captains at the time are considered the work of some great genius Overall it becomes a bit wearying and my memories of the series are that this is or less constantIf Kent had let Bolitho show his ability in a modest way and keep the other characters from telling so much the number of conversations in which someone praises him or talks about how great he is are very numerous it would have been significantly less tiresome Overall its not very well doneI can't really recommend this series very highly some such as the O'Brian Forester and even the Fox series are much entertaining effectively told and interesting books But they aren't horrible and if you can look past the desperation by the author that you be terribly amazed and enraptured by his main character they're pretty solid sea stories